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according to research from Newzoo. However, "due to the Buy Animal Crossing Bells Mario Kart Tour Fall 2019 release, Nintendo of moving the pipe is empty," a mobile gaming consultant in Tokyo said. "In a sense, the huge success of Nintendo's host reduces the need for, and to devote resources to the pressure to move."

Most of the world's number one mobile games freemium model, where the game is free, but players are pushed to upgrade weapons or powerful, flowers in advance. This approach is under scrutiny in the future with regulators to ban the exploitation of free value-added mechanism to force the player to win. In Japan in particular, Gacha - lottery system, in which players score rare loot want to pay - to invite controversy, because of its addictive ways.

They fear it will damage their brand equity franchise, Nintendo requires its mobile development partners not to force players to spend a lot of game, to be determined according to these private companies, and people who do not want the matter. Nintendo spokesman declined to comment.

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