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Xu Ge Sen to in the fire heap.Pitiful of the spirit of England's ambassador to China gnash teeth in hatred, when did England authorize you to bomb British company?But now not is turn over facial of time, Ryan Kerrigan Authentic Jersey don't say that the British government's business in far east still needs Peking, it only destroys oil-field not to let Japan make a profit, ability for next move forced to back Japan to beat good foundation.So when the reporters surround him in succession and Holland ambassador after, can bowl off a tooth to go toward to swallow in belly, using the gorgeous Ci Zao will fight Chinese government and Yang Qiu Kua whom the lotus belongs to eastern India rebellious troops some kind of great. Peking makes moves to bomb to expect the Li knothole Ba's news to quickly spread to the periphery and pay attention to air attack military tactics more with military houses different, the newspapers all round the world reported this time affairs with the space of big area in succession and once pressed down Fei Fei satisfied Su's set virtuous crises all.The English lotus is all angry, but Vernon Davis Authentic Jersey this can beat a swollen face to keep on swallowing and ruin oil-field always compare let Japan get like.The United States starts paying attention to oneself's bomber troops, 1,000 B17 orderses later on soon be passed by the congress.French ill-wisher starts considering deepening a relationship with China at the same time and ensure that the method belongs to the peace or chaos of eastern India. Certainly, the Moscow is most happy!Expect the Li Ba Ban's oil-field but reply to lose necessarily will incense Japanese government, so Stalin immediately lets Mo Tuo Luo's man round the United States to visit Japan and hope to facilitate medium the day open hostilities. Someone happy someone sorrow, expect inside the harbor of the Li Ba Ban's burned black, hope drive deep-fried become chippy oil depot and oil refinery, farmland iron mountain always waits each face of Amari Cooper Women Jersey Japanese military officer black must be like a pot of bottom.2,700,000 ton stocks confine to the flames, the oil refinery became scrap iron, and the flame of oil well didn't put out up to now!Loss not calculate, only rebuild oil-field and oil refinery, need to be counted must U.S. dollar and for more than a year time! Yang Qiu's slap beat too maliciously! His making use of Japan don't publicly capture the bad situation that the lotus belongs to eastern India, the curtain of in aid of and British and American stroke rebellious troopses begins and lets Japan Bo Jackson Women Jersey can not find a little to lend!To know now garrison Ba Li Ba's plank in Japan, equally beat to send punitive expedition the curtain that the rebellious troops revenges for little Lin Ji building, a certain meaning comes up to say two countries still a non-aligned ally. There is no oil-field, the victory going down south loses color greater half.Even if get pure gold money and have what use?American aspect has already spread to want to Japan temporarily the information of the embargo, China doesn't more impossibly sell where afraid little supplies, the helping of Soviets will be also blocked up by England at Su in addition to the Yi private's canal, if can not find out the way of adding the petroleum quickly, even if declare war to China, have no Japan of external support just also can be more beat more weak.Besides Yang Qiu didn't take the offensive Kaohsiung to also explain that he is telling Japan, beat China and then have to consider that the mainland encounters the price of same bombing!
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Along with the sunlight again return to south china sea, take a brigade to take part in Huang Guang Rui's major general of the activity of"Persian gulf hits an egg" to close a pocket-watch in person, probe the aviation of the plank oil-field of Ba Li Ba photograph and flight circuit diagram put at most attractive position, pull up fly the pulling of fur-lined jacket do and finally take the Sam Darnold Authentic Jersey skin hat and the larynx converse machine.The task of his this trip is very simple, be lead the first material of domestic to bomb seven heavy type bomber, have deathless bird Ya Hao ninth bomber the big brigade , before Japan can not truely control a lotus to belong to eastern India, thoroughly destroy to expect the Li Ba Ban's oil-field. This similarly once more dangerous task!Because want to paralyze an enemy, attain the purpose of its never thought that and ensure the ninth bomber big brigade attacks of concealment, so navy be able Antonio Gates Women Jersey to provide to escort of the sail mother stay at neighborhood in Bashi Channel, can not provide a fighter jet to escort for them, once running into enemy's machine, willing use ten pretty 12.7 millimeters of heavy machine guns and hard fuselage that the oneself carries to the hard anti-. Take the last time, Huang only the Rui is after again checking a time of gauge just twist a head to took a look after death of machine, then the right hand stretch out in addition to window, Gao Gao Qiao is since the thumb.Is 116 to stretch out Gao Gao Qiao outside the window first since of thumb, 464 the sets are 1600 mustang engines, chorus at the same time under the ground duty soldier's conductor, the deafening noise lets bird vestige unique Zong, four leaf the propeller start to take of the tornado is to break up sea fog thoroughly. Runway end, Derwin James Women Jersey the signal ensign up and down turns over to fly and tees off a simple phrase language. "The Phoenix is deathless!" See flag signal, he and the copilot slowly push a hydraulic-pneumatic pole together, along with used for the methane infusion that loads down a take-off engine, the back of the plane wing appears four black smokes, the huge war eagle blares in the engine violent Si in start accelerating, fill up a bulky fuselage in explosive to finally and slowly leave a ground while right away willing Joey Bosa Women Jersey arrive a runway end, peeped out plane wing large Phoenix wing pattern. Zuo Zuo wood the second lieutenant drill go into 94 passenger compartments of wing reconnaissance planes, just clipped the aviation photograph of home town Osaka at speed form blind side in, the aviation of the deck little Zuo issued order revolve play shot arm.The machine arm takes off the reel dint of hook moment and lets the photograph fall down."Expect Ga."Zuo Zuo wood the second lieutenant secretly scolded a voice, he was a very superstitious person, flew to all want to put each time the home town photograph that takes in person is woulding take off most before.
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On August 31, the eastern Borneo's most important Ba Li, Ba Ban Ying, the lotus Ke Pai company oil-field suddenly encounters the raid of bearing arms the soldier, although the company security corps Cole Beasley Women Jersey spares no effort holdout, and destroyed one to keep oilcan in the last moment, Japanese marine corps of under the disguise of revolutionary army and 2,000 eastern India revolutionary armies the soldier still kept robbing to have this to let jealous big oil-field in the world.Not only almost and completely paid to get the whole oil-field and oil refining equipments, still have to arrive fully 3,700,000 ton crude oils, connect inside the port can not in time dig three oil tankers and two British merchantmans sinking be all paid to get. On September 1, know that the lotus belongs to eastern India again takes place**after, Chinese government leads off with the dual name of the government and the Ministry of National Defense, public Dak Prescott Women Jersey released a lotus to belong to eastern India war early warning to the world, ask all alien residentses that belong to an eastern India region outside the lotus in western Borneo to right away withdraw at the same time, and send total 900,000 tons of conveyance tall ships, 17 battleship and 31 hydroplanes, participation withdraw a Qiao activity. On September 2, gobble up the door of the most important Su to answer a La island, the south grounds like huge harbor,etc that answers La in Su door takes place in succession**.That night, 1,000 remaining eastern India revolutionary army embark a boat secret to cross Xun his straits and start aggression to the Nan placard harbor.Till the dawn of September 5, drive praise as Xun he the Nan placard harbor of straits throat subjugate. On September 3, little Lin Ji builds the news killing to send back Japan, Tokyo immediately breaks out large-scale parade and asks Holland government to hand over a murderer, near Wei text prime minister Ezekiel Elliott Women Jersey also publicly mean, if Holland government doesn't hand over a murderer, so Japan will directly send troops debarkation Java to carry on grasping to catch.After he talk in less than several hours, pull a pack of Er to send 4 to transport troops a ship and send into the Batavia exactly an allied brigade. On September 7, the huge harbor city fights an explosion, at a compete first lead fluvial of Japan's Imperial Army in under the leading of brigade, 3,000 remaining eastern India revolutionary army launch aggression to the huge harbor from the all directions and only use a day to capture port for the shot Kui lotus soldier.The lotus soldier of surplus has to back to guard oil-field and wait for a support together with the security corps of English lotus Ke Pai company. On September 9, Jason Witten Women Jersey overrun huge harbor behind of eastern India revolutionary army try cross Mu west river river mouth, suddenly is come from offshore of violent bombardment.Receive order to protect Liao the self-examination rice Na Si Chinese navy of the oil-field heavy cruiser south Chang and Singapore rush through of England heavy gram in the cruiser shell block this strategic strategic area in time, two warships throw 1172203 millimeters of Gao Bao to play in a row at an hour introverted revolutionary army, shot Kui to Su door answer the La central part goes deep into of rebellious troops.
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Batavia city to the east in addition to ten a few kilometers, bridge originally Xin too the card shark Zuo visit a shot brigade to denounce openly to nearby eastern India.Even if pass by him to train for Tyrod Taylor Authentic Jersey several years, still is cant not bear to the Cui see.This how of a troops!Mo Xin Na of the hair Se for use by the military pistol, Soviets is sweet, the gold hook of the same old things tube of China, Japan rifle, 38 rifles, British boon thin Si especially rifle Lee, Germany 98 Ks and American Bo Lang rather light machine gun and Chicago the typewriter still has the very clear long-handled sword, wood quality long pike and poisonous of blow arrows.The clothes are also a hideous mess, current Islam full-length gown, there is also common worker's shirt, most exaggerate is the old style soldier that incredibly can see Soviets Red Army to pack, certainly the simply and neat bare to the waist goes to battle. Really can not Carson Palmer Women Jersey imagine, if let always the farmland great commander see he gives great and earnest hope of the troops unexpectedly is this appearance, estimate immediately and veto that exquisitely a plan.Just he has already didn't way out now, gold just number and the ratio Rui's getting the fleet of title have already silently left to pull a the harbor of pack Er to hither drive few hour ago.O.K., the left side in this troops, wear a big brigade of a Japan's Imperial Army's fielding of local clothing to let the bridge this Xin too the card shark Zuo secretly loosen tone and plus the framework that these years permeate, 700 much"oneself person" makes him be unlikely to throw down a task to twist a first time house. Lambaste in Japanese an after, bridge originally Xin too card shark Zuo at heart that strain and Nu idea are on the whole to decrease a lot, vision gradually hurl to distance a piece of piece of such as Chandler Jones Women Jersey square the first-class paddy field of the space sort.Come from river door village of he sees these rich paddy fields jealous to envy to become mad each time, the whole Java is all such first-class paddy field!This kind of is large-scale to connect into the land of slice, walk the whole Japan also can not find several places!Most enrage people of BE, eastern India native son seem to be still not to know the value of these first-class good farms, completely is a thick put type to cultivate.Saying is in brief some, be turn over soil, then the Sa order seed and wait paddy rice to sproutlace to open Sui a result by himself/herself, the maturity comes right away to accept for a while. Suddenly and violently send thing in a sky! After bridge originally won Zuo to descend to settle language, the in the mind secretly thinks and waits to take down Batavia, must think the way rob the land here to come to hand I to cultivate, perhaps and David Johnson Women Jersey only one lesser half can solve local food Huang crisis. "Medium Zuo, Su added Mr. Nuo to come!"The soldier interrupted bridge to originally win floating of Zuo to think and twisted a head to see go, several local soldierses hugged Cu on the tenth the shape lose small, skin dark Su adds a promise to right against the face walk."Bridge originally Sir, see you take a brigade in person, I am really to is really too happy, Indonesian people are the contributions that can't forget you to independently do for the our country."Su adds once the promise come up.
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 Not too much weight should be placed on the strength of schedule. History shows Youth Austin Johnson Jersey , there truly is no telling which team(s) will surprise and which will disappoint. QB Marcus Mariota is entering his fourth NFL season. His numbers are expected to ascend in OC Matt LaFleur’s offensive design. What have been the tendencies in Mariota’s regular season ebb and flows in terms of the statistics he has compiled in three seasons? Let’s take a look.First Four GamesIn three years, Mariota typically has performed fairly decent. His 5-7 record isn’t great, but he has managed to produce some compelling stats in less than desirable offensive systems.He has yielded a 15:10 TD:INT ratio. Mariota has tossed 2,737 yards and posts a 61% completion percentage. Mariota eclipsed over 1,000 passing yards in his rookie campaign over the first four games. That number has declined in each of the past two seasons. He threw for 925 passing yards in 2016, and dropped to 792 last season. His eight touchdown total in his rookie year has been his highest mark in the first quarter of the season. That number was cut in half in 2016, and dropped to three passing touchdowns last season. The number of interceptions Mariota has thrown over the first quarter of the season has been fairly consistent. He threw three in 2015, four the following year and tossed three last season.The Titans first quarter of the season is a tough one, and arguably may be the toughest. Two division opponents and the defending Super Bowl champions won’t be easy. Second Four GamesIn the second quarter of the season, Mariota boasts a 7-4 record. Statistically Authentic Logan Ryan Jersey , some of his highest marks occur in the second chunk of play. Mariota’s completion percentage has been the highest in the second quarter of the season. He posted a 68% completion percentage in 2015, followed by 69% in 2016 and 67% last year. He has tallied a 18:5 TD:INT ratio during this stretch. Mariota’s 2,666 passing yards combined with a 68% completion average across three season indicates he has the potential to weather the storm if the Titans start the season flat.His passing yards have fluctuated over the last three years. In his rookie campaign, he produced 590 passing yards. He nearly doubled that in 2016, finishing with 949. His production slightly declined last season, dropping to 727.Mariota was superb in 2016 in weeks five through eight. He compiled a 10:1 TD:INT ratio and enjoyed a 69% completion percentage. He was unable to replicate the offensive production in 2017.The Titans split a home and away game with the Bills and Ravens before traveling to London to face a tough Chargers defense. They’ll be afforded a week of rest to heal up before facing Dallas on Monday Night Football.Outside of the Pittsburgh debacle last season, Mariota has shown up big on the prime time stage. The Titans will need Mariota to help the offensive attack move the ball and produce points - and the numbers suggest he will do so.Third Four GamesThis is where the numbers get interesting. Mariota had a significant drop off in point-production in the third stanza of the 2017 season. In the two prior years, he managed to post a 17:5 TD:INT ratio and had 2,026 total passing yards. He posted a 6-6 record - with five of the losses stemming from his rookie and sophomore seasons. Last season? Mariota’s TD:INT ratio was 4:7 and was the second time he threw more interceptions than touchdowns since the last quarter of his rookie year - a season he did not finish. However, he was 3-1 - but the wins weren’t pretty and the loss was stomach-churning.The new offensive attack has to establish a second-half punch that will help the Titans either get back into a game or secure a second half lead to finish teams. Mariota will have a heavy hand in helping the team do this Womens DaQuan Jones Jersey , but reliance on the young receiver corps is a cause for concern to some.The third quarter of the 2018 season challenges the first quarter of the year as being the most difficult. Once again, the Titans will face two division opponents in the Texans and a Luck-led Colts squad, as well as the Super Bowl runner-up New England Patriots - a team that sent Mariota and company home last postseason.LaFleur’s offense will hopefully be gelling by this point in the year, but only time will tell. If the offense is struggling to find a groove and Mariota struggles to have formidable chemistry with his receiving weapons, this could be a make or break period for qualifying for the playoffs.Final Four GamesThis chunk is tough to quantify - mainly due to Mariota having missed some time during the later portion of his first and second year.In a smaller sample size, Mariota has totaled 1,543 passing yards, yielded a 4:5 TD:INT ratio and had a 59% completion average over three seasons. His record? 4-6.This is the area LaFleur and his coaching staff must improve not only Mariota’s individual performance, but the team as a whole. Last season, we witnessed the defense drag the team into the postseason by winning some grueling battles. The stalling offense just couldn’t find the end zone. In 2018 Authentic Will Compton Jersey , the offensive approach must set the tempo for playing “fast and aggressive”. The Titans must be able to establish a tempo early, and Mariota is a tone-setting QB. How does he factor down the stretch? Staying healthy - but that’s obvious. The second - and most important way he can factor into success down the stretch? By having a firm command of the offense, level of comfort and trust in his weapons (both old and new) and confidence that his coaches are putting him in the best position to show out.Mariota could improve his average numbers across each quarter of the seasons - but the most important will be the final four games. The stretch doesn’t seem too bad, but as mentioned above - you never know who will surprise and who will disappoint.Titans vs. Buccaneers time, TV schedule, odds, streaming, announcers and more This should be an interesting game. These 2 teams will be really familiar with each other after spending two days this week practicing against each other. The practices were pretty clean without any big fights. The game, however, could end up being a little bit chippy.We should see more from the starting offense and defense in this game. There haven’t been any indications on how much yet , but I would guess they both get at least the first quarter. The biggest thing I will be looking for is to see Marcus Mariota and the offense build on what they did on their one possession last week. The Bucs aren’t great in the secondary, but they are pretty good at linebacker and up front. This will be a good test for them.The defense will also get a good challenge from the Tampa offense. We saw what Mike Evans is capable of in the two days of practice, but the defensive backs responded pretty well in day 2. I can’t wait to see how the battle between Evans and Malcolm Butler shapes up on Saturday night.Here is everything you need to know about watching the Titans home preseason opener:TV ScheduleDate: Saturday, August 18, 2018Time: 7:00 PM CTChannel: WKRN Channel 2Announcers: Dan Hellie, Charles Davis and Cory CurtisLocation: Nissan Stadium | Nashville, TNRadio: 104.5 The Zone | Full listings hereOnline Streaming: NFL Game Pass (Free 7-Day Trial)Odds: Titans -3

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Get prepared for the battle with The Kist & Solak Show #17!First Youth Jordan Hicks Jersey , we talked about the unfortunate loss of Rodney McLeod to injury and what solutions are available in-house.McLeod was playing some very good ball and replacing him won’t be easy, but on the plus side it will likely lead to some more snaps for Sidney Jones and I’m hopeful Deiondre’ Hall can earn meaningful reps as the season progresses.The main topic is previewing the Eagles offense against the Titans defense. What the Titans do defensively is very similar to the soft shell zone (except from the 3-deep) we faced against the Indianapolis Colts, but they have some creative blitz designs, stunt games, and more proven, dynamic talent across the board. Communicating pre-snap protection adjustments and executing on short-to-intermediate throws will be key for the Eagles offense against a unit that ranks 3rd in points per game allowed and tied for 1st in red zone defense.Stream the show on the media player below or click here if the player doesn’t load, and as always FLY EAGLES FLY!Cowboys fans are unsurprisingly the most fickle bunch heading into NFC East Week 3 games Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Eagles fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.Let’s take stock of the NFC East heading into NFL Week 3 based on SB Nation’s latest FanPulse numbers. We’ll start with the reigning Super Bowl champions.PHILADELPHIA EAGLESDespite losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, Eagles fans are still feeling pretty good heading into the team’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. I mean, it’s hard NOT to feel optimistic with Carson Wentz coming back.NFL odds-makers have the Eagles listed as seven-point favorites. FanPulse data Color Rush Nick Foles Jersey , meanwhile, shows that BGN readers think the Eagles should be favored by even more than that. Eagles fans have their team favored by nine points.But it’s not just Eagles fans who are taking the home team. Colts readers from Stampede Blue have Philly as two-point favorites in this game. Chris Blystone, the Colts writer we talked to from SB, also took Indy to lose by three points this weekend. Unsurprisingly, ans picking against their favorite team isn’t a common occurrence. Only eight of SB Nation’s NFL team brands think their team will lose this weekend. Along with the Colts, those teams include: the Bills, Lions, Cardinals, 49ers, Giants, Washington, and Chargers.Eagles fans will continue to feel confident with a win over the Colts. A loss , however ... well, let’s just hope that doesn’t happen. DALLAS COWBOYSSpeaking of unsurprising things, fans of the Dallas Cowboys are the most fickle bunch through three weeks of the season.Let’s recap. Cowboys fans entered the season with lots of (irrational) optimism. From May:Fast forward to Week 1 and they’re calling for the firings of Garrett and play-caller Scott Linehan. The following tweet occured when the Panthers took a 16-0 lead (still a two-possession affair) with 14:12 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Cowboys’ Week 1 game.After losing to the Panthers, the season was over.But then the Cowboys beat up a crappy Giants team and now the Dallas is headed back to the Super Bowl. Just look at these postgame tweets from BTB:And now the FanPulse numbers show that Cowboys fans believe they’re six-point favorites to beat the Seahawks IN Seattle. I know the Seahawks haven’t looked great but they’re hardly ever a pushover at home. For what it’s worth, Seahawks fans from Field Gulls think their team will win by three points.In fairness, BTB acknowledged the fickle nature of Cowboys fans with an article titled: “FanPulse: Here’s proof of Cowboys fans overreacting from week to week so far this season.”WASHINGTONAfter blowing out the Cardinals in Week 1, Washington fans are feeling much worse now after having lost at home to the Colts. FanPulse numbers shows that Hogs Haven’s confidence meter took a 52% percent plunge. Second biggest of all 32 teams. Washington fans don’t expect things to get better this week as they have to host Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Washington fans think they’re going to lose this game by five points. Packers fans from Acme Packing Company believe their team will win this game by nine points. NEW YORK GIANTSI just mentioned that Washington saw the second biggest dip in fan confidence this past week. The team with THE biggest drop off? Yep, the New York Giants. Their confidence meter dropped from 83% after Week 1 to 16% after Week 2. Giants fans are finally realizing their team is headed nowhere with that terrible offensive line.Though I agree that the o-line is a huge problem for the G-Men, I don’t think this poll properly reflects the blame that Eli Manning deserves. The 37-year-old is washed and the Giants predictably look pretty dumb for going all-in on him this offseason.FanPulse shows Giants fans expect their favorite team to drop to 0-3 this week. Big Blue View readers believe New York is due for a six-point loss. ...Reminder: If you want to participate in BGN’s polling, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

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The second quarter begins now.Hopefully , the Texans can maintain/recover from that excellent/poor first quarter against the Cowboys and end the first half of Sunday Night Football on a high note. Can you tell I’m writing this before the game started? Make haste to the comments below, comrades, in order to provide us with all of your musings from this second quarter.NOTE: Please do not post any images, videos, GIFs, or non-text comments in any of BRB’s live game threads. They tend to slow the thread down and can take a long time to load. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.NOTE II: Due to the fast-paced nature of these threads, there will be no warnings before bans on game day. If a moderator deems a comment or user to be problematic, he or she will remove that person from the discussion for the good of the collective game day experience. If you’re on the wrong side of the law today and want your posting privileges reinstated, please send an e-mail to one of us tomorrow.NOTE III: Please refrain from any reference to or mention of any religion or religious figure, even if you believe it’s celebratory or inoffensive. If you make such a reference or comment, it will be deleted and you will be warned. Two violations of this rule will result in a banHas Jadeveon Clowney Earned a Max Contract Yet? The first overall pick of the 2-14 NFL Draft is about a third of the way through the fifth and final season on his rookie contract. It has taken quite a while, but Jadeveon Clowney has elevated his play to become one of the most disruptive defenders in the league. Even through all of the injuries and quick-to-react pundits who called him a “major bust,” Clowney emerged last season after the loss of J.J. Watt as a premier run-stopper and good pass rusher. With all the injuries and doubt behind him, the Texans exercised the fifth-year option on his rookie contract for $12.306 million dollars. Last year, Clowney put up 9.5 sacks, which was tied for 19th in the league. Clowney made the Pro Bowl for the second time and earned his keep last year. So far this year Ryan Griffin Jersey , he has 2.5 sacks and 12 tackles. Not jaw-dropping numbers, but you have to put his impact into the context of a professional football game. Teams are showing him far more respect this year by constantly double teaming him or chipping him with a tight end or running back. Even so, Clowney bursts through opposing blockers better than most in the league. A significant portion of Clowney’s contribution cannot be seen on the stat sheet. To account for Jadeveon Clowney means you have to protect yourself from his speed off the edge. By providing the offensive line assistance in blocking him, it gives Houston’s secondary and linebackers one less person to worry about beating them downfield. Especially for teams with an immobile QB, the Jadeveon Clowney Effect is equivalent to having 9 versus 11. Film doesn’t lie, but stat sheets and numbers are a player’s resume. He only recorded 59 tackles last year for the Texans - fifth best on the team. Last year was the first time in Clowney’s career he playled a full 16 game season. If the Texans want to double down on Clowney, he needs to make it through another season fully healthy and light up opposing quarterbacks while doing so. The Texans have already placed a serious investment in Clowney’s future. Waiting patiently for years for him to develop and get over injury after injury cost the team several years of quality play while he healed. Watching Khalil Mack, who was drafted later by the Raiders, flourish while Clowney sat on a spin bike during games was tough to watch. Now that Clowney is healthy, the team and fans finally get to enjoy the carnage as Clowney demonstrates the epitome of athleticism on a play-by-play basisFor some, the decision to keep Clowney is predicated on the long-term winning probability of having him on the team. In this line of discussion, it is not just that Clowney makes the Texans better - but does his value make us more likely to win a Super Bowl? Usually, this can be extended throughout the team in the “window of opportunity” debate.This conversation always comes up when deciding to pay big-time players in any sport. Can this Texans squad or the next five years of this team win a Super Bowl without Jadeveon on the roster? Immediately, my first thought is “no” simply because there is no foreseeable future where the Texans can acquire such a singular raw talent without paying a similar fee for his skills. Combine that notion with the Deshaun Watson rookie contract window, J.J. Watt’s career trajectory, DeAndre Hopkins’ prime Authentic Julien Davenport Jersey , and the other 6-8 vital players on the roster, and you have the makings of a title contender. Therefore if you are going to be “all in” to win it all, you need to have the best collection of talent possible.The rebuttal to a must-have-Clowney debate is the route the Texans took in 2011 when they signed Daniel Manning and Johnathan Joseph at the same price tag as one Nnamdi Asomugha. Remember him? Side bar: You’re telling me the Texans’ front office actually made a good free agent decision? I am, BRB reader. Clowney has stated that he wants to be paid in the same ballpark as Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald who both signed mega-deals this offseason. To do so would cost the Texans a legitimate fortuneAaron Donald became the highest paid defensive player in the NFL with a six-year, $135 million dollar contract guarantees Donald $87 million to continue to play in Los Angeles. The next day, the Bear’s newly acquired linebacker Khalil Mack penned in a $141 million dollar contract with $90 million of guaranteed. With either Aaron Donald or Khalil Mack’s contract, you could pay the entire Texans’ offensive line and then have several million dollars left to buy a house in River Oaks. Imagine spreading over $100 million dollars over a few new offensive tackles, a young cornerback free agent, and some depth at safety? Weighing the impact of several dependable free agent signings over keeping Clowney is a true test of this team’s values. There are a lot of varying opinions on Clowney’s future in Houston, whether to eat the fruits of our labor and patience or spread the wealth to multiple positions.The question is whether, with the current level of play we are seeing from Jadeveon Clowney, is he playing at a level worthy of a maximum contract.Though we do not have the full answer yet, at least we know what Clowney thinks:

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RENTON , Wash. (AP) — about football matters — Seattle’s recommitment to the run game, the addition of two new coordinators, almost anything to do with what happens between the lines.Instead, the league’s oldest coach has spent the past few days processing and discussing the league’s new mandate that players on the field stand for the national anthem. Carroll, his players and those around the NFL are now trying to figure out how to tackle the polarizing topic in the locker room.“We’re going to have to deal with that,” Carroll said. “I was kind of liking the way it was going and so now it’s kind of taken out of the control from the coach and the players and the locker room to a certain extent, so we’re going to have to deal with that. In time, we’ll figure it out.”Players from Seattle, Buffalo, Denver and New Orleans were among those grappling with how to move forward following the league’s announcement Wednesday of a new national anthem policy, which will fine teams if players on the field are not standing for the anthem. Players wishing to continue demonstrations like the kneeling movement sparked by Colin Kaepernick to protest social injustice will be allowed to remain in the locker room during the anthem.Seattle’s Doug Baldwin had the most striking comments, directed at both the league and President Donald Trump after his remarks to “Fox & Friends” on Thursday saying “maybe you shouldn’t be in the country” if you don’t stand for the anthem.“He’s an idiot. Plain and simple,” Baldwin said. “I respect the man because he’s a human being first and foremost, but he’s just being divisive, which is not surprising. It is what it is. But for him to say anybody who doesn’t follow his viewpoints or his constituents viewpoints should be kicked out of the country is not very empathetic. It’s not very American like, actually, to me. It’s not very patriotic. It’s not what this country was founded upon. It’s kind of ironic to me the President of the United States is contradicting what our country is really built on.”Even normally reserved Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson agreed with the sentiment that the owners’ decision was a message to players to essentially be quiet.“Pretty much. I think that’s part of it. It seems that way,” Wilson said. “But I think a policy right or wrong is not going to fix our problems.”The new policy allows teams to adopt their own workplace rules, which many players interpreted as a backhanded way of subjecting them to fines, suspensions or loss of jobs should they carry on with the protests.Players are also frustrated the league didn’t consult with the players’ association before announcing the policy.“I mean, they weren’t ever going to engage us anyway. When you really think about it, why would we have a say-so?” Denver linebacker Brandon Marshall said. “I think they should have, right, but I guess they don’t look at us like that, to have a say-so or input in this policy.”Others around the league didn’t see the policy as a potential issue.“I’m really not too worried about it. I would expect that everybody’s gonna be out there with their hand over their heart Greg Olsen Jersey , showing respect to the flag and to the country,” New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees said.But teammate Demario Davis had mixed emotions about the policy. His father served in the military, but he also understands why players have been protesting.“I just think that when you love something — you care about it — you want to work to get it right. I love my children. When they do wrong things, I’m going to let them know they’re doing wrong things. I’m not just going to sweep it under the rug because I love them,” Davis said.“I think that’s the difference between patriotism and nationalism. Nationalism is loving your country just to love it, you know, even when it’s right or wrong, you’re going to take the side of your country. Patriotism is loving it enough to sacrifice for it, but also to call it (out) when it’s wrong.“The people who are speaking up for the people who are hurting have a deep love and devotion for our country. That’s kind of gotten misconstrued at times. But it’s important for people to understand that.”The decision by the owners was an attempt to quell a firestorm by moving protests away from the public eye and potentially lure back disgruntled fans. But in the process they may have disgruntled their employees and rekindled what appeared to be an issue that was dying down.“With this policy, with the inflammatory statement that Roger Goodell put out (Wednesday) again you opened the door for response and again to my point earlier, I think they missed it on that one,” Baldwin said.——AP Pro Football Writer Arnie Stapleton and AP Sports Writer Brett Martel contributed to this report. CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — In a story Oct. 22 about the Carolina Panthers offense, The Associated Press erroneously reported Cam Newton’s ranking among active quarterbacks in fourth-quarter comebacks. He is 11th in fourth quarter comebacks among active quarterbacks, not first.A corrected version of the story is below:Panthers going to hurry-up offense? Not so fast, says RiveraPanthers coach Ron Rivera says team will continue to use no-huddle offense — in certain situationsBy STEVE REEDAP Sports WriterCHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Panthers quarterback Cam Newton loves playing in the no-huddle, hurry-up offense, calling it “our edge.”Tight Greg Olsen believes Newton excels in an upbeat offense.But coach Ron Rivera pumped the breaks on the notion that the Panthers should shift to an up-tempo style offense for four quarters after erasing a 17-point fourth quarter deficit Sunday and stunning the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles 21-17.Rivera said Monday that while he is open to using the no-huddle more in certain situations moving forward, he quickly added “I don’t think that is going to drive who we are as an offense.”Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner went to the hurry-up offense in the fourth quarter to breathe some life into a listless offense that managed just seven first downs and no points through three quarters. Newton responded big time, completed 16 of 22 passes for 201 yards and two touchdowns in the closing quarter, including the go-ahead score to Greg Olsen with 1:22 left.Newton has excelled in the no-huddle offense throughout most of his eight-year NFL career, seemingly liking the rhythm of a fast-paced attack.Many of those have come in the fourth quarter. Newton now has 15 career fourth quarter comebacks, 11th among active QBs and ahead of Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers.That’s something that hasn’t gone unnoticed.“I think we’re really good when we don’t huddle,” Olsen said. “… I think when we got into that tempo Fozzy Whittaker Color Rush Jersey , and just stayed on rhythm, stayed ahead of the chains, it allowed us to just kind of settle in a little bit and then we saw guys, all different guys, making plays.”Newton said he feels like it gives the team an edge over the defense.“And coach always says it, being in a hurry up doesn’t mean rush, doesn’t mean mayhem, it’s just controlled tempo — and we are in control of that,” Newton said.Newton isn’t sure why it all clicked so well on Sunday.“I have been doing it my whole career, to a degree,” Newton said. “But we know in this league, given defensive wrinkles you see, that’s what it’s all about, making mid-game adjustments.”Rivera said there are plusses and minuses to running the no-huddle offense, but it would be impractical to use it all of the time.The Panthers host Baltimore and its physical defense on Sunday.“Circumstances dictate a lot of things that happen more so than anything,” Rivera said. “And there have been situations where we have come out and started the game in no-huddle and gone three-and-out, so I just think it is situational. (But) do we need to look at it? Most certainly.”Rivera said the benefit is that it often prevents defenses from substituting players for obvious passing downs. And when it begins to click, Newton seems unstoppable at times.On the downside, Rivera said the no-huddle can cause unneeded stress on the defense when it’s not working.“If you go three-and-out, three-and-out and three-and-out, your defense is constantly out there,” Rivera said. “So it can wear your defense out as well. It is mostly certainly a team thing and situational and by rhythm. I believe Norv has a good handle on it. I think what he did Sunday was right along the lines of trying to create energy. And he did that.”NOTES: Panthers wide receiver Torrey Smith has a sore knee, but said there is no structural damage after a late-game injury on Sunday.

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 The new book from Doug Farrar , The Genius of Desperation, takes a chronological view of the evolution of football strategy. While it documents the schemes and the men behind those innovations, the book also does a nice job of underlining why some of these changes came about. This book really helped connect some dots for me to help focus what I think is going on in the game today. Often, we can look at history to learn about our present, and Farrar’s book serves us well in that capacity. The first example Farrar covers that really stuck out to me was Clark Shaughnessy with the Chicago Bears. Shaughnessy’s influence on the Bears’ T-Formation led to a 73-0 drubbing of Washington in the 1940 championship game and set up a stretch of dominance for those Bears (4 championships in 6 years). Those innovations really took the league by storm and were the major impetus behind that sustained success. But, the league eventually catches up and reaches a state of equilibrium until the next innovation comes along. Conversely, Farrar digs into Vince Lombardi, who he says isn’t credited enough as an offensive innovator because the Packers ran a fairly simple scheme. Here’s where I disagree with the author. Lombardi’s greatness was not in innovation but in perfection of his scheme. No one had dug into the details of each player’s responsibilities, techniques, and iterative variations to attack different defenses quite like Lombardi. That’s not necessarily innovative with regards to scheme but rather maximizing the efficiency of the scheme. Think of it as the difference between an entrepreneur and a Six Sigma Black Belt. Lombardi squeezed every drop out of that Packers Sweep en route to 5 titles over 7 years. The Lombardi Packers were the epitome of the end of that evolutionary cycle, so to speak – when someone or something dominates to such a degree that there has to be a major innovation to overcome it. In the evolution of football strategy, I would argue that schematic innovations have moved in predictable cycles. An innovative strategy provides the innovator with a strategic advantage, many times resulting in immediate success. This is essentially the same thing as a “first-mover advantage” in the market place. This is followed by the death of old, dated concepts (and usually fired coaches), copying and incorporating elements of the new scheme throughout the league, and finally settling into some sort of equilibrium. The successful teams during that equilibrium are usually defined by who can do their best Lombardi impression and maximize that scheme with the best personnel. With the advances in technology, scouting, free agency, analytics, etc. we see these schematic changes adapted by the league more quickly than before, thus reducing the windows of the first-mover advantage. Book cover for Doug Farrar’s the Genius of DesperationFarrar has laid out the tick-tock of the innovative disruptors and the schemes that got them there throughout the league’s history. Sometimes it was just a mad genius with some chalk, but many times these innovations were born out of desperation – how can I beat this Goliath with a rock and a slingshot? I know I can’t win if we play their game. How can I use my players that aren’t as good as the team we’re playing and outsmart them with how we run our offense or defense? Put another way – the best swordsman in the world doesn’t worry about the 2nd best swordsman; he worries about the most unconventional one. The history of football is full of these innovations, and many of them resulted in multiple championships and dynasty runs. Think about the 49ers in the 80’s with the implementation of the West Coast Offense. That offense led to 5 championships and a new definition of what good QB statistics look like. Seriously – take a look at players before Montana and since and tell me there isn’t a huge difference in accuracy expectations for the modern NFL QB. Those concepts fundamentally changed the way the game is played forever. But, the West Coast Offense was born out of a sense of desperation, not with Montana, but in Cincinnati with a weak-armed QB where Bill Walsh served as Offensive Coordinator.Some innovations send shockwaves Bryce Callahan Color Rush Jersey , others send ripples. Think about the wildcat – very effective for the desperate Dolphins to beat the Patriots, but now merely a gadget play. Or, think about the Bears 46 defense, something so dominant it gave birth to some of the most devastating defenses in NFL history but is nowhere to be seen in today’s NFL. This book is full of these examples and provides for a fun history lesson. Farrar digs into both sides of the ball with vigor and uses a fair number of diagrams to illustrate the innovations. If I had to pick some nits, I would have liked to see a primer at the front of the book for the novice fan to make this more accessible to a wider audience and more diagrams along the way for all of us to enjoy. If you’re an avid football fan and have at least a cursory understanding and interest of the X’s and O’s, you’ll absolutely love this book. If you’re more on the front end of the learning curve, this book probably doesn’t meet your needs. Honestly, I’d love to see the author turn this into a video series, showing film to illustrate the innovations and how they worked. I’d be all-in for an 8-part NFL Films documentary too – and the Sam Spence soundtrack to go with it.This brings us to the present and future of the game that Farrar closes the book with, including the takeover of the RPO. I believe the league had been sitting in an era of equilibrium for a while, where it essentially required an MVP-level pocket passing QB to be consistently competitive or a defensive juggernaut to bring them down. For the most part, this evolutionary cycle has been defined by the premiere pocket passers fitting in tight window throws to receivers. Something earned over years of tape study, timing with receivers, and wisdom gained the hard way. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers. If you didn’t have one of “those guys”, you almost certainly had to have something special on defense to compete.The problem with that from a team building standpoint was that it was increasingly difficult to find one of those premiere pocket passers. The college game was shifting and teams were sinking high draft picks into QBs that couldn’t adapt to that game quickly enough for anxious franchises. Add in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement and the containment of rookie contracts and all the sudden, relying on young QBs with a modest contract surrounded by a great team context was en vogue. But what can those young QBs run right out of college? You got it – RPO’s, spread concepts, putting pressure on defenses with the ability to run read option plays. The hope, it would seem, is that when the price tag comes due on the second contract, that QB can carry a heavier burden and transition to the traditional pocket passing scheme. The NFL today feels like it is experiencing one of those innovation moments – a disruption in the equilibrium. The best teams of 2018 appear to be in one of two molds - the young QB running creative concepts with wide open throws or the last vestiges of the old guard premiere pocket passer able to fit in tight windows with consistency. In one corner, Sean McVay, Jared Goff Josh Bellamy Jersey , Andy Reid, and Patrick Mahomes. In the other corner, Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady. Will the best swordsmen in the world win again or will it be the unconventional ones?The Genius of Desperation is the type of book that needs to be in your library if you care about the history of the game and the schemes that make it so interesting. Simply put – this book makes you a better fan of the game. Doug Farrar can be found on Twitter @NFL_DougFarrar. I can be found on the same format @gridironborn.Bears vs. Dolphins: Notes from a pathetic 31-28 overtime loss The orange uniforms are back, for better or worse. I personally prefer the 1940’s throwback alternates, but I will always have a soft spot for the orange jerseys for their having played a memorable part in my childhood.Frank Gore is still in the league, which is impressive. He’s a Hall of Famer for sure, potentially a first-ballot player. His ability to maintain a high level of play for as long as he has is mind-boggling.The Bears got bailed out when Albert Wilson dropped a third-and-six pass from Brock Osweiler that, surprisingly enough, hit him right in the hands. Their defense wasn’t fantastic by any means, so to have the Dolphins botch a relatively simple play served as a sigh of relief.Mitchell Trubisky wasn’t incredibly sharp in his first drive of the game, as he made a bad read on his first throw to Allen Robinson, on top of overthrowing Anthony Miller on what would have been a huge gain.Kyle Fuller has been very disappointing to start the 2018 season, and that was made evident as he allowed a 25-yard gain to Jakeem Grant, despite getting called for holding. He has not lived up to his contract at all so far this year. Leonard Floyd straight up hit Danny Amendola with a nasty slam. For wrestling fans out there, it appeared to be a gutwrench suplex transitioned into a DDT. Lots of similarities to Pete Dunne’s Bitter End.A terrible defensive drive ended with a five-yard touchdown pass from Osweiler to Nick O’Leary on the flat route. The coverage was simply horrendous on the play, and the pass rush could have been much better, as well.Taylor Gabriel is a shifty gadget player who offers a lot of play calling versatility. He offers a lot of value on screens and jet sweeps with his blazing speed.Mitchell Trubisky’s athleticism is one of the most underrated aspects of his game. He was able to scramble his way to an eight-yard gain in the first quarter, and he followed it up a few plays later by rolling out to evade pressure and hit Tarik Cohen on the screen for a seven-yard gain.My heart always feels nice and warm when Matt Nagy calls a shovel pass to Trey Burton.Reshad Jones is one of the best safeties in the NFL, and he showed it when he brought Tarik Cohen down on a fourth-and-one pitch to stuff the Bears. A rough start for Chicago’s offense continued.Frank Gore, again, is still good. He broke two tackles and carried Kyle Fuller along for a few yards on an 18-yard shovel pass.Bryce Callahan did a great job of sniffing out the screen, aggressively running downhill to bring down Albert Wilson for a five-yard loss near the end of the first quarter. He has been one of the best nickelbacks in the league to start the 2018 season.Bobby Massie allowed Jonathan Woodard to get inside leverage, throwing him off balance and bring Trubisky down for a seven-yard sack. Massie admittedly hasn’t been terrible this year , but don’t expect him to be back in 2019.Nothing went right offensively for Chicago early on. The play calling was poor, the overall execution was lackluster, the blocking was shabby and Trubisky was unable to hit the side of a barn. Miami doesn’t have a bad defense by any means, but this isn’t an elite unit that the Bears were struggling against.Nice job by Bilal Nichols to chase down Brock Osweiler and bring him down at the second level. He has been a pleasant surprise so far this year.Roquan Smith is a stud. He showed off the athleticism to chase down Kenyan Drake on the slide and match him step for step, and he managed to break down to tackle him while keeping his hips squared to prevent Drake from juking him out.Taylor Gabriel tracked down a dime from Trubisky to grab a 48-yard gain in tight coverage. It was a great pass and a great catch that gave the Bears some much-needed offensive spark.Jordan Howard fumbled on the goal line. Power back extraordinaire Jordan Howard fumbled on the goal line. Pro Bowl running back who has two 1,000-yard seasons to his name Jordan Howard fumbled on the goal line.What a terrible first half. The run defense was horrible, the pass rush - against a terrible offensive line, no less - was nonexistent, the coverage was mediocre and the offense was simply dreadful. This was not the performance of a playoff team.Roughly 30 minutes after I trashed Kyle Fuller, he picked up his first interception off the season. It was a bad throw by Osweiler and a poor route by DeVante Parker, and Fuller took advantage of it, tracking the ball down very well.Talk about a hot start to the second half. Trubisky picked up 28-yard with his feet, climbing the pocket and using his speed to gain some yards. The Bears then got bailed out by a pass interference call by Minkah Fitzpatrick which brought them into the red zone.You know that thing I said about the shovel pass to Trey Burton? I felt that same feeling and more when Burton picked up a nine-yard touchdown.Three plays, 75 yards and a touchdown in just over a minute and a half. Not a bad start to the second half.Kyle Fuller did it again. He timed his jumping on the out route perfectly and picking up his second interception of the game. My take regarding his poor play is not aging well.One play later, Trubisky hit Allen Robinson in the end zone on a 12-yard deep slant to give the Bears a 14-7 lead. Just like that, the momentum changed entirely towards the Bears in just a four-minute span.Miami completed a lot of passes on flat routes throughout the game. Those could convert into turnovers if the Bears ran man-to-man coverage more often.Bryce Callahan continued his very good game with a nickel blitz off the edge to force an incomplete pass and a failed third-down conversion. Jason Sanders followed that up with a 50-yard field goal, cutting down Chicago’s lead to four points. Nonetheless, Callahan’s speed off the edge helped stop the Dolphins from tying the game up.Have a day, Taylor Gabriel! Trubisky hit him deep on a go route that was placed perfectly en route to a 54-yard gain. Tarik Cohen is so fun to watch. He ran the misdirection through an absolutely massive hole and ran around Miami’s defense on his way to a 21-yard touchdown. Three plays. 75 yards. Touchdown. One minute. There’s the fast-paced, high-octane offense that we hoped to see when the season began.Roughing the passer penalties have been horrendous this year, so it was only a matter of time that the Bears got hit by one. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Leonard Floyd’s quarterback hit - if you can call it that - in the third quarter should not have been a penalty.Jordan Howard is a poor man’s Frank Gore.Roquan Smith did a good job of abandoning his assignment in zone coverage to rush Brock Osweiler. His pressure forced Osweiler to panic and throw the ball away, resulting in another failed third-down conversion.Cohen is unreal! He ran an angle route and caught the ball with space around him, outrunning defenders and picking up a 51-yard gain. He is the best running back on Chicago’s roster, and part of that is because of how versatile he is. He is so valuable to this offense.Allen Robinson showed off incredible body control when he caught a back-shoulder fade along the sideline for a 21-yard gain.One play after a poorly-called Trey Burton pass interference penalty cancelled out a Tarik Cohen touchdown on the flat, Trubisky threw an interception to T.J. McDonald in the end zone. He still has issues with forcing throws and staring down one target.Albert Wilson was wide open on an in route Sherrick McManis Color Rush Jersey , and Osweiler hit him for a 28-yard gain. A few plays later, he caught a screen for a 43-yard touchdown. Poor tackling attempts by Kyle Fuller, Eddie Jackson and Adrian Amos allowed the speedy target to take it home.The Bears got bailed out on third down in the fourth quarter when Minkah Fitzpatrick got called for his second pass interference call of the day.Speaking of bailed out, Reshad Jones nearly picked off a terrible pass on the run in double coverage by Trubisky. Again, he has to get better at making more than one read on a consistent basis.Anthony Miller picked up his second touchdown catch of the year on a 29-yard catch in which he had acres of space around him to make the grab. Trubisky’s three touchdowns marks the second-highest total of his career.Just as the Bears grabbed total control of the game with a long and drawn out offensive drive, the Dolphins struck back with a 75-yard curl to - guess who - Albert Wilson. He broke two tackles and evaded several other defenders to tie up the game for Miami.The Bears’ defense was incredibly tired in this game. Their tackling effort was poor, and their pass rush was way worse than it should have been. If they had played as well as they normally do,then this game would have been a relatively simple win.Tarik Cohen, who was fantastic all game, fumbled the ball on Chicago’s side of the field and gave the Dolphins the ball with less than two minutes left in regulation. What a heartbreaker.The Bears did a great job of shutting down Miami’s offense on the late fourth-quarter drive. They knew that the Dolphins would target the red hot Albert Wilson, and they did everything in their power to stop him.What a terrible turn of bad luck for the Bears. Adrian Amos deflected a pass intended for Danny Amendola, and Kenny Stills caught the tipped ball. Because why not?Old man Frank Gore ran right over the Bears’ defense for a 32-yard gain to put the Dolphins inside of Chicago’s own 10-yard line. What a pathetic lack of effort by a seemingly dominant Bears defense. Akiem Hicks stripped the ball out of Kenyan Drake’s hands on the ONE-YARD LINE, and Eddie Goldman jumped on the ball to give the Bears one last chance to win the game. Wow.Jordan Howard, who was quiet all game, broke free up the middle for a 19-yard gain. That’s the Howard that we all know and love.And right after that, Howard picked up a gain of 15 yards right up the middle. He showed up when it mattered most.The Bears relied on Cody Parkey to make a 53-yard field goal to win the game, and it didn’t work. Obviously. The Bears should have been way more aggressive in trying to get better field position, and it predictably backfired. What a pathetic game. A Bears defense with Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks and Roquan Smith on it was destroyed by an offense with Brock Osweiler, an ancient Frank Gore and Albert Wilson as its stars. And with that, the Bears have lost their division lead in a game that should have been an easy win. This is not the performance of a playoff team. The Bears take on the New England Patriots next week at home at noon CT. Stay tuned for what figures to be a mauling.Jacob Infante is a Chicago Bears writer at SB Nation’s Windy City Gridiron. He is also the lead NFL Draft analyst for The Blitz Network, and he additionally covers the NFL Draft for USA Today’s Draft Wire. He can be reached through Twitter @jacobinfante24 or e-mailed at

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