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PARIS, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- A French woman who was convicted for murdering her allegedly abusive husband has been released from jail after a complete pardon from President Francois Hollande.

"I have decided to grant Jacqueline Sauvage a pardon of the rest of her sentence. This pardon puts an immediate end to her detention," Francois Hollande tweeted on Wednesday.

Within hours of the announcement, Sauvage was seen leaving the Reau prison in southeastern Paris.

Now aged 69, Sauvage killed her allegedly alcoholic and abusive husband, Norbert Marot, by shooting him three times in the back with a hunting rifle in 2012, after a marriage of over 40 years. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Three daughters of Sauvage launched a petition for her release after her imprisonment, making the case a cause celebre in France and drawing public attention to the issue of domestic violence.

The petition had collected more than 400,000 signatures.

Hollande issued a partial pardon at the end of January, but the courts had rejected applications for her release.

With the complete pardon, the president decided that "the place of Ms. Sauvage was no longer in prison, but with her family," said a statement of the Elysee Palace.

CHICAGO [url=]Camiseta Xavi Hernandez Barcelona[/url] , Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- The father of a missing Chinese scholar in the U.S. has asked U.S. President Donald Trump to direct all available Federal law enforcement and investigatory resources to help find his daughter Zhang Yingying.

"As a loving father to your own children, you can understand what we are going through," said Zhang Ronggao in a letter to the U.S. president. Zhang is the father of Yingying who was a visiting scholar of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and went missing in June.

Family of missing Chinese scholar asks U.S. President for help Family of missing Chinese scholar asks U.S. President for help Family of missing Chinese scholar asks U.S. President for help

He said Yingying's dream was to finish her studies in the U.S. and return to China to become a university professor. "Yingying means the whole world to us. She has always made us proud."

Zhang Ronggao expressed his grief and desperation in the letter, saying "with each passing day, the chances of finding Yingying alive decrease."

  Combined file photo shows Chinese scholar Zhang Yingying (R) and suspect Brendt Christensen.

"We cannot image returning to China without her [url=]Camiseta Ivan Rakitic Barcelona[/url] ," the letter said.

The letter was read out by Yingying's family at a press briefing on Tuesday.

"We will not go back (to China) unless we find Yingying," the family told Xinhua in an interview Monday.

The family also explained the usage of the funds raised under the name of Zhang Yingying at the press conference. Besides the 50,000-dollars reward for clues to whereabouts of Yingying [url=]Camiseta Gerard Pique Barcelona[/url] , part of the fund has been used to finance the daily life of the family members in the U.S., under strict supervision.

Zhang Yingying went missing on June 9 after entering a black Saturn Astra. FBI arrested Brendt Christensen, the car owner [url=]Camiseta Nelson Semedo Barcelona[/url] , on June 30, accusing him of kidnapping Zhang on June 9 in Urbana, 225 km southwest of Chicago. The police and FBI believe Zhang is dead [url=]Camiseta Marc-Andre Ter Stegen Barcelona[/url] , but her body has not been found.

Christensen has pleaded not guilty at the courthouse.

UIUC has the largest Chinese student population studying here in the U.S., totaling 5,600.

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