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In fact landing pages are considered to be among theStay Home Profits Review most vital stages that, when missed, can lead to the largest percentage of lost potential sales. After all, one of the most important part of your marketing strategy is to send targeted traffic directly to the part of your site where they can buy. Therefore, landing pages are the direct solution to that need.

To make your landing page most effective, there are a few important steps that you can take:

Don't send your visitors to your homepage. This may sound strange, since your homepage is really the hub for the rest of the pages on your website. However, though it may seem like the natural place to start visiting your website, it has not been designed to create the sense of urgency to "act now" and make the purchase. It has only been designed to move the visitor around the rest of the website. Without immediately creating that sense of urgency, you immediately lose a good deal of the potential that you had to start with.

Build a sense of trust. This should start as soon as possible on your landing page. Though the main purpose of the landing page is to encourage a purchase from your visitor, you need to show them that they are not being rash by acting right away. By building trust, you give them a sense of security with the decision to make the purchase. This can come in the form of a guarantee or warranty. This will allow them to make the decision right away, knowing that if they have made the wrong choice, there is an "out", and they aren't stuck with their mistake.

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