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When it comes to weight loss, there are so many  15 Minute Weight Loss Review  schemes out there that take advantage of people. The latest Acai Berry craze is the one thing that really got me going - the whole Acai products are just crazily over-hyped. If you really want to lose weight, you just take it back to the basics. And what can be more basic than walking off those pounds? In this article I talk to you about quick and easy ways you can take advantage of your two feet to shift those pounds and feel much better for it!

Walking is actually GREAT for losing weight

Studies have shown that you don't need to raise your heart rate beyond 50-60% of your max to be in what's called the "fat burning zone". When you're in this fat burning zone your body is at the prime point for fat burning whilst retaining lean muscle mass. Even if you're a lady and muscle mass isn't your primary objective, you don't want to lose muscle, because this will make your body fat percentage increase.

Walking is perfect because a brisk walk puts you perfectly into this fat burning zone. Which means you'll be burning calories and kickstarting your metabolism but won't be jeopardizing muscle mass!

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