That way, in Spring they can update the store with likely a lot of new furniture Do blog de Megaomgchen

December is Christmas. January is new calendar year. February is valentine's. We've got a whole lot of forthcoming holidays with Animal Crossing Items special characters.February may also have that 1 festival with Pavé! I adored Pavé furniture in new leaf.Iirc Pavé was one of those characters that popped up when they declared the other festivals would be in updates back in March (Pavé, Jack, Franklin, and Jingle

That way, in Spring they can update the store with likely a lot of new furniture, (because they prefer to create certain furniture exclusive to store updates ) and likely more seasonal furniture and state now we only gave you the other years worth of furniture content. Particularly if the next store update has Gracie and the exclusive Gracie furniture which was sold seasonally.

Then, that store update will have its own seasonal decorations and more variety of seasonal furniture, and we'll have to spend a year using that type of the shop, until they update it , if it is not the last upgrade.

Fundamentally, I think they want us to invest more time together with the different versions of the shop than we'd have in previous matches, because if you look at previous games you'll see that we did not spend that much time using specific store updates, until they upgraded again.

I think it sucks too, I urgently want another shop upgrade, because the furniture is dull and I have seen the same stuff constantly that Nook Miles Ticket For Sale I do not even buy much in there anymore. But I'm not expecting one before Spring and I'll be amazed if it comes before that.

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