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Here is a OSRS gold few comments: Very few, if any and if they do, I doubt will be capable of everything you have written. (A school wind ensemble is a different thing, however.) Modifications that are fast and music to chromatic notes are very difficult for harpists, maybe even impossible. No doubt it'll have to be coated by a pianist. You might demonstrate a harpist the part and get an impression on the playability of this part.

10ff) won't be as soft as they are in your mix--especially if played with younger players! And is there a divisi in the trumpets at the exact same stage? I wouldn't put the euphonium on the Gs that are low; that's near the very bottom of the range! Maybe Trombone 3 rather (or even a bass trombone)? Overall you have an excellent feel for the instrument ranges and their skills, I'm a band director and did quite a lot of arranging ago, so I understand the effort that went into your work. Keep the fantastic work up!

Really cool! I thought initially, because it is arrayed for concert band, that's a long time the voices aren't being used. But I was wrong it was a wonderful Shade when top voices and the flutes arrived in! If you do have a group ever play this as opposed to just running it via a DAW and samples, then I wonder how the harp will seem. Many regions are thick with voices so the harp will not be as loud, so doubling some of it in flutes or voices which aren't being used periodically?

I'm not sure how other composers do this or whatnot. I think bc it's for ring rather than orchestra it surprised me just how much voices worked. But loved the timbre of each voice that was utilized as you kept going together! You are likely right that the harp wouldn't be as notable as it's in my order but I did try to keep as near the original as I could. Lol, Maybe if you place the harpist up front. I did envision this group being to get a wind ensemble -. Can decorate the sound up. However, it could use more reworking, I was just so eager to place it lol.

What's the thing you've completed on Runescape?

Back in 2006 I used to go round and we'd play with Runescape together. I got a ring of recoil for the first time and thought it was amazing, however I did not understand it degrades so when I realised it'd disappeared I accused him of falling it when I moved to the toilet because I believed he was buy RS gold covetous. I had a full blown argument with him and we didn't talk for fourteen days.

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