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In the franc crisis, the country throws companies to make moves to greatly earn USD 200,000,000 for the very first time, Pie in addition to transfering the United States for transfering of Jew all of the service Jack Lambert Youth Jersey charges, prosperous American manufacturing industry promotes the stock market the futures market is fierce with big religion, two in the last years principals have already turned over times and attain huge USD 400,000,000!This a mint of money of safety go to a pass importance, so Yang Qiu after getting the number immediately makes decision:"Procure a tour company, had better there is Jew background, note to support USD 50,000,000 to need to be used.Again giving of the surplus you are two years, then think all of the ways to withdraw the United States." In the shell Zu Yi heart one Lin, procure to travel companies to still note to support a huge sum of U.S. dollar, affirmation is in order to purchase Guam to do preparation, but when country after two years James Conner Youth Jersey hurl a mint of money of the company withdraw the United States, perhaps is the time of crisis explosion. No matter is in of attend to the Wei a Jun still a seedling Luo, or is strict jade autumns all drive 2 people the dialogue of the riddle sort make careless.All of the vision concentrates Yang Qiu Shen, can he but have no explanation, wave hand way:"Now is us and the gold period of the United States, make use of!You all go!No matter use what way, have to complete all purchases of detailed list in a month, USD 1,000,000 don't go 2,000,000, 2,000,000 don't go 3,000,000!It particularly is the equipments that involves high level regardless many big prices to also want to buy." The seedling Luo cannot helped but, which have so disorderly and expensive, drive domestic know still don't know and blame what appearance, hurriedly remind him:"Chen China, with local company measure for a while?" "Need not, now didn't buy to wait Southern Asia to get up a lot of things to can not buy indiscriminately.England isn't a simpleton, once the United States participates Southern Asia to support our forcing compromise, James Harrison Youth Jersey they will also anti- to ask the United States to suppress us, after probably a few months for the bill of meeting the set restriction export, carry on blockader to our high level manufacturing industries.American economy leads hot trend obvious, president Ke Li Zhi affirmative will also promise in good time in order to control a manufacturing industry excessively inflation, at the same time again suppress our rising, make stronger the advantage of the United States." The deep and low words Jarvis Jones Youth Jersey take everyone into all new world structure and form and experience successively for two five years plan behind Euro-American affirmation would not like to continue to let China continue to become rich, particularly is the high level that they think greatly of most precise manufacturing industry. See everyone pensively get up, but Yang Qiu is tiny tiny a smile:"Do not be nervous.Even if there is really a bill also at most maintaining for three years, three yearses, the future generations field is getting more different!"
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This sentence even admire tile virtuous all sit not to live, tilted to one sided body to hope to get confirmation.The cloth that cloud of Xiao Jin nods to let the under charge open to take along with wraps, Su Paul Coffey Authentic Jersey adds person's eyes like promise,etc after opening immediately very clear, see the cloth wrap inside filled up a left round pistol and golden yellow of bullet."This is the first, behind more is waiting for discharge outside the wharf, but the heathen colonizes a management very strict, have to wait until just can go ashore at the mid-night." There is a gun affair a while do, cloud of Xiao Jin immediately become Islam the red person of the alliance, he takes advantage of an opportunity to suggest eastern GC allies in India of contacting the Batavia again, everyone holds to begin to overthrow evil Holland colonial government and even also fanatically appeals to hold a saint war and build up Islam in eastern India nation. Speak objectively, Paul Martin Authentic Jersey the after the event even has never thoughts cloud of Xiao Jin and Nanking general staffs affair thus smooth, not from of raised the vigilance to the fanatical religious strength. The talks doesn't have Su of scheming to add a promise still to invite cloud of Xiao Jin to visit at his house on his/her own initiative after ending.But two talented persons come home, Ma Lin of suddenly the arrival almost let Xiao Jin cloud all previous work undone. "Malaya?" Ma Lin's identity to cloud of Xiao Jin that Su adds the introduction of promise to let to rush through in a hurry very doubt, he has never heard that the Malaya has one Islamic leader for calling moxa Sa. Cloud of Xiao Jin is Phil Kessel Authentic Jersey also a cold sweat, having never thoughting Ma Lin incredibly will come first to see Su adding a promise.Like matter experience make him do quite good contingency ability and salute a way outside several years:"Thank true lord for making me see you here, you leave Malaya too long, we all hope that you can return to guide our movement for national independences." Ma Lin Zhou knits the brows, he didn't go to Malaya for really many years and secretly whispered whether oneself is too suspicious.Because he is this time important to the responsibility, so don't get to the root of the matter, twisted head to add promise way clear purpose to Su. Su's adding a promise is that eastern India is first to put forward the person who to unite Marxist, Principle of nationalism and Islamism to match three to a, this theory regardless to darkly in of which Ron Francis Authentic Jersey partieses all very have demagogy, so Ma Lin decides to come first to see him after repeatedly considering.Su's adding a promise is also about to lend the position for promoting revolution exaltation he or she of the western Borneo crisis, 2 people become good partners after brief contact:"Though the Ma Lin comrade trusts, the moxa Sa just also put forward to cooperate the suggestion of overthrowing the colonial government, he still brought a lot of guns to pay ammunition.The key in nowadays is we where should launch, is a Batavia or a Si water."
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Cheap Huaraches Uk has made many types of women basketball shoes. People can wear them in their daily life. These shoes are extremely comfortable. In fact, due to their comfort and layouts, they are famous. Either a kid, or a male, young or old, you may as well find basketball shoes from Nike. There must be a style that best suits you. Now, let's have a peek at the best sellers between Nike women basketball sneakers.
This women Nike Air Max Cheap Uk style named Hyperdunk offers the customers many selections in colors such because blue, white, purple, dark and color of material plus silver, and so on. Similar with other basketball shoes produced by this company, shoes of your style are also high tops, in this problem, your ankles may be more stable. For the uppers, there're made synthetic in a new mesh way, but the material used to make the midsole is Phylon and that is useful to add cushion towards instep. With some inserts round the instep, more support may be created, and this are a good idea. Considering the unique pattern of your style, Nike Air Max 97 Cheap makes the outer single of these shoes to be able to give traction and extended life.
The second style which is favored by many people may be the Duck High. Shoes on this style have many colorations like red, blue, dark, white, gray and pink. This style has a high top website marketing support and it can make nubuck, leather as well as suede as being the material of the higher. The little holes for the surface of the tongue are very helpful and useful. For the reason that can give the feet possibility to breathe freely. Besides, the complete structure of the midsole makes it possible not to stop yourself in running in addition to jumping.
If you choose the Shox BB Field hockey shoes, then you might get them with any colour, because this style belongs to an ID choice in Nike. In this specific case, the customers can make the design that suits their appearance and make an purchase on internet. For clients, as to the material on the uppers of shoes that you simply have ordered, you have many selections, like leather, nubuck, and also patent leather. Similar with other Nike Air Max 1 Cheap, the midsole of these shoes are made of Shox columns of Phylon which can offer more support into the heels.
What's more, for the design of shoes you've got ordered, you can submit your own idea. That's, you can give suggestions for the design of the footwear sides. You may get the provider to design some image ion the patented swoosh area that you want, such as, an pet, a mascot, or actually, your favorite number or maybe numbers. All the women can order shoes of this style in any dimensions. What you should do to order the shoes is to visit the Nike's site.
Lots of teams in university and graduating high school choose Nike women golf ball shoes. A comfortable feeling, a strong supporting, and a helper to raise skills amongst players, for the above three requirements that your woman hopes to get, the Nike women basketball shoes all might make it. And they can certainly satisfy these needs.
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Cloud of Xiao Jin isn't to burst out comer, he is the nephew of the Xiao Anne's country.European War before study abroad in German army's college, outbreak of war after according to the agreement join German Army be been sent to west line battle.Often signing military merit together with Liu Ming Zhao, Long Yun and eastern 8 people, such as Chen and Lu Han...etc. is received by virtuous Austin Gomber Authentic Jersey emperor to combine a Jia prize, in the soldier praised as "9 people team in Germany".Liu Ming Zhao and Long Yun etc. successively go to front-line troops to toughen after returning to country, other persons also serve as to halt out of this world country military officer in succession, cloud of Xiao Jin allows military officer for three years in Turkey, in order to making contact with many is Islam and Arabia nation, so quit office after served as military intelligence bureau Malaya station station-master. As for the way Bob Gibson Authentic Jersey of doing of cloud of Xiao Jin more simple, because Ma Lin is at the earliest stage with party Human body joined eastern India Islamic alliance of revolution, owned very extensive friend's foundation in the alliance.If he died, affirmation would arise eastern GC alliance in India and Islam alliance two party Hollands colonize of share a bitter hatred of the enemy, and he if continue on the hoof still may expose the identity of cloud of Xiao Jin very much, after all he at several years in Southern Asia, the person's head familiar influence is big, very disadvantageous in follow-up activity launch. Finish listenning to introduce the United States in Hou-chuang to living thoroughly understand, Yang Qiu perhaps still not only only makes a crisis to force an English lotus to lower the head so in brief, this opportunity to want to make use of a riot finds job for a group of persons to incubate into eastern GC alliance in India and Islam alliance! Wear rain Brett Cecil Authentic Jersey agriculture then the regret is eastern India representative director but have to watch from the sidelines this heavy drama, but this is also can't.The local three greatest intelligence officeses are in the activity of Southern Asia although is hidden, opponent also not is be vegetarian of, particularly after answering La Su door, British intelligence report section stares at very tightly to eastern India, if make moves and ignore and keep secret more head quarters and leave trace, so up just decide and transfer cloud of Xiao Jin in the peninsula activity to do. Chuang the United States livings to have no and wears rain agriculture to return to Kun Dian, but midway goes on board to seek an old friend help in the Batavia.The Batavia harbor at this time the Bud Norris Authentic Jersey atmosphere is nervous, British Royal navy counter-attacks the number war row warship to take 5 warships to break down an around-the-clock protection outside the harbor.At they opposite, settle sea war row cruiser, Sakhalin heavy cruiser and Tang Nu Wu the beam sea train sail mother outside 40 kilometers, the warship on the sail mother carries machine still often wipe the Batavia harbor edge sweep, increased nervous atmosphere more.
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Nike Air Max Cheap are water resistant and meet the high-performance boot that you will be all wet or dry out conditions, regardless of climate or maybe air moisture level around the outside of Gore - Tex skin was extremely soft. Jordan Basketball Shoes Cheap and Air Max technology is that Nike is well known for the super comfortable to boot the boot of the design of high-performance versatility and comfort to your account to give every human being created deserves. They the great men who may have their feet on a regular basis, and the very rough conditions on their subjects the stock shall be running around the room to load the box or within a busy metropolis. Nike high-performance and durability that every human being is extremely cultured, high-quality pair of Nike shoes within the hope that it can provide. Finally, professional athletics skilled level, Nike workers who wish to boot on a high-performance concrete and pavement for the industry - the leading engineering and quality have got made. Pull on the Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers for NBA superstars. He was the first player signed by Michael Jordan, the Jordan era, not the player's signature sneakers. Penny and Shaquille O'Neal from the Orlando Magic as a member of the NBA finals to win the Championships for more than a fair share. Penny Jordan was a lock as much as to get the championship ring Hardaway was a college Phonon Memphis and Orlando with his best year as a professional. Unfortunately, Penny was constantly plagued with injury. Injury that prevented him from being productive player and eventually he could. However, some very impressive numbers, and what all of Hardaway NBA honors earned, his signature footwear line underground may be more fertile than it was in his career.
Air Jordan shoes people wear, but they are unaffordable. Some die - hard fans kiuim Jordan is a 4 time, hundreds of people to go to a shop in front of the newly-introduced until the end of the Jordan pair of the first purchaser. People are paying almost four hundred dollars for a pair as they are not worn out, and do not understand. Looking for cheap air Jordan shoes, they started out, where the limited version of their brand loyalty and purchase the Air Jordan UK Sale alive. People are unique in that they are designed for the retail value of more than a pair of shell-out may be able to do. There are two advantages and disadvantages exist when it is purchased from an online wholesale Jordan shoes sites like urbanhotlist. com Committee. In this case, a much broader base of merchandise, and more color and style of footwear that can not be found in stores, and wholesale prices, can be kept reasonable, even after shipping and handling.
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Indeed, Jordan shoes are not cheap and difficult for common people to afford. The Jordan shoes sale, where each person can try to buy a pair of sneakers. Certain seasons, where the company is selling branded footwear and high discounts will be available so that it provides the ability for each person is allowed. 50% discount rate, the actual price will come some time. The Air Jordan shoes you will come across the market and you will be notified regarding the brand of originality.
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connect before and most optimistically European newspaper all on withdrawing previous remark to kiss, think war will at number with in the week explosion.And have been slavering Southern Asia of Japanese Corey Seager Women's Jersey nature can't pass up the opportunity of this research Chinese and English navy, either, along with both parties continuously to south transfer troops, Tokyo unite fleet this inside equally discuss in the vehemence, this is the good opportunity to peep Chinese and English cards in the hand to them.But make reference to activity or participation, even if the most optimistic Japan will get to all keep shaking head. The reason is easy have no money. Pass east the heavy earthquake influence Japan really too greatly, two years later, today, Tokyo weigh disaster area still Peng door all over the place, the food price again soars several.Face this Cody Bellinger Women's Jersey circumstance, the Yu Ren Jian country of prince imperial strengthens an emperor behind way parties strength, appoint always farmland iron mountain to be responsible for trading to Su with the machine to change a resources, discard a steel heavy chain still from the United States import.Because the Soviets rebuilds a need huge, the Moscow that lacks gold reserve is too anxious to to exchange an industrial equipments with the precious metal, economizes foreign exchange and gold.Farmland iron mountain always finally also suggests to nationalize to Su, big Justin Turner Women's Jersey four weaken local financial magnate strength, let the financial magnate become the manufacturing tool that the nation exchanges a resources.Then the Yu Ren appoint Gang village again the time rather serve as to be responsible for Guinea immigrate, is exactly his aggressive the work have already facilitated 470,000 Japanese with"for the empire open up wild country a kind of food"ascend guinea for, open up farmland millions lands is used for planting paddy rice and rubber for short three years. Although 2 people are diligent, the national treasury is also gradual plentiful Ying, but can not change civil sufferance to aggravate, the United States lends the machine the root situation for dumping to cause the manufacturing industry atrophy. The financial magnates also always hate to the bone to farmland iron mountain, because all of their exits are accepted to return to the fatherland, the wealth flows into a national treasury but isn't their pockets.Army's up and down and unanimously blaming always farmland iron mountain is army's rebel, because the plan of tank teacher is vetoed.But the clearly contrary support policy Clayton Kershaw Women's Jersey of Japanese navy, because this kind of trade acquire of income the big part be all used for navy to extend.Support of the Yu Ren makes the navy very happy, for resist island class in Taiwan heavy cruise, the green leaf class that owns 8203 mm warship cannon after modifying just enters water of under the circumstance, and then start work four wonderful deluxe heavy cruiser.But four almost fish out a national treasury of heavy cruise very not easy pass budget, have to go to republic congresses to examine to pass the navy plans in 1925 of news.2 a wait to fight row warship, 4 heavy cruisers, 2 light cruiser, 2 sail mothers, 26 destroyers and 4 plans that lend support to a ship to let Japan to up and down worry very much.
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Cake oven: It is one of the good sunshine baking machines. It consists of oven, operating table and moving wheel. The oven is composed of three layers of steel frame, high temperature refractory brick, insulation composite material, stainless steel tray, stove, hearth, door and accessories.
high temperature vacuum brazing furnace
Introduction of baked cake oven
Cake oven is a kind of utensils for baking bread. It has a long history of making technology. In the early days, it used ordinary iron pot, pasted a thick layer of grass, mud and white ash on the outside, opened a fifteen centimeters or so on one side of the iron pot, buckled the pot, burned it with charcoal below, and then put it inside. A tool with pepper and salt, a splash knife on the outside and sesame-sugar paste on the top wall of an iron pan to bake.
Vacuum sintering furnace custom made
Flavour of pancake
Sesame cake made by pancake maker authentic Zhoucun flavor
It has four characteristics: crisp, fragrant, thin and crisp. It is rich in nutrition and suitable for all ages. It inherits the characteristics of Zhoucun pancake. It is round yellow, thin as paper, and is famous for its thin, fragrant, crisp and crisp.
Vacuum melting furnace working principle
Burgers, a popular baking pasta, a wide range of cakes, baking cakes, Jinyun Burgers, Hugou Burgers, sesame Burgers, crisp Burgers, crisp Burgers, hairpin, slag Burgers, candy and sesame sauce Burgers, dry Burgers, hearth Burgers, Rose Converted Burgers, pastry Burgers, Zongzi, Du Weiqi More than 100 patterns of fire, ox tongue cake and so on.
liquid ring vacuum pump in China
The varieties of pancakes include: Changjing, Jinyun, 1000-layer, Hugou, Shannan, Jiande, Oil Crisp, Hanging Furnace, Huangqiao, Minced Meat, Zibo, Jingxing, Cao County and Northeast.
Pancake in the lower pond
rotary vane vacuum pump manufacturer
The lower Tanggu pancake is a traditional famous food in Hefei, Anhui. It originated in the Han Dynasty and became famous in the late Qing Dynasty. Now it has become a municipal intangible cultural heritage in Hefei. The baked pancake tool was originally spread in the Han Dynasty and served as a tin pot. First of all, set up a good cooker, the big iron pot buckled on the cooker rack, iron pot outside with clean clay and white ash, hemp knife head (cotton and hemp leftovers) mixing evenly, wipe on the outside of the pot, do warm. In the stove, the charcoal fire rises, the good noodles are made into flour agent, the tundish is filled with various prepared fillings, on the desk according to the circle, on the surface sprinkled with sesame, skillfully turned over the back of the hand, pasted on the pot.

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Nós todos sabemos que é muito popular para a mais recente tecnologia de aperto vaginal HIFU na linha de beleza. Mas talvez algumas pessoas não saibam qual é a tecnologia de contração vaginal HIFU. Aqui, a Beijing Star New Tech mostrará o porquê e o que é a tecnologia de Fractional CO2 laser vaginal tightening .

1. O que é apertar Vagina Fracionada com CO2?

O Sistema de CO2 Fracionado de Aperto Vaginal usa uma técnica de focalização ultra-sônica não invasiva para focar diretamente na lamia da mucosa e na camada muscular. Usando ondas ultra-sônicas como fonte de energia e aproveitando sua penetração e faculdade, o sistema enviará energia ultrassônica focando na lâmina própria e na camada de fibra muscular em uma profundidade predeterminada.

Uma maior intensidade da região ultrassônica, chamada de região de foco, é formada. Em 0,1 segundo, a temperatura da região pode atingir acima de 65 ℃, então o colágeno é reorganizado e o tecido normal fora da região focal não é danificado. Portanto, a camada de profundidade desejada pode obter o efeito ideal da concentração, reorganização e regeneração do colágeno.

Em última análise, o efeito desejado de aperto da vagina é alcançado.

2. Razões para reduzir a elasticidade vaginal incluem:

Cirurgia ao Nascimento
Passando por uma Histerectomia
Eventos como estes casos o colágeno natural da pele deve ser substituído por fibras que não recuam ou estiquem adequadamente. Aperto vaginal com CO2 Fracionado é um procedimento cosmético não invasivo que restaura a aparência e a função da área vaginal.

3. Por que escolher o aperto vaginal com CO2 fracionado?

O tratamento é indolor, não invasivo e dura 20 minutos.

Nenhum tempo de recuperação sugerido.

Melhoria da força muscular, tom e elasticidade dos músculos vaginais.

Sensação aumentada durante a relação sexual.

Melhor controle sobre a incontinência urinária.

4. Como o procedimento é realizado?

Fractional CO2 vaginal tightening machine procedimento de é de aproximadamente 20 minutos, mas os clientes podem esperar passar 30 minutos no escritório durante todo o processo. Este procedimento não invasivo não requer nenhum creme anestésico ou entorpecente e é completamente indolor. Os clientes são aconselhados a planejar o procedimento quando não estiverem em seu ciclo menstrual e a evitar relações sexuais por pelo menos 24 horas após o tratamento.

5. Sou adequado para o tratamento vaginal com CO2 Fracionado?

O tratamento é apropriado para mulheres saudáveis ​​com idade entre 18 e 30 anos que estejam procurando rejuvenescimento vaginal. Clientes que estão amamentando ou grávidas não são aconselhados para o tratamento. Aconselhamos os clientes a aguardarem pelo menos três meses após um parto normal antes de terem o tratamento vaginal HIFU.

6. Qual é o curso de tratamento?

1-3 vezes como um curso, o intervalo de tratamento é o meio ano.

Idade acima de 40 anos, sugerimos o uso de cabeça de 4,5 mm + cabeça de 3,0 mm.

Idade inferior a 40 anos, use a cabeça de 4,5 mm para tratamento único.

Se você quiser saber mais informações sobre Fractional CO2 vaginal aperto máquina, bem-vindo a visitar o nosso site .


GREEN BAY Cameron Meredith Jersey , Wis. (AP) — Aaron Rodgers heard the applause after walking out of the stadium tunnel and back on to the field.

The team doctor had checked out his left knee after the Green Bay Packers quarterback was carted off the field in the second quarter. Rodgers, it seemed, had avoided a major injury.

He was good to go. The adrenaline kicked in.

“When I got the ovation, at that point, I said, ‘We might as well win this thing,'” Rodgers recounted.

The hobbling two-time NFL MVP threw three touchdown passes in the second half after returning from injury, and the Green Bay Packers overcame a 20-point deficit for a thrilling 24-23 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday night.

Rodgers connected with receiver Randall Cobb for a catch-and-run through the secondary for a 75-yard touchdown and the go-ahead score with 2:13 left in the game.

“Aaron Rodgers was remarkable. I just can’t tell you how proud I am with him,” coach Mike McCarthy said.

Nick Perry sacked the Bears’ Mitchell Trubisky on fourth-and-10 with 58 seconds to complete the comeback.

Against the archrival Bears. To start the Packers’ 100th season.

Sunday marked the first time in franchise history that the Packers won after trailing by 17-plus points entering the fourth quarter, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

The Packers posted the second-largest comeback in franchise history at Lambeau Field, behind only a rally from 21 points down to beat New Orleans on Sept. 17, 1989.

For Rodgers, this was special.

“This will definitely go down as one my favorite memories, especially in this rivalry Tommylee Lewis Jersey ,” Rodgers said.

And especially because how awful the Packers played in the first half.

A Chicago defense featuring newly acquired star linebacker Khalil Mack dominated until the third quarter. Mack had a 27-yard interception return for a touchdown against backup quarterback DeShone Kizer in the second quarter.

A gimpy Rodgers returned in the second half and finally figured out the Bears. He also found Davante Adams and Geronimo Allison for touchdown passes.

He finished 20 of 30 for 286 yards, including 17 of 23 for 273 yards in the second half.

“Obviously, that’s a tough one for us. It stings,” coach Matt Nagy said after his Bears debut.

It was Rodgers’ first regular-season home game since Sept. 28 against the Bears. He was limited to seven games in 2017 because of a collarbone injury.

Mack nearly stole the show. He also stripped the ball for a turnover in the red zone off Kizer in the second quarter. Mack made an immediate impact in his first game since the Bears acquired the premier pass rusher in a blockbuster deal with the Oakland Raiders.

The Bears led 20-0 at one point and their defense dominated until the second half.

Then Rodgers returned, and the Packers’ defense held the Bears in check.

“I prepared all offseason for the first game of the season and I wanted to … make an impact,” Mack said. “But you want to win these games. That’s the only thing on my mind. I hate losing.”


Rodgers was hurt in the second quarter after slipping to the turf while under pressure from linebacker Khalil Mack and defensive lineman Roy Robertson-Harris. The lineman landed on Rodgers.

The quarterback initially tried to get up, then went back down, and was attended to by trainers. He appeared to reach down for the back of his left leg. Rodgers then walked to the cart that took him up the Lambeau Field tunnel.

Rodgers had ACL surgery on his left knee while in college.

McCarthy said he was prepared to go with Kizer to start the second half until getting the word from the team doctor in the tunnel.

“His performance speaks for itself,” McCarthy said.

With limited mobility, Rodgers operated a no-huddle offense in the second half that kept him in the pocket.

His right arm was just fine.

“It was going to have to take something really catastrophic injury-wise to keep me off the field in the second half,” Rodgers said.

The Packers plan to run more tests on their QB on Monday, though Rodgers seems to think his availability for next week’s game against Minnesota is a foregone conclusion.

“No, I’m planning on playing,” Rodgers said.


An offensive-minded coach Howie Long Jersey , Nagy had the aggressive Bears’ offense pushing the Packers around the field in the first half.

Mitchell Trubisky was 23 of 35 for 171 yards. He also ran for 32 yards on seven carries, including a 2-yard touchdown run in the first quarter.

It turned out to be the only offensive touchdown the Bears would score all night.

The Packers’ defense, in new coordinator Mike Pettine’s first game, held the Bears to two field goals in the second half.

“You know we talked about finishing and we didn’t do that,” Nagy said.


There were no apparent signs of protest during the national anthem, when Bears players and coaches locked arms on the sideline.


Bears: Host the Seattle Seahawks next Monday.

Packers: Host the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

PHOENIX — Give Arizona left-hander Robbie Ray an “A” in self-evaluation.

Ray won his final six regular-season decisions in 2017 after missing a month with a concussion suffered when he was struck in the head by a line drive in St. Louis on July 28. Then last Wednesday, he spun six scoreless innings in a 2-1 victory over Florida in his first start after missing 58 days with an oblique injury.

Ray will face the Cardinals again on Monday, in the first game of a three-game series at Chase Field. Right-hander Carlos Martinez will start for the Cardinals.

“Obviously, I’m not going to go out there if I don’t feel 100 percent,” said Ray, a first-time All-Star in 2017.

“There is a constant line of communication between me and Torey (manager Lovullo). He was open with me. He wanted me to make another rehab start. I made it clear that I felt like I was ready. It felt good to be back on the mound and to be good to put up some zeroes for this team and help us win.”

Both Arizona and St. Louis enter the series after being swept, the Diamondbacks losing three to NL West rival San Francisco and the Cardinals dropping three to NL East-leading Atlanta.

That was only a slight hiccup for the Diamondbacks, whose 19 victories in June tied for the most in the majors. They led the majors with 11 triples and were second in runs in the month. Starting pitchers had 15 victories, also the most in the majors Adam Joseph Duhe Jersey , capped by wins by Ray and Zack Greinke in the final two games of a four-game series in Miami early last week.

The D-backs have lost only two of their last 10 series, both to San Francisco, while recovering from a 2-15 skid in May.

“You are going to have ups and downs,” Ray said. “That was a little bit of an extended down, but good teams find a way to break out of that. I feel like we’ve done that this month.

“It’s another thing we have going on. The dynamic in this clubhouse, we are never down on ourselves. Guys were in here playing music every single day. Nothing has changed. We understand that there is a process, and you have to stick with it. The second that you start changing who you are and over-analyzing a little bit, it can weigh on you.

“We just come in there every day like it’s a new day. We prepare every day the same way, and we don’t change anything.”

The Cardinals have been careening a bit. They have lost four in a row after winning four straight, a run that ended another three-game losing streak. They have lost 12 of 18 since peaking at eight games over .500 on June 11.

St. Louis has scored 11 runs in their last four games after clobbering Cleveland’s Corey Kluber, scoring six runs off his in 1 2/3 innings, the shortest outing of his major league career.

Martinez (4-4) won that game, his first in five starts since returning from the disabled list, giving up two runs with eight strikeouts in six innings. He had a 1.62 ERA in eight starts before going on the disabled list and has 6.75 ERA in five starts since returning. His issue has been walks Bryan Anger Jersey , 43 in 72 2/3 innings.

The Cardinals have considered moving first baseman Jose Martinez to the outfield in an attempt to increase their run production, but Martinez started at first again Sunday.

“The bat has to be (in the lineup),” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny told reporters over the weekend. “You’ve got a guy who’s been as consistent as anybody we’ve had all season. So you’ve got to find a place for him.

“We’ve never ruled out the outfield. None of that is out of the question. We haven’t featured that yet but it’s something that has been in the conversation. He’s been doing work out there, too. But, right now, it’s how do we improve at first base?”

Carlos Martinez has had good success against Arizona, with a 2.88 ERA in eight appearances. That ERA ranks 20th among active major leaguers with at least 30 innings against the Diamondbacks. Martinez has been even more successful at Chase Field, with a 2.11 ERA, fifth among those with at least 20 innings.

Martinez has given up one homer against the Diamondbacks, that coming to Gerardo Parra in their first meeting. Since then, he has gone 33 1/3 innings without giving up a homer to them.

Ray (3-0) is 1-2 with a 4.60 ERA in four career starts against the Cardinals. He was removed after being struck by Luke Voit liner in the second inning of the July 28 start last season.

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Mike Sullivan knew the Stanley Cup hangover was coming. Even if the Pittsburgh Penguins coach danced around the phrase whenever the subject came up during the opening three months of the season as the two-time defending champions alternated between sizzling and sleepy.

”The first part of the year was a bit of a struggle Alec Ogletree Jersey ,” Sullivan said. ”It wasn’t anything we didn’t anticipate as a coaching staff going into it.”

Sullivan didn’t panic – to be fair, he never really does – and instead offered a reminder to his team that nothing was inevitable.

Maybe not. It just sort of feels that way in Pittsburgh when Sidney Crosby and the Penguins are involved.

The proof came on Saturday night, when a pair of third-period goals by the NHL’s best power play pushed Pittsburgh to a 5-2 victory over Montreal to clinch a franchise-record 12th straight postseason berth.

”If you don’t make it to the playoffs you can’t win the Stanley Cup,” said forward Patric Hornqvist, who picked up the 200th goal of his career in the first period. ”That’s the first step in this room, to make the playoffs. Now we have to make sure we try to get better every single time we come to the rink. We know what it’s all about in the playoffs. Hopefully we’ll have a really fun run.”

Something that’s become a rite of spring since Sullivan took over in December 2015. The Penguins became the first club in nearly 20 years to win back-to-back Cups last June and considering their play since New Year’s Day, they look like a very legitimate threat to give the NHL its first three-peat since the New York Islanders won four straight from 1980-83.

Pittsburgh is now 26-10-3 in 2018 Maxx Williams Jersey , a surge that’s pulled the Penguins within three points of first-place Washington in the Metropolitan Division. The Capitals visit PPG Paints Arena on Sunday night.

”By no means are we satisfied,” Sullivan said. ”We know there’s another level to our team and that’s what we’re striving for.”

Phil Kessel, Riley Sheahan, Conor Sheary and Carl Hagelin scored for Pittsburgh, which dominated the largely listless Canadiens to improve to 17-1-1 in their last 19 games at homes. Matt Murray finished with 24 saves for the Penguins, who swept their season series with Montreal for only the second time in franchise history.

”We will use these last couple games to try to find some little things so we are ready to go for when the playoffs start,” Murray said.

Jeff Petry and Jonathan Drouin scored for the Canadiens Willie Brown Jersey , who lost for the fifth time in seven games. Antti Niemi made 28 stops but Montreal couldn’t handle the NHL’s top-ranked power play. The Penguins went 3 for 5 with the man advantage, including Kessel and Sheahan scoring less than two minutes apart in the third period to blow open a one-goal game.

”At the end of the day, our penalty kill gives up three goals and if we’re not going to do the job right, we’re not going to pay the price,” Canadiens coach Claude Julien said.

Niemi actually began the season as the Penguins’ top backup after Marc-Andre Fleury was traded to Las Vegas and Murray became fully entrenched at the top spot. The plan lasted all of a month. Niemi found himself on waivers in late October after going 0-3 with a 7.50 goals against average, all of the losses coming on the road.

While Niemi has rediscovered his game in Montreal, perhaps it’s fitting the Penguins reached the postseason with their former teammate – however briefly it lasted – in the opposing net. Niemi’s awful numbers in Pittsburgh weren’t entirely his fault. The play in front of him at times was lethargic.

The team Niemi faced on Saturday still has some issues in its own end Jim Kelly Jersey , but the Penguins also have the kind of firepower few can match. Pittsburgh scored three goals in a 4:55-span in the first to erase a one-goal deficit. Kessel and Sheahan beat Niemi 1:49 apart in the third and the countdown to a potential three-peat was officially on.

”Obviously you want to go into the playoffs with a lot of swagger and a lot of confidence,” Hagelin said. ”Hopefully we can string a few more together.”

NOTES: Penguins F Derick Brassard missed his second straight game with a lower-body injury. … Kessel left in the third period with an undisclosed injury and did not return. … The Penguins are now 9-7-2 on the first night of back-to-backs this season. … Pittsburgh C Sidney Crosby’s five-game goal streak ended, though he did have one assist. … The Penguins’ 12-year playoff run is a franchise record. The team reached the postseason 11 straight times from 1990-2001.


Canadiens: Host New Jersey on Sunday. The teams have split their first two games, each winning on home ice.

Penguins: will try to take the season series from Washington on Sunday night. Pittsburgh won two of the first three meetings.

More NHL hockey: The Philadelphia Eagles will promote Mike Groh from wide receivers coach to offensive coordinator, according to a person familiar with the decision.

Running backs coach Duce Staley, who also interviewed for the offensive coordinator position, will add assistant head coach to his title. Press Taylor will replace John DeFilippo as quarterbacks coach.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity Tuesday because the team hadn't officially announced the moves.

Groh replaces Frank Reich Alex Cappa Jersey , who left the Super Bowl champions to become head coach for Indianapolis. DeFilippo left to become Minnesota's offensive coordinator.

Groh joined the Eagles last season and helped a receiver corps that included newcomers Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith and Mack Hollins. He also played a role in Nelson Agholor's improvement.

Taylor had been Philadelphia's offensive quality control and assistant quarterbacks coach.

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