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In May 17th, Ms. Luo complained to reporters that the Dior package she bought for 3600 dollars was broken three times in Chengdu. The Hot Sale Dior Bag was bought from the duty free shop in Xinluo when she traveled to Korea. Just 3 times, the metal will fall off?

China Economic Network reporter calls Dior China official, the other party replies, has received Ms. Luo's message and reported to Dior headquarters, the matter is being resolved, any news will inform Ms. Luo in time, as to the cause of damage is not yet known.

In late April, Ms. Luo took part in a five-day tour in South Korea, during which time, under the guidance of a tour guide, she spent $3,600 on a long-cherished Dior bag at a tax-free shop in Xinluo. Because the goods in the duty-free shop are not Korean native products, Ms. Luo got her beloved Dior bag on the day of boarding and returning home. Ms. Luo said that since Dior bags are expensive and often not very good at unit backs, they were carried twice before May 10. At noon on May 10, Ms. Luo finished her lunch to go back to work. When she came downstairs, Fake Dior Bag Online suddenly slipped off her shoulder. Looking carefully, one of the metal buckles on her shoulder strap fell off. She tried to install the metal buttons back, but she did not walk two times and broke again. Ms. Luo went straight to Chengdu renhang's Dior counters. "The counter sales reducts the metal buckle twice and then pulls it out easily. Then he takes the shoulder off and says it can't be used anymore. He also helps me pack it back in my bag for fear of losing it. Sales asked the purchase address and said they were not responsible for what the duty-free shop bought. Let me contact the duty-free shop myself. Ms. Luo said. After that, Ms. Luo first contacted the customer service of Sino-Luo duty-free shop, but the other side said that she would contact the salesman of the big store and let Ms. Luo wait for a day or two. Ms. Luo also contacted Dior official customer service, but customer service said they were not responsible for overseas sales and could only help communicate.

"It's sad that the Replica Christian Dior Bags purchased by Korean duty-free shops are rotten when they are brought back. Sino-Luo duty-free shops and Dior's official website have been calling me to wait for what to do?" Mrs. Luo is crying. The industry believes that luxury goods are expensive, but they can not guarantee their quality, which is regrettable. In the previous wave of "Hermes" package fraud, even the counter can not identify the true or Fake Hermes Package. I wonder if it tells the Chinese people that Chinese factories are fully capable of producing world-class products, or that the world's high-end product quality is just like this?

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