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It's an estimation repeated by Pro Rocket League players as well. G2's Dillon 'Rizzo' Rizzo says that the update "screwing blows,"and isn't satisfied with the estimating on Rocket League Credits singular things. 

No new modes, no fixes for a ton of issues that individuals have been approaching to be fixed for quite a long time. This entire update was a money snatch and I accept we the network are legitimately pissed. We thought you were extraordinary, we thought "gracious psyonix won't resemble that they are a decent organization that thinks about it's player base" we presently know you simply need to crush each and every dime out of us." 

There's even a development of sorts among players to adhere to the base Stocktane vehicle with no uniform as a type of dissent about the expense of the new microtransactions. 

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