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Over the years, Blizzard has given me the feeling that it does not have any fancy features, but has out-of-the-box features like the new classes or new races in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. In fact, Blizzard focuses on improving the old game. section. The most obvious example is the new character customization system currently available in the Shadowlands pre-patches. But Blizzard has also completely overhauled the ancient upgrade system of World of Warcraft, which allows us to see that it is one of the biggest game changers in years.

Veterans of World of Warcraft should know that before the pre-patch, leveling in World of Warcraft requires 80 hours or more of experienced players, while new players can take months to fully level from 1-120. The Vanilla WOW Gold role is also suffering from leveling. But in the new pre-patch program, it took me less than 20 hours to complete the leveling, is it incredible? Such an update will make new players more hopeful to join in.

Raids and dungeons are the highlight of World of Warcraft, and many players believe that balance is an obstacle that prevents the game from getting the best content. Players want to reach the highest level as soon as possible for a reason.

Prior to Battle for Azeroth, I decided to run the new Lightforged Draenei Warrior through leveling experience. When I reached the highest level, I played 60 hours in that role. For experienced players with heirloom items, this is 60 hours, which can increase my experience points.

In the Shadowlands pre-patch, Blizzard changed almost everything in the process. They lowered the current maximum level to 50, and when Shadowlands fell, the maximum level rose to 60. They also added an hour of tutorial experience, allowing players to start from level 1-10. For levels 10-40, they implemented a new time travel experience, which players call "Chromie Time". Players choose the extensions they want to upgrade, and then Chromie gnome sends them the time. By the time they complete this extended storyline, they will reach the highest level and be ready for Shadowlands.

Curious about this new system, I decided to try a role I was thinking of playing in Shadowlands, and then in less than a week, in 18 hours, I reached level 50. But the expansion and passing steps I chose are not the fastest shortcuts, and other players even completed it in 10 hours. It can be said that the experience is full.

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