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Jagex's level of involvement in the sport in general has also seemed to drastically increase. Laissez-Faire sport development, where mechanics and items are thrust into the match and not touched , ruled for several decades. Multiple mechanical problems resulted, like the once gigantic imbalance of Melee/Range/Mage combat designs and skills being completely unprofitable. Just recently has Jagex seemed to take a serious look at game mechanics, and work on polishing them. A prime example is degradable weaponry for example Chaotics and Nex Armor. Melee weapons with repair prices equal to the bolt/rune utilization of the RS gold other combat styles does a fantastic deal to even the financial area. Range and Magic have also seen measures taken to increase their efficiency, with things like the Staff of Lighting and Ava's Accumulator released. Versatility, after Melee's excellent strength, has also been given to those neglected battle styles. The release of crossbows and 1h Ranged weapons created the style usable in much more situations, like against dragonfire. Magic remains in a poor place, lacking certain advantages Ranged has like cheap equipment and ammunition, but measures are being taken.

Many, many skills have also been overhauled to make them attractive. The once entirely useless Smithing received integration to many items, for example Godswords and Dragonfire Shields. In addition, the launch of this workshop helped combat sky high training costs. Herblore is probably the most visible instance, having become nearly as necessary for endgame content as Prayer and Summoning. In truth, just Firemaking remains entirely useless.

A number of these changes are fueled by information created by Jagex in the Grand Exchange, one of the biggest steps forward in the game's history. Utilizing GE info, Jagex can react to market shifts, and consequently design upgrades to resist economic woes.

Moments after RuneScape began

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