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Adrenal Fatigue & Its Symptoms Health Articles | March 29 [url=]Jesse Lingard Manchester United Shirt[/url] , 2016

Many people have little knowledge about adrenal fatigue, which has become quite common nowadays because of the stressful daily routines we follow. Here are some of the major symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal glands are a vital part of our body and these functions to keep us fresh, focused and provide a support to energy levels of our body all through the day. The adrenal glands might stop working properly, when they have to constantly produce high levels of cortisol.

Stress hormones are immediately produced by adrenal glands whenever they get signals from a wide range of stressors each day. Our adrenal glands start working due to various physical and psychological reasons such as emotional stress, stressful work hours [url=]Chris Smalling Manchester United Shirt[/url] , family responsibilities, financial problems, relationship issues, extreme dieting and lack of proper sleep.

After the adrenal glands become active, they start generating different hormones like cortisol and adrenaline in small and required amount. This affects our body’s short-term response to stress and minimises the ability of glands to produce and balance other hormones such as testosterone [url=]Anthony Martial Manchester United Shirt[/url] , DHEA and progesterone. It’s important to note that these hormones are considered as quite important for our overall health.

How Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue Develop

Symptoms of Adrenal glands’ imbalance are usually a warning sent by our body that it is not being delivered the support it requires to function effectively. Actually, adrenal fatigue has no direct relation with the symptoms, but expert doctors can find a unique pattern after considering different types of factors. You need to find out with the help of an expert doctor, if these developments have a pattern or not.

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

Here are the common signs and symptoms that are linked with adrenal fatigue.

Low stamina, drop in energy levels [url=]David de Gea Manchester United Shirt[/url] , current fatigue problem, anxiety, lack of desire to get up from the bed, feeling tired all the time, having weird feelings. Fluctuation in weight [url=]Blank Manchester United Shirt[/url] , a person develops a strong crave for food, abnormal weight gain in your body’s thigh area and abdomen region. You’ll develop a strong craving and desire for salty and sugary food items. Fluctuation of blood pressure between high and low. You’ll feel light headed due to low blood pressure. Sleep problems, waking up multiple times at night, difficult to fall asleep. Sometimes you might have a good sleep, but wake up feeling completely exhausted. Adverse affects on immune system and you may become prone to infections. Your body will take more time while recovering from various illnesses and infections. Feeling overwhelmed most of the time [url=]Sergio Romero Shirt[/url] , emotional outburst and failure to cope up with different issues, and you might also find it difficult to deal with stress. Anxiety, problem to work, and bad thoughts. Feeling foggy, problem in staying focused on work [url=]Diogo Dalot Shirt[/url] , fuzzy thoughts. Perimenopause symptoms can become worse, changes in libido and hormones, low libido and decrease in sex drive.

Always keep in mind, adrenal fatigue can be cured with early diagnosis and effective medication.

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