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Make sure you're stretching when you exercise.  GlucoShield Review This keeps your muscles limber for exercise and also keeps them healthier later on. Finally, certain things are just good practice for a healthy lifestyle. Park far from the door when you go to the store and walk from the other end of the parking lot. Take the stairs. Do some vigorous house cleaning or yard work. Staying active will make you feel better, physically and mentally.

I can remember sitting in church on Sunday with the pastor speaking about the Water of Life. All I could think about was my own dry mouth and thirst. A day before I found out I had diabetes I went to Knott's Berry Farm in California where I was living at the time. I bought three peppermint sticks and ate all three of them. The next day I had a doctor appointment to find out the reason for my thirst and itching. I will always remember when I was first told that I had diabetes. I was 17 years old.

I was admitted to a hospital and stayed for three days. I didn't mind being in the hospital. I liked being waited on. Then I was sent home with very little training or education on diabetes. When I got home I was very nervous and scared trying to give myself insulin shots. I thought to myself I am not going to be able to do this. I went back to the doctor and told him I just couldn't give myself shots. Now, I really liked this doctor. He was very kind, plus young and good looking. So he said we would just try insulin pills.

That worked for a few years. I was pretty good at being careful about what I ate. Then I started a friendship with twin girls from my church. They were my age and both were diabetics on insulin shots. For some reason they ate everything I was supposed to stay away from. So guess what. I thought if they can eat everything they wanted, so could I. My biggest downfall was eating apple fritters. They were sweet, warm, and greasy and oh so good. Boy did I ever love them. I don't touch them now.

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