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Along with the devs keep churning out"content" to RuneScape gold maintain their ever dwinling playerbase from evaporating completely. Osrs devs are compensated do develop the content while ours will be... idk, I'm not blaming them but the upper management is obvs not forcing them to create valuable game content.

Surely that is the final nail in the coffin (pun intended) for POH and Construction generally? Which is a lot less than prawnbrokers but that is crazy prices for afk advantages. I was making bookcases. Yet only hitting 1.5m/hr with dxp running (using proteans, so bigger inventories( also ) - full cocktail boost, in addition to pulse heart and cinder core boosts. I don't have the ensemble, but that is still just losing me 6 percent XP, so I'm not 100% sure where the extra xp comes from.

You are aware that the increase in cocktails, cinder cores and heartbeat cores are obtainable in game without having to spend any money, right? I meanI do not care if you believe I bought some keys, but if you're going to try and insinuate something at least be correct about it.

idk. I just make flapacks for yak track. It is not actually afk, you make 4 tables an inventory. Unless you have protean planks it will ever be afk. The take bob interrupted my apartment pack making. Idk if that obtained hotfixed once I attempted it. Most action bar stuff doesn't disrupt what you're already doing.

One team asked for feedback and community opinion, another plonked it from the match. I couldn't believe they actually called this bullshit"thrilling" from the patch notes. I thought it must've been photoshopped in to make them seem even more clownish. I interpreted it as a tongue-in-cheek kind of item as is popular throughout dialogue in this game.

Personally I would be 100% down with Structure being a money sink little to no practical usage in the game.Let us move the furniture round and make a house. If we're given the option at least to be free and enjoy it as a house then I think that would be a happy medium. You gotta give it use or performance since it stands it is a waste of money and that I only leveled it to get to Prif. And being able to buy OSRS gold sit down in a seat is your answer to this?

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