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The ocean in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" was once the most mysterious place at the time of the game's release. The hidden depth is only hinted by the outline of the submerged rocks and is guaranteed by various fish scale specimens found near the shallow shore. Diversity of life. It wasn’t until July 3, when Nintendo’s summer renewal swept through the walls, that we sought out, the sandy toes and our thick tub exploration opened the ocean.

Animal Crossing's summer update introduces swimming into the game, and this is the right time. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' relaxing island life is one of the best ways to realize the ordinary summer vacation fantasy. This is a relaxing game in which nothing really bad happens. When we began to be bound by our coastline, the game unfolded another layer, allowing us to jump into the sea and dive into the bottom. Your snorkeling mask will be mailed to you automatically-it is not needed for diving, but it still looks appropriate anyway. Then, you must go to the Nook twins' head office or residents' service department to purchase wetsuits in various colors and patterns. If you are missing materials, you can Buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells at ACBellsBuy, which is very convenient.

The dress-up party is fun, then the real swim. To do this, you have to run to any point on the island bordering the ocean, then press A to jump in-from the pier or one of the outcropping rocks, your character will bounce in, and from the beach, they will do more sliding, Dazzling movement to dabble. All you need to do is hold A and swipe left to indicate yourself until the game can move you forward. Sometimes, you will see a series of bubbles rising from the depths-swim deep, dive with Y, and collect any fabulous marine life hidden here, from anemones to octopuses to mantis shrimp. It is also easy to make money when Nook's Cranny sells these things. Underwater creatures are everywhere, and they will not even disappear, just like fish and insects, even if you have to dive a few times for them.

Sometimes, swimming itself makes sense, when you swing up and down in the waves, floating in the cool embrace of surfing, unable to touch in time, the rest of the world will only happen around you. This update provides players with more ways to play. In ACBellsBuy, players can Buy Animal Crossing Items at a very affordable price, you can have great gaming experience.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons July will update a lot of new bugs on your island, let us follow ACBellsBuy to see what new content is available, or Buy Animal Crossing Bells in our store.

Little animals found on the tree

Saw Deer: Available on any tree all day.
Scarab: Open from 11 pm to 8 am and can be found on any tree.
Brown Cicada: From 8 am to 5 pm, it can be used on any tree.
Robust cicada: Any tree can be used between 8 am and 5 pm.
Evening cicadas: open from 4 am to 8 am and 4 pm to 7 pm.
Big cicada: Any tree can be used between 8 am and 5 pm.
Miyama Bucks: Can be used on any tree throughout the day.
Giant Bucks: Available from 11 pm to 8 am on any tree.
Angular dynamics: any tree can be used from 5 pm to 8 am
Walking stick: available from 4 am – 8 am and 5 pm – 7 pm

Small animals found on the ground

You will now find grasshoppers bouncing on your island from 8 am to 5 pm.
The boring dung beetle was found all day.

Small animals found on palm trees

Horned Hercules: Available from 5 pm to 8 am on palm trees.
Horn Elephant: Available from 5 pm to 8 am on palm trees.
Angular Atlas: Available from 5 pm to 8 am on palm trees.
Blue Elephant Beetle: Available all day on palm trees.
Golden Deer: Open from 5 pm to 8 am on palm trees.
Cyclommatus Bucks: Available from 5 pm to 8 am on palm trees.
Giraffe stags: open on palm trees from 5 pm to 8 am.

Small animals disguised as leaves

Walking blades can be found around your island throughout the day. These may look like leaves, but they are sneaky bugs. If you walk on it, you will notice one because it will flip and escape-just like some shells on the beach are hermit crabs.

Of course, there are also new fish that can be netted. From giant blue marlin to small pufferfish, please visit this page to learn about all new fish friends visiting the waters of your island.

With all these beetles, you may produce more common beetles on the trees, so to counteract this, you can just plant more trees! You can have more opportunities to encounter different errors instead of repeatedly encountering the same error.

Now it's time to buy some mosquito nets and fishing rods in bulk, you will be busy for a while. If the materials are insufficient, Buy Animal Crossing Bells at ACBellsBuy will be able to help you solve your problem.
C.J.'s turn is up to him, and now Flick is up. It's time for the first bug in "Animal Hybridization: New Horizons" to celebrate the insects sharing the island with us and the Gothic lizards who love them. Bug Off starts today (June 27) at 9:00 am, although Flick can be seen hanging around the island until then. It runs until 6:00 PM, so please make sure you get all the prizes and rewards before then.

Bug Off operates the same way as Fish Tourney since then. You can go to Flick in the city center to discuss and start your journey-your first entry is free, after which you need to pay 500 bells. Buy Nook Miles Tickets at ACBellsBuy will help you quickly make the game progress and gain more gaming experience, which is very cost-effective.

After talking to him, you have 3 minutes to rush around and catch as many errors as possible. You will get 1 point for every error you catch, if you catch more than 3, you will get 1 reward. The bugs you caught are stored in Flick's cage, and you can sell them at his increased price.

After the end of each round, you will have the opportunity to use the accumulated points for prizes, each with 10 points. You will also mail you trophies for every 100 points-100 bronze medals, 200 silver medals, and 300 gold medals.

These are the foundations! I know that I am looking for that handmade insect cage, which looks like the one next to Flick on the square. Remember to check all common spots, and pay attention to the surrounding of the flower, so as not to scare the little reptiles. Compared with fishing competitions, I have a hard time getting high scores, but it is. The lack of bait makes cheese harder.

If you want to win a trophy, unless you meet some friends, you will have a difficult time. Recruiting some additional people to accompany you can improve your score, so if you want to get a quick return, I suggest you do it. Not all players like intense games. You have other ways to get ACNH Bells. Buy ACNH Bells at may be a good way.
When the Animal Crossing: New Horizons community learned that hackers had released Raymonds to fight the black market greed, the response was overwhelming.

PokeNinja, the generous soul behind this project, couldn't keep up with the pace of all the people who asked if they could also raise a free gray cat in the game. For the first time, PokeNinja used the black version of the game to attract villagers to give away to other players. The method he uses is time-consuming and cannot be extended to meet the huge demand. But when PokeNinja read the mail in the flooded inbox, he found that he was not the only one who wanted to resist the growing toxicity caused by animals crossing the economy.  Now, Buy Animal Crossing Bells at at a very low price. The activities of these stores are very affordable at the moment.

Some fans want to learn how to hack their games, so they can also give back bigger animals to cross the community. Others who have reached out have already known how to intervene in their copy of the game and hope to join it. In late May, PokeNinja began to consider expansion. He talked to about 20 potential candidates and began drafting the idea of ​​a group he called a "village haven". The idea is simple but ambitious: provide any potential player with an easy way for villagers to realize their dreams for free.

So far, more than 3,000 people have joined Discord. The team had hoped that it would bear a high load during the launch, but so far, there are no obstacles to the launch. PokeNinja said: "The most challenging part is to bring expectations to the community that we don't have time to return to them." Every request will be recorded, but you may need to wait a bit to get the villagers. People are not told where they are in the queue, they just tell them to be a little patient, because real people work hard behind the scenes to make everything happen.

PokeNinja said that at this point, this group is no longer just a "hacker", it is becoming a community where people are using various methods to find villagers of other players, whether it is an extensive amiibo collection or the old-fashioned Mystery. Island search. Big enough, people can't help but ask, despite their generosity, will this effort begin to attract Nintendo's attention. But PokeNinja is not worried. Players do not need to challenge with their account, Buy Nook Miles Tickets at will be a safer option.
Do you have any love for Metal Gear? This is some code, so you can recreate the shadow Moses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

There are many things in common between Metal Gear Solid and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In both games, players are sent to an island, whose sole task is to control all industries and establish a legal form of government, while trying to capture giant robots. The only real difference is that Metal Gear Solid has more guns and Animal Crossing Bells than Animal Crossing.

Okay, this is a bit troublesome, but if you want to express your love for Metal Gear in New Horizons, then you have come to the right place. We provide some QR codes to make you look like your favorite "Metal Gear" characters, including "Big Boss", "Revolver Leopard Cat" and the elusive "Grey Fox".

Take over your island with the powerful psychological controller Psycho Mantis. Thankfully, you don't need to use the controller of the second player to enter this QR code. Man, if there is no one of them, it is really painful.

Wearing this fashionable costume, became a gray fox (commonly known as Frank Jaeger). Please note that the custom design of the Grey Fox helmet is actually not a helmet design and should be applied directly to your avatar. Before becoming Boss, he was a naked snake in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. This kind of sports shoes can change the color at will in the actual game, but it is more fixed in Animal Crossing. It also includes custom designs for headscarves.

We got quite a list of characters from the "Metal Gear" series, from the iconic original "Metal Gear" to "Metal Gear 5: Phantom Pain". This time, the naked snake is more like an olive camouflage, just in case you want to sneak through the bushy canopy of the island.

Want to declare your independence and resurrect the Outer Harbour? Waving the flag on your animal crossing the island. We do not guarantee that the US government will not send rookie agents who are actually legendary soldier clones to frustrate your conspiracy to undermine secret clique control and secretly control all aspects of modern life.

Even though Nook miles Ticket can make us more proficient in the game, there is still no guarantee whether you will be affected when waving the national flag.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not entirely harmonious and beautiful content. Since the launch of the game, the popular Switch game has a booming villager trading market. Players have been trying to sell or buy the more popular villagers in the series at the price of in-game currency, and sometimes even real currency.

In the current trading market, Ozzie, Dom, Audie, and Raymond are loved by players. While searching for eBay, we found someone selling what looks like Raymond for £35. Other sites, including Nookazon and NookMarket, have also appeared, and they are dedicated to selling animal crossing items for sale with bells (currency in the game). It is unclear whether this is something Nintendo wants to stop. But at present, it can be determined that a large number of players need to exist in the trading market because not every player can spend all their time in the game. By Buy ACNH Items on a website like, it is very economical and helps the player Save a lot of time.

A Nintendo spokesperson revealed that they understand the villagers’ trading market and also understand the village’s trading needs. The spokesman said: "From today, we will begin to deal with animal crossing real money transactions (RMT). The spokesman accused the sale of villagers and items appearing in the game to make money and pointed out that these actions actually violated Nintendo’s terms and conditions.

According to News, players who continue to try to sell villagers and items for real money will be punished. In one case, someone tried to sell the popular sheep villager Tang. In Japan, Dom sells for about 5,000 yen (about 37 pounds). But Buy Animal Crossing Bells in the regular ACBellsBuy store, you will not have to worry about being banned, we will provide you with the most affordable price and the safest service.
Animal crossing: New Horizons is a playground you can imagine, especially when you are moving far enough to unlock the terrain. If you buy Nook miles Ticket from Nook ’s Cranny warehouse, make full use of craftsmanship, and group villagers ’houses and trees together, you can create enough open space to build anything you need. Anything, including the cutest music festival of all time: Nook Fest 2020.

The first thing you want to sort is the stage area. Considering that it is located on an island, the beach may be the best option, although you can also set up a raised platform in the middle of the open space. In the attraction section, we will introduce how to make the most of the raised cliffs on the island, so you must check this section for more information.

The East-West stage has more crowd space, but also occupies a lot of island space, while the South Bank stage has a smaller area but is more tidy. We chose the southern stage and imagined that the crowd might just be on a private yacht at sea. No matter where you place the stage, everything here can be used, whether it is east, west, south, or near the beach or on the cliff.

On the cliff, simply cultivating the land is enough to form a physical stage. But on the beach, you will need a dining table, lighting, speakers and dividers are essential, and musical instruments are also necessary, but this is your island, so if you want to be random, then be random.

In order to isolate the rest of the beach, we prepared a bamboo partition. Bamboo speakers and bamboo spotlights. You need to use Animal Crossing Bells first, then find Bamboo Island, and continue to harvest bamboo recipes that can be unlocked. You can also find wood, iron and fruit recipes, so rest assured.

Go to the Nook store every day to try and find as many instruments as possible. We have added rock guitars, amplifiers and street pianos to a certain extent. To buy a street piano, you first need an ordinary piano, a recipe and a painting set. You can also unlock drum kits, gongs, marimba and add more styles as needed.

If the villagers have their own musical instruments (such as Katt on our island), they can send them gifts and make them spam, and sometimes they will throw the remaining things into the recycling box of the resident service. All instruments in the game can be played, so if you bring a group of friends together, you can even form a team. If you do n’t want to be so troublesome, you can also choose to go to Buy Animal Crossing Bells on the website, and use these bells in exchange for the instruments you want, which will be much more convenient.
In the worst case scenario, the straw market may be the most tense mechanism for animal crossing new horizons. You need to record the price on the website twice a day, in order to ensure that the calculator can provide you with an accurate forecast for that week. If you don't do this, you will always have to find friends who are better than your price.

In addition to what I have written before, the standards for radish sales have become ridiculous. Social media can always see the incredible price of 500 bells or more, which makes you feel that the price you sell is too low. Therefore, not only do you not have to worry about your price, but you are constantly wondering: Yes,but can I still Buy Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket?

If you do find "more", guess what, and others may also see it. When people flock to their good friends at the high prices of the week, the whole island will be full of pressure. If you get involved, there is pressure to keep the game paused for others to join. But maybe, you will sit with some warnings, and the game will urge you to close the damn menu, because others are waiting. Even if you are there, give the radish to Timmy and Tommy, the pressure still envelopes you. It doesn't matter, if you bought multiple bundles of radishes that week, then you have to do it again.

This is not just a psychological thing. Radish also affects the basic animal crossing experience, because if you buy more things, you must store them. Then my room was full of such vegetables, and there was no place for other things. Eventually, I stopped trying.

It sucks all sucks. Knowing the game of the system or knowing nothing about it, even if you finally get a reward, the practice of these radishes will become worse, which will make you feel that you are betraying the cold nature of the series. Of course, no one forced me to play this kind of game, and people will always see how far they can advance the game, even if it is not fun, as long as the number rises somewhere.

But now, I am out. After adding millions of dollars to my wallet, I told myself that's it. In the foreseeable future, there will no longer be radish purchases. The large-scale test took place on Sunday when Daisy Mae appeared to sell her goods at a price of 98 bells. Not bad! I was very moved until I remembered how bad the experience was.

Therefore, radishes are no longer needed. No more worrying, no more tracking numbers, no longer dragging vegetables back and forth in search of profits. Don't wake up like a fool when you get up early on Sunday. I am happy to find that there are indeed many figures that can appease monsters. As long as we have enough bells, we no longer have to worry about the price of the goods. Many players lack of bells. This is not a big problem. We can buy them through the store, so that we will have more time to enjoy the game.At:
To attract some museum experts to join my “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” museum tour, I had to turn my living room into a temporary streaming studio on a recent Friday afternoon. One of them has a copy of the game; the other does not. Therefore, I need to support the computer to capture as much TV as possible.

In the end, I found Nook miles Ticket, three board games (Tokaido, Betrayal of the House on the Mountain, and Gamma World) and a very large artwork about coffee beans. I would not say that this is an elegant solution, but it works to a certain extent. I sat on the side of Joy-Cons, practicing my best tour guide voice.

Two faculty members from the School of Natural Sciences at Drexel University will soon join me. Botanic curator Dr. Richard McCourt called from a home office, which was decorated with humble art and a messy wooden table. His colleague, library assistant Kelsey Manahan-Phelan tried to join me in the game, but due to connection problems, she had to solve it from the video conference in her apartment kitchen.

This setup is troublesome, but I hope that these trained scholars will perform the same review on Blathers, just as he collects fossils, fish, and insects every day. They are happy to fulfill their obligations. Dr. McCourt smiled the first time he saw Brathens’s bow tie.

Before they arrived, I had collected four fossils and planned to donate them to the museum. Manahan-Phelan said that following the operation of the early museums, ordinary people were more likely to be donors. She told me that collectors of 19th-century natural science specimens are usually doctors and pharmacists, and their involvement in curation is a hobby. After retiring or dying, these amateurs will donate their collection to the museum. The museum where she works is like that. She said: “We were founded in 1812. In fact, only a few people in the attic of a pharmacy store got together and said, ‘Hey, we should do this.”

My guests said that these days, non-scientists donate to the Natural History Museum less and less. Even if it is only for a slightly original purpose, the donation will still happen. McCourt said: “We conducted a fossil or specimen roadshow, people brought bugs or fossils, bones or any wild plants into here, we will try to identify them.” “But we are doing educational Things, we will try to emphasize this point. One thing we have to do is try to serve the public in this way. “When Blathers shares information on the samples brought by the players, he will play almost the same role. Museum faculty and staff regard education as an equal effort for research or protection.

He emphasized another reason modern museums discourage individual donations. “Sometimes, you may collect too much knowledge or kill animals to destroy nature.” They prefer clear photos attached to emails, such as the entire tiger skin or a box of bird carcasses. They will not appreciate the 200-pound blue marlin pulled from your island pier, but McCourt still appreciates Blathers’ dedication.

When I pulled out the wasp from my pocket, my guests were disgusted with Blathers. Even the meticulous collection of verified amateurs does not necessarily translate into scientific value. McCourt suggested that anyone with dragonflies and tarantulas should consider emotional value. Nintendo introduced CJ and Flick into the game. The beaver and chameleon partner does exactly this: trade your catch for detailed copies to decorate your house. The things in the museum are of emotional value. Many things are not available to us in the game. If you want to have the same thing in the museum, you can go to the IGGM store buy animal crossing bells to get your own emotional value things.At:
The release of Nintendo Switch hit songs coincides with our collective quarantine time, and the people who keep us happy in terms of music, comedy and athletic ability are spending hours evading reality on their new island. They have been fishing, picking fruits, decorating interiors, and repaying loans to Tom Nook like the rest of us. Some players use Buy ACNH Bells to repay their loans. Therefore, since there is basically no real-life travel, we visited several celebrity islands to see where the magic happens.

In April, the restaurant owner in Los Angeles published his recipe “Trejo’s Taco Recipes and Stories.” Distribute essentials such as food and diapers to Angelinas in need during the pandemic and help feed hospital staff. A documentary about his life-“Prisoner 1: The Rise of Danny Trejo” will be released digitally on July 7.

If we are all known as consumers of pop culture, it is that when Danny Trejo appears on our screen, he will play a recognized villain. He not only played bad guys in movies and TV for decades but also played a tenacious street gangster, survived the nuclear disaster, and in such as “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City”, “Radiation: New Vegas” “Nazi zombies were killed in video games like”. And “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” Trejo said: “I don’t like to shoot people to kill people.” “I did this in the movie, just for the plot.”

It sounds strange, but Danny Trejo and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” paired perfectly. Since the beginning of “New Horizons” in late April (his tweets announced his island surged, forwarding over 39,000 tweets and 253,000 likes and counts), he gradually learned the soft charm of animals traveling through the world. Obviously, when my plane entered Trejo’s airport, in the playful and role-playing spirit of the game, when Danny urgently cut off my question to provide some important information: “Please put your table back in place Upright posture. “

Theo, who is actually Danny’s son, introduced his popular music to the world of “Animal Crossing”, and soon made the new gameplay popular with the public. “Actually I was involved in this matter,” Trejo said. “He said, ‘Hey, you look at this game.’ Then I tried it. The problem is, once you try it, it’s like saying:” Oh, yes, I can make something ... oh, wait a moment, I will pick up these sticks ... No, I have to pick up these oranges. “... Once you start, you will have a lot of things to do! ‘ “Although these are fun for some players, I have to admit that some players will find it time-consuming, but don’t worry, we can also buy items in the store will provide convenience for players who do not want to trouble. Link:
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