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A new feeling is sweeping the enthusiasm of animals across new horizons, but unless you know the right person, you cannot take part. Technically, it cannot be done in the normal way.

The new Horizon Modification scene has been active for some time, and it allows fans who have been invaded by switches to do various things, such as being able to eat tarantulas. Recently, hackers modified the trees to make them appear as if they were sprouting fruits scattered with fragments of stars. However, unlike fruit trees, these sparkling green plants are purely decorative-they are more like money trees, and once they are shaken, they will not grow back into fragments, according to those who own them.

This ability surpasses Animal Crossing Bells: For example, in the leading picture, we can see that the player also has trees with a crystal center of gravity. I saw a screenshot of a mini tree growing inside. However, with its gorgeous aesthetic effects, star fragments have become the most popular type of black cut tree on social media.

The most common way to quote these trees is the black market dissonance. There are many freebies on social media, and people promise to others who share with them and follow their accounts, but these are also likely scams.

Prices also vary by source. Take Twitter users as an example, they said on Twitter they have seen trees anywhere from 200 to 400 miles tickets or even more. However, some people seem to take advantage of this situation and selling trees at real-world prices, each of which sells for at least one dollar or more.

With increasing popularity, there are many misleading messages around these hacked items. For example, people worry that they will destroy your game but there is no actual evidence that this has happened to anyone who owns them. However, since it is practically impossible to get these trees in the base game, it is impossible to judge whether Nintendo will not reset them in future patches, or even take action against those who own them. People who buy trees know this.

A tree owner who has been cutting trees for a few days said: “I know the potential risks, and there is another way to get the props if I want to reduce the risk, and that is to buy them from a safe store. Link:
To complete your Animal Crossing: New Horizons art collection, you need to wait for Redd to travel to your island, browse his merchandise, and see the right side through his recognition technology in order to spend Buy Animal Crossing Bells on the right On the painting. This used to be a rather arduous process, but a new application easily cleared your art collection.

Redd provides more than 40 different artworks. You need to collect 10 pieces to complete the relevant tasks. Redd usually arrives on your island every two weeks, requiring you to play Animal Crossing with high frequency for nearly six months to complete the Nook Miles mission, and it takes two years to complete the collection. Cheating may be your only way to complete the set in time. Who does n’t want all the artwork? Just like the real world museum, you can finally have your own museum tour in Animal Crossing.

If you haven't encountered a cunning fox, please follow our guide on how to unlock Redd to remedy. After unlocking Redd, he will visit your island from time to time to sell his goods. If he is not on your island now, use time travel to advance your clock one day at a time until Redd appears.

 To travel regularly, quit the game and go to the Switch ’s system settings. There, click on the "System" option and then select "Date and Time". Turn off the "Synchronize clock over the Internet" option. Continue to travel for a day until Redd arrives. After Redd appears, check his inventory. You can use our guide to identify real works from fake colleagues. If Redd has what you need, please buy it. Do n’t worry if you do n’t. His visit will not be wasted. Write down the date in the game, then save and immediately exit the title to completely close the game.

Use time travel again to push the time forward one day. Reopen animal crossing: new horizons. Collect art, donate art and do other things at the beginning of a new day. After completing the task, save the game, and then close the software again. Use time travel to return the date Redd appears. Say hello, Redd will have a brand new option. Repeat steps 4 to 8 until you finish the museum or feel the time to travel within the gui.

If you are not interested in developing games, you can get other benefits. Try to fix recurring failures in new projects, such as previous products. If you want to have the props you need, you can visit at: , you can easily repair the fault. You can also walk in hard-to-reach places such as water or roofs. If you are willing to violate the rules, anything is possible.

Many players do not know that they can get a lot of free Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells by planting cash cows in the game. They therefore waste a lot of unnecessary expenses. Players can use Bells to pay for various items such as clothes and furniture that need to be bought. Most patience and responsible friends can do small business in this way to improve the fun of the game.

But one thing players must pay attention to is that when they pick a Nook miles Ticket from a cash cow, the cash cow will become an ordinary tree. But don't worry about the output of cash cows. Players can find out how to do it in the following game guide.

The first step in planting a cash cow is that players need to find some glowing golden dots on the island. Players also need to have at least 10,000 Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket reserves. If the players have insufficient reserves of ACNH Bells, they must deposit these necessary currencies before finding the glowing gold points. From a long-term perspective, this is very useful for players. If the players' ACNH Bells are really not enough, they can firstly choose to plant cash cows with less output. The consequence of this is that the Animal Crossing Bells the player will eventually receive will also decrease.

After doing this, players need to find a fertile land to dig up the places needed to plant cash cows. Then players must follow the process to turn 10,000 Bells into items. Or players can choose a certain number of Bells to put into use, but eventually the cash cow will also produce a corresponding number of ACNH Bells in proportion to the investment. After being converted to an item, you can plant cash cows. Players only need to wait for a few days to see the obvious growth of the cash cow and produce three bags of Bells. Going to the store to Buy Animal Crossing Bells will become unnecessary. The ratio between the number of players invested and the number of outputs was 1: 3. For example, if A invests 5000 Bells, he will eventually get 15000 Bells. As long as this method is used properly, the store will stay away from you.

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New in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" soon sold 3.9 million copies in the Japanese domestic market, making it the best-selling game of Nintendo Switch in history, surpassing the previous record holder Animal Crossing Bells, which is attributed to The majority of loyal players.

According to the monthly sales data provided by Famitsu to, "Animal Crossing" is the best-selling game in Japan in April, with 1.29 million copies sold, and more than a few new versions, including "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" ( Final Fantasy 7 Remake), this version sold 839,000 copies.

Not surprisingly, Nintendo became the top-selling publisher for the fifth consecutive month, transferring 1.6 million games and generating revenue of 9.25 billion yen (US $ 86.4 million). This means that Animal Crossing accounts for four out of every five games sold by platform holders.

It is worth noting that "Pokémon Company" is calculated separately in Japan, with sales of 68,207 games in April. Combined with Nintendo, more than 2 million first-party Switch games were sold in April.

In comparison, Square Enix is ??the second largest publisher, selling 1.03 million games. The arrival of "Final Fantasy 7 Remastered Edition" and "Magic Experiment" has promoted its development, which has helped it generate 8.75 billion yen (81.8 million US dollars) of revenue-this is the second publisher's highest monthly income in five years .

Both Square Enix and Nintendo are far ahead of the third best-selling publisher Capcom, and due to the launch of the Resident Evil 3 remastered version, their circulation has only been reduced by 300,000 units. Nintendo accounted for 38.7% of all game sales, while Square Enix accounted for 36.6%.

A total of 3.6 million games were sold last month. This is a slight decrease from the 4.5 million sold in March, but it is still much higher than in February. Switch accounted for 56.8% of all software sales, of which more than 2 million games were transferred, and 1.5 million for PS4 accounted for 42.4%. Despite the shortage of supplies, Nintendo still dominates hardware sales, as the Switch and Switch Lite sold a total of 314,931 units, of which the standard models were slightly ahead. The console accounts for about 65% of all hardware sales. PS4 only sold 166,150 units, including more than 50,000 PS4 Pro game consoles.

Physical game products generated 37.1 billion yen in April, an increase of 137.8% over the same period last year. Software increased by 186% to 23.9 billion yen, while hardware increased by 82.2% to 13.2 billion yen. Since the strong performance in March, this is the first time in May and June 2018 that both software and hardware have experienced year-on-year growth for two consecutive months.

A big factor in the selling of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is the animal bells in the game. It is an important part of the game. It can be used to buy various props and items to make the game more interesting. If you also want To experience this feeling, go to IGGM,link now!


After the first fishing competition in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I began to dream about sea bass. I dreamed that I would participate in a real fishing competition when I was a kid, but every time I lifted something, no matter what kind, I would shout loudly.

 I caught the most fish in the game, but in the end everyone was so annoyed at me that they refused to give me a bonus. They hate this joke. me too. In new horizons, bass and Animal Crossing Bells are usually common. If you see large shadows in the water, it may be perch. They are everywhere throughout the year. Every time I see a big shadow, I feel excited and wonder if it will be a shark! But every time I am disappointed, the result is perch.

 Nintendo knew this disappointment. Since "Animal Crossing: Wild World", people have been joking about the prevalence of this fish: "I caught the perch! No more! This continues to Animal Crossing: Urban Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaves. New Horizons, Nintendo never gave up! A pun, that's where C + appears.

 New Horizon local writer Rob Heiret (who wrote this joke) is also tired of it. Heiret posted a Twitter topic this weekend to explain the joke. He said that he initially used C for production, but changed during the development process.

 It was pointed out that when people are joking, people will see many, many times, but they are disappointed that they did not capture something better. Perhaps it is best to turn it into positive, Heiret tweeted. "It was replaced by C +."

 Heiret explained that although it seems that they removed the "bass", the joke is still the same, but it still relies on the homophones of Buy Nook miles Ticket and "C" to change your view of animal descriptions.

 His point of view is that Nintendo has been working hard to create new horizons, "become the most positive, comfortable and fun game we can do", and even the sea bass joke that tortures players. And it does. I mean, if they are different, the game will not be the same, right?


The whole world is playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. Many players have already settled down on the new island. Although this game is very focused on hand-made, but as players gradually go deeper into the game, Animal Crossing Bells is the most in-game currency. So how can we get ACNH Bells quickly and more?

By reading the following content, players can know which quick ways to make money. Make money quickly to be independent. Players have to fulfill their dream of becoming the ultimate rich man on the island. Whether players want to buy new clothes or simply want to change their wallets, as long as they are familiar with the following money-making methods, they can greatly increase the player's account balance.

First of all, we need to make money mainly only at a relatively fast rate. Animal Crossing New Horizons' game is slow. So this means that players who want to make money quickly also have to spend some necessary time. You can increase the number of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells by catching and selling some rare items or the simplest stone shoveling. So players are better not to rush.

The second method is for players to earn money by selling fruits on the island. There are five kinds of fruits in the game: apple and pear and orange and cherry and peach. Successfully selling a local fruit can get 100 Bells, while selling foreign fruit will get 500 Bells. Therefore, players only need to plant foreign fruit trees on the island, and wait for the fruit reserve to increase before they can be sold in large quantities. With this method, there is no need to Buy Animal Crossing Bells in the store (and doing so can bring Nomile Mile achievements). Players can analyze whether the fruit is a non-local fruit or a local fruit from the luster of the fruit. The perfect variant from local fruit trees can make players earn 600 Bells. So players can also cultivate local fruit trees to get more ACNH Bells. Non-local perfect fruits from other islands will give you up to 3000 bells each! You will immediately become Bellionaire!

Players may have learned how to earn Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells through the introduction of several methods above. In summary, players only need to take good care of their fruit trees and be patient, so there is no need to go to the store to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. Each player can become a monopoly in the future by the above method. Enjoy it at Animal Crossing New Horizons!
Last week, the German technical apparel company Acronym released a new version of its signature product J1A-GT jacket, which is based on Hideo Kojima's PS4 game Death Stranding. Like most acronym equipment, this jacket is rare and expensive. But in another corner of the Internet, fans got the right to use it for free. In the space provided by subreddit ACNHstreetwear (a dedicated to streetwear lovers playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons), a user created a jacket in the game with amazing high fidelity, and then uploaded the creator code to facilitate any Anyone can add it to their game. One user said: “In reality I ca n’t afford it, but here I have achieved it, thank you! ”

Fashion is already an integral part of the New Horizons experience. When many players like to decorate their own houses or track the last fish and fossils, others have already chosen Buy Animal Crossing Bells on IGGM, because this not only saves us the time to build our homes, but also allows us to enjoy the rest of the game fun of. The game has a variety of styles and a variety of choices, including a large number of sports shoes, jackets and jerseys. These equipments closely follow the style of streetwear. "I like to add cool sneakers to the game," Hiashi Nogami, the producer of New Horizons, told me last month.

Fans are not talking about equipment created by animal crossing bells on IGGM It's a costume created by the players, including everything from Supreme to Louis Vuitton. Fans managed to create precise and accurate digital versions of hoodies, hats, and even carpets. Some people turned their virtual houses into high-end clothing stores. You can transform it into any way you like, but it is a little time and energy consuming, Animal Crossing Bells can help you save time.

Artist and fashion photographer Kara Chung used Instagram to document the style in the game. Her "Animal Crossing Fashion Archive" page has more than 30,000 fans and captures the expressions of players, just like they do in high-end magazines. "Video games provide a space different from real life, this is a sacred space, where we can quickly enter or leave the identity." When asked about the fusion of fashion and video games, she told "Vogue ", This is a recently growing combination. Last year, Riot even collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create an exclusive League of Legends skin.

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" provides players with a paradise, but I mistakenly thought it was my personal Eden, but it wasn't.

Two things overlap. The first is that I decided to delve into the terrain of the game. With 'New Horizons' you can choose islands according to your wishes and adjust the shape of cliffs and waters according to your needs. I moved on and decided to use an empty piece of land, so I razed everything to the ground. No water, no cliffs, only grass and some trees. I want to grow fruits myself, and pick and sell these fruits.

When I closed the waterway and turned to look at my flat island, I realized that I had no energy. Terraforming is a slow and discerning process, spending several hours on the very simple task of clearing the island. Indeed these tasks are very time-consuming. Players can Buy Animal Crossing Bells on IGGM. On the one hand, they save time, on the other hand, they can better enjoy the fun of the game.

Is it really worth doing this? After working for hours, I want to figure out how to bend the cliff and how to build a pond. I want to make a charming little cliff for my house. Every day I think about how to make a beautiful heart with a stone trail and how to build a natural waterfall.

Another disadvantage is that only 15% of our islands can be reclaimed on their own. The rest is just a cluster. The wasteland is full of houses, no other facilities, and lost its beauty. In addition to these houses, all you can encounter are orange orchards, which are random orchards. It's really bad. In this case, I will use my imagination to rebuild my home. Is there a better way to solve this problem? Animal Crossing Bells can solve these troubles very well, you will easily get the props you want.

On my husband's birthday, he woke me up very early, when he bought radish worth 1.7 million bells. I built a ramp that leads directly to our little house, but it takes a day to see it complete. Therefore, I traveled to the next morning and watched the slope finish, which felt really great!

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