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In OSRS, earning gold has always been a hot topic. In my previous blog post, I mentioned several ways to quickly earn OSRS gold. Today we will talk about several other methods. Maybe there is something you like.

The following several methods can help you earn some RS3 Gold, but the number is different. Please choose some methods that suit you.


Compared with other skills, theft is much simpler, and there are many ways to upgrade this skill. Pickpocketing or completing arena tasks can improve skill levels. For example, when your pickpocket level reaches 40, you can pickpocket Paladins and get a lot of gold. Using pickpocketing to obtain gold is a very labor-saving way. It's worth a try.


Maybe you are very surprised at why I would recommend Smithing. It does not seem to be a good way to earn gold. In fact, it is not the case. Using the advantages of the Blast Furnace for Smithing can get a good gold income. The higher the level of Smithing, the more substantial the benefits. For example, you can get about 600000 gold per hour when your Smithing level reaches 50.  It's not a lot, but it's easy.


Before fighting, It is recommended that you should first spend some OSRS gold improving your skill level. You can also choose to Buy RS3 Gold if the number of gold is not enough. You can get more gold through missions once your combat power rises. By participating in the battle, you can get about three to four million gold per hour, so you should spend most of your energy here.

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