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If you're playing in EoC, then you shouldn't have to RuneScape gold use protection prayers all this much. The healing skills - Rejuvenate, Guthix's Blessing, Ice Asylum in addition to Regenerate coupled with some inexpensive food is usually good enough. Do not bother wasting money on these if you don't plan on utilizing Soul Split, Turmoil, or even the Zealot boosted regular prayers.

Wow I didn't know that Dragonrider was crashing so challenging. Crossbows are still good, but I can't think of a decent ranged 60 crossbow except the dragon crossbow that is 12m. I second the above post (I can't call him Rene.) In that it is not really worth buying more melee weapons than you already have. Exploiting a monster's specific weakness is a +15% accuracy boost, so it is useful but not much against weak creatures.

The God Staff will be your cheapest solution for 60 magic, and it is pretty great as well. There is some grifolic equipment that is economical to go with it. The Master Wand in the Mage Arena is fairly pricey. You might as well take advantage of the magic certain flaws as you simply need to change charm and not weapon. Prayer pots are good for monsters you've got a tough time with. But while the above post states, you may use the healing abilities rather than them usually. Also, but you should not use prayer everywhere simply to spend less and it is not necessary.

Hello men, So not sure if there's still people hanging around who know me, but that's mostly irrelevant. So I used to be a very long time participant, but I retired forever just shy of 3 years ago. I am interested now in making a slight return, looking for a game to fool around in while I'm not too busy and also to buy OSRS gold fill the gaps in time.
Tithe Farm can be a rewarding Farming minigame in Old School RuneScape. If you've ever done Farming before, you'll know that there's a lot of waiting involved. Enough OSRS Gold will make you progress faster.

The proper way to reach this minigame is to apply the minigame teleport system. You can also relocate your property to the Hosidius house for around 9,000 gold. There are many OSRS Gold For Sale on the Internet if you want to buy some OSRS gold. If you've never been to Kourend before, it is possible to speak to Veos at Port Sarim and explore the country. To get involved in this minigame, you will require at least level 34 Farming and are able to plant Golovanova seeds. To maximize the event, being level 74 is good, but this can be the only real active approach to train Farming regardless.

To start out with, you will be at the Farmers House, the location where the purple icon is positioned. Pick the highest volume of available seeds in the table. You'll get a couple of 100 seeds: that’s the maximum it is possible to carry. You can plant your seeds absolutely anywhere unless there exists a dead plant already there. After planting your seed, you should have to water it thrice, each which consists of your own growth cycle. The total time for plant growth for approximately 3 minutes. If you do not water a plant prior to the end of their growth cycle: it'll die, plus you've got wasted a seed.

Once a plant has fully grown, you'll want to harvest it. If you delay the harvest process, the guarana plant will also effectively die in the same way if you never watered it. You must then deposit any harvested fruit in the sack with the eastern side of Tithe Farm. If it is not enough, you can Buy OSRS Gold. For each fruit you deposit following the 74th, you may additionally gain one point it is possible to spend in the rewards shop.

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Some motives: Water runes are used for blitz/barrage that's very well known in p2p. Not many men and women craft them, and they are not a frequent drop from monsters. A lot of creatures drop fire runes in massive amounts. Mind runes are comparatively useless. Also keep in mind that air runes would be the runes that pop up in standard-spellbook charms the most frequently. Body runes are so cheap because they're near useless, except for RS gold cheap levelling. Earth runes are used in the Vengeance spell 10 at a time, and this charm is over p2p pking.

I haven't played in like a year, but from memory, the fastest way to earn a living from combat in f2p is by collecting big bones, which gives you maybe 30k an hour? There are not really any high-level NPCs to kill that give rewarding drops. Lesser demons would give possibly 10-15k an hour. So the F2P participant would spend about 3 hours making 100k from battle drops.

The P2P participant has a much larger collection of alternatives. They can collect dragon bones out of plants and make perhaps 100k an hour. Or they could join teams and search the KQ, KBD, GWD supervisors etc and hope to get lucky with a drop value 1m+. I'm sure there are thousands of new ways to make money as well using battle in p2p. In the time it took the f2p player to generate 100k, the p2p participant could likely make 300k.

Try soloing a few of those high level NPCs in buy OSRS gold
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My own experience with RuneScape started about six years ago before I joined Jagex in 2014. Many years later, it still receives great attention from my friends and colleagues. It turns out that the game has undergone some transformative changes in recent years and has grown again. At the same time, I am very grateful to RSGOLDB2C for your support. He is my best partner. I can Buy RS Gold here at a very low price, which helps me save a lot of time.

The game attracted me into a weird and whimsical world, and I wanted more. After meeting with some of the Jagex teams at GamesCom and then joining the company, I learned how RuneScape established a fascinating position in gaming history. Over the past 20 years, Jagex created a $1 billion franchise and defined the meaning of real-life games-well before terms such as "real-time services" became popular.

A few days after joining the company, I was lucky enough to participate in RuneFest. This is our annual fan meeting, RuneScape and Old School RuneScape (the nostalgic 2007 version, suitable for players who like daily experience) will gather together for a party, meet friends and clan members and join J-mods (Jagex employees), check the latest Announcements and presentations, look for hidden penguins, and usually have a great time. For me, this is not just a great introduction, it also drives how the success of the franchise can be improved by being outside the game itself. Players shared their experiences and asked me about my situation. I met people who are still in contact today and have met several times on RuneFest since then.

RuneFest is a truly non-gaming experience. For me, RuneFest is one of the basic pillars of making life games and can be seen in other hugely successful franchises such as MineCon for Minecraft or Halo Fest for Halo. Hobbies become a way of life, and the connection between players and game producers becomes a strong bond. There are also currency stores like RSGOLDB2C, where players Buy RS3 Gold or sell their loot to better optimize their needs, which is great.
RuneScape has been running stably for almost 20 years. This is a surprising number. This excellent MMOROG game is still outstanding, its 2019 set a record level. The mobile version has made a huge contribution. but all of these tell the game that the game attracted more than one million paying users in 2019. RuneScape developer Jagex said that this game, or the game duo that makes up the modern RuneScape brand, broke a new subscriber milestone in 2019 after nearly two decades of launch in the online world. As a partner of Runescape, RSGOLDB2C has been committed to promoting the spread of Runescape. Any Runescape player can Buy OSRS Gold in our store. We provide players with the most convenient service.

The old school RuneScape's number of daily active players in 2019 reached the highest level ever. The mobile version has been installed more than 8 million times. 2019 also marks the "highest number of members in history" for the series-although every day may be a new highest number of members in history unless the old account is constantly deleted.

Through the official tracking report of the number of players, the number of players in different versions can be divided in detail through tools. OSRS still has a large number of active players every day and its lead has soared after the mobile version was released, while the number of standard RuneScape was basically the same in 2019. (It's worth noting that players anecdotally report that there are more robots in OSRS.)

All of this is a good reminder that although MMORPG is gradually fading out of people's vision, some of the oldest genres still perform strongly. The Jagex leadership stat in the press release that RuneScape’s success has led the company to its most successful year so far, driven by the core game community and the joining of many new employees including senior leaders during 2019. We are very pleased that Runescape has achieved such an outstanding achievement, and RSGOLDB2C is constantly improving. Players who Buy OSRS Gold in our store will be able to feel our progress.
The Dutch independent boy group Sokpop often makes MMOs by themselves. However, this time, they attracted this boutique video game site by nickname two-thirds. The Rock Paper Sock released earlier this week is a deconstruction of Old School Runescape. It uses three simple weapons (a rock, a piece of paper, and a pair of scissors) to dig swords and witchcraft. This is really interesting and worth trying. If you want to Buy Runescape Gold, RSGOLDB2C is also worth trying.

Jumping blindly, to my surprise, Jagex’s ancient browser MMO has entered the latest version of Sokpop-from soft isometric landscapes and sheep bones buried for extra XP, to statistics (Rock, Paper and Scissors respectively), and find new worn-out clothes. There were sheep to kill, the fairies dangling on the bridge, RPSock was even covered by the bloody stone circle by evil wizards, which made the trip to Varok a nightmare.

But the real charm is that Sokpop's MMO surprisingly pointed out that Jagex's ancient MMO nailed the nail. Look. The battle of Runescape has always been pants. When blindly throwing dice, apart from the skill number to improve, stab is rarely used, and the decision of slash or stop is meaningless. The obtuse and puzzling angle. Rock Paper Sock is actually a game of rock, paper, scissors-but in a sense, I feel I will be able to control the situation.

I really believe that I will play mind games with this virtual sheep, and I will do my best for it. You don't have a thumb, your ridiculous ungulate. I know you can't cut scissors. Give up before embarrassment. Rock Paper Sock is priced at £2/$3 on or as part of a collective $3 per month Patreon. Now with Sokpop, Sok can put their games on Steam, hoping to appear here in the near future. RSGOLDB2C brings you the latest news about Runescape. You can follow us and Buy Runescape Gold in our store, which is great.
Some of OSRS skills are easier to maximize than others. Some will require you to use most of OSRS Gold to reach the top. Compared with the more difficult skills that take hundreds of hours to complete, other goals can be achieved easily. Or you can consider Buy RS3 Gold at RSGOLDB2C, which can also help you achieve your goals quickly, and the price is very affordable, which can save you a lot of time.


Prayer is one of the fastest skills that can be used. This is because you can use multiple methods to get a lot of XP boosts. For example, you can provide bones for the altar to get a high XP rate. This task can be completed on a gilded altar or a chaotic altar. Clicking on the bone during the product launch will get twice the XP of AFK, so you should focus on the former as much as possible.

To reach the prayer in the fastest time, you will need to use the Dagannos bone until you reach level 70. Once you reach this level, you can unlock the advanced keel, which will take you to level 99. This takes about 10 hours and costs about 210M gold. There are other feasible ways to use dragon heads and troll heads. However, this technique takes three times the time, so it is best to stick to the bone method.


This is the fastest skill to reach level 99. It is also cost-effective if you do it in the right way. The method is so fast that Youtuber successfully reached level 99 within 3 hours this year!

The cost of reaching level 99 in Fletching costs approximately 120 million gold coins. The art of fletching darts is an effective method that allows you to quickly upgrade your character. By going from bronze arrows to dragon darts, you can reach level 99 for this special fee. Or, you can save more OSRS Gold by filling up Mythril Darts. This method will cost about 51 million gold and will take about 7 hours to complete.

These are the fastest skills that can reach level 99. Most of them will not have much impact on your Old School RuneScape Gold. There are other skills that should not be too burdensome for you. However, prioritizing those listed above will allow you to reach the highest level faster than anyone else. If you choose those skills that require a lot of costs, you can also Buy OSRS Gold at RSGOLDB2C to improve your efficiency and let you reach level 99 in the fastest way.
Begin to feel that all game developers everywhere are carrying the breath of summer. We have already introduced you to Tera's summer activities earlier today. Every year, Runescape's summer activities make players look forward to it. All you need is to prepare enough RS Gold to cope with the expenses in the activities. Generally, the rewards of these activities are very rich but at the same time, the cost is also very amazing. You can choose RSGOLDB2C, Buy Runescape Gold, at a very low price, which will be able to bring you the best gaming experience, a very good value choice.

just now? We are heading to Runescape, where the Lumbridge crater has become a hot summer resort. From now until August 10th, players will be able to perform several activities, including sandcastle building, beach bowls, and even barbecue. Just pay attention to the temperature, because if the temperature is too high, you need to cool down before performing other operations.

If this is not good news and new content for you, then we do have more. On July 27th, the next mission in the ancient God storyline will be available. In order to try the desperate measure task, the player needs to complete the desperate time and meet the level requirements: 75 combat, 50 archaeology, and 50 agility.

Jagex made some adjustments to the account security of the mobile version of the game. They also brought Cerberus back-this time it was a pet. For more comprehensive content, you can find the information you need on the official website of Runescape, follow RSGOLDB2C, we are an RS Gold dealer, Buy RS Gold in our store, Affordable prices, exclusive customer service, secure transactions, and provide you with the perfect service.
The Summer Beach Party will be held from July 20 to August 10, 2020. This event is very attractive. It is worth paying attention to players. If you have any items you need, you can buy them. Buy OSRS Gold at RSGOLDB2C will greatly improve your efficiency.

In this activity, players can participate in some interesting activities, such as beach ball rolling, sandcastle construction, shy coconuts, big smoke barbecue, and dungeon holes. Every 15 minutes, a different activity will take place. Players who join in the spotlight will gain an additional 10% experience. The full temperature table on the left side of the screen indicates how close the player is to the daily experience limit. You will have 3 chances to eat ice cream every day and you can top up three times. On the weekend, the temperature will soar and generate a heatwave that will continue from noon on Friday to noon on Monday. In the heatwave, even if the thermometer is full, the player can maintain his skills.

What can you get at a summer beach party?

During this RS Summer Beach Party 2020, some unique rewards will be provided. You will have access to new costumes, a cute matching pet, Shade Thrower rest animation, and three new checkerboard designs. In addition, there will be some weapon replacements, including level wands and bucket orbs, Trident of the Neptune Summoner, and shark bait spear.

Join RS Summer Beach Party 2020 and get these rewards! In addition,  You can also replace these items with RS Gold. The website recycles Runescape Gold in the hands of players. You can convert your game gold into cash, which is great. We are the best partner of Runescape, you can also Buy RS3 Gold in our store.
There are many ways to make OSRS work, but there are many tips to help. There are many different skills in Old School Runescape, some of which can make money. Of course, how to upgrade these skills depends entirely on the skills you want to upgrade, but some people can earn more OSRS gold medals than others. If you don’t want to spend too much time earning OSRS Gold, you can also choose to Buy OSRS Gold, which is much simpler and more convenient.

Rune making

The art of rune crafting will allow you to make runes that can be used to cast magic. Although the upgrade takes a long time, it is undoubtedly a profitable skill. You can take advantage of some advanced runes, so make sure to take some time to upgrade RuneCrafting.

The reason why you should invest time is that the profit you earn depends on your rune craft skill level. This will also depend on the exchange rate of the major exchanges, so please keep this in mind. If you have reached the rune level 91, you may see about 1.1k of gold per hour, and when you reach level 99, you can reach 1.25k per hour.


If you want to try theft, then first you need to make sure you have a membership, because this is a member-only skill. Once you can do it, you can use methods such as picking up locks, pickpocketing NPCs, and stealing things from stalls.

The best way to thieves is with the master farmer. This will require you to reach level 38 skills and reach the upper limit of level 95. If you have complete Rogue equipment and have passed level 50 thieves, you can hit 300k of gold every hour. You can find the farmer master in the agricultural association, or go to Varrock or Hosidius to get started.


You can earn something by doing something through Mining. Essentially, it allows you to obtain hands-on gems and ores from rocks, which can then be sold for profit. This is one of the most common ways to use skills to earn a gold medal, simply because you can make so much money.

If you want to mine Runite ore, you can earn more than 700,000 per hour. This will depend on the current price of the major exchanges and the speed at which you can find the relevant Runite ore.

These are all good ways for you to earn coins through your skills. Some are even more convenient, because you can perform in the AFK, and in some cases, you can even quit the game to make money. On sites like RSGOLDB2C, you can not only Buy RS3 Gold, but you can also sell your excess gold to them in exchange for cash.
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