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POE game company GGG recently released detailed information about Harvest Bloom. The game team has made great optimizations to the graphics in the game. Players can now use POE Currency to help them fight, and they will find that the effect of the screen has become more beautiful. They realized that it might prepare for POE 2 next year. Players who are not familiar with Harvest Bloom can understand that it is simulating light diffracted by a virtual camera.

But the role of things has two sides. If players cannot use it sparingly, it will have a very negative impact on players’ gaming experience. Grinding Gear Games has improved the Bloom effect for such problems. The release of the Harvest version last month allowed GGG to re-optimize the Bloom system. The advantage of this system is that it does not cost more but brings a better visual presentation. The system is already capable of exquisite picture rendering, so Fake Bloom Particles is no longer necessary.

The game team has already developed many other useful effects to replace the original Bloom system. Bloom shader can improve the performance without increasing the cost is an excellent result. However, players dislike this new trick, so the team provides some open options for whereabouts. First, they can solve current problems.

The game team apologizes to those players who are uncomfortable with the new Bloom system. Before Harvest was released, the game team made some improvements to it, but its impact has not diminished much. However, players should not neglect the fun of the game. They can still get a very good gaming experience in the new league. Players can also Buy POE Currency and POE Chaos Orb to further enhance their strength.

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The latest "Path of Exile" alliance has finally announced that it is fun to introduce the Path of Exile into Harvest or what many people call the Path of Exile Farmville!

After harvesting the seeds, you can take them to a new NPC and enter the "sacred forest". After preparing POE Currency, you can choose to plant seeds, which will cause monsters to kill. These monsters use the power of nearby machines, so you can make formulas in them. The engine system looks quite complex, allowing you to transfer fuel from one engine to another through a cable. At the time of publication, we will learn more about how it works.

This is also a complete game, so you don't have to go to external channels to understand the system like in Bestiary and Synthesis. The goal is to improve the game without breaking the game, and we have seen that it seems to have a good balance.

Harvest Alliance has many repetitions. The main changes are brand building, grand slam skills and war.

Brand skills have been completely redone. The biggest difference is that after the target disappears, the current brand will quickly return to its original position, and the recall of the current brand will not refresh the duration of the brand, which means that the boss’s mischief has disappeared. However, there are three new brands and new brands. Every time it is activated, the Arcanist brand will cast a magic link.

Wow. This is crazy. Pen regret will not cause any danger during regret. But it will gradually spread to nearby enemies. After moving down from the target, it exploded, causing great damage. Over time, the Winter Tide Signet will cause significant damage to the captured target. The longer the attachment time, the greater the damage caused. Only registering new brand support is Swiftbrand support, which can shorten the effectiveness and duration of the brand. But the activation rate can be increased. When buy POE Orbs PS4, the damage greatly increases.


To repay the players’ love for a long time, the game team provided each player with some small gifts including rare materials and a slight amount of POE Currency in the updated Harvest League. Many players have received it and said that they have always been loyal supporters of POE. Some parts of the game waiting to improve have now repaired by the development team.

The new mechanism in Harvest makes every player shine because they have never exposed to this form of a league before. Although the goal is still to fight, the entire process takes an original form than any previous alliance. Players can collect the seed cache and bring it back to the garden for cultivation through their own efforts. After killing the monsters that produced from the seeds, players will get jaw-dropping and generous rewards. They can also use a variety of auxiliary equipment to help them increase the efficiency of their harvest, far ahead of other players who don’t work hard.

The addition of the new patch also gives players a chance to pick up more advanced seeds. They all know that the higher the seed, the more loot the last harvest. In addition, they have also improved the handicrafts and the heart of the sacred jungle. PC users can already use crashes while PS4 players and Xbox players have to wait another week. The game team specially distributed Mystery Box of Angels and Demons to players to commemorate the first anniversary of the North Korean community. Or players can go directly to the game store to get it. In addition, the creator also an extra set of cosmetics released, and they announced it that the sales of special effects for skills would begin.

Many players can’t wait to fight in the game. They are also very grateful to the game team for their hard work and small gifts for them during this time. The updated POE Harvest has attracted more and more players to join the game. They’d better Buy POE Exalted Orb and POE Trade a few before officially starting their farming journey. Let us look forward to what more interesting content GGG will release next.
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By September, it had been a full ten years since Path of Exile was first released. Over time, not only has the scope of the game expanded with each league, but also a lot of shiny content has been added over time, and the role of POE Currency has also changed a lot. In order to commemorate the upcoming anniversary, GGG decided to let players look back at what it used to be and compare it with the current situation.

The beginning of the article is one of the oldest screenshots taken in 2007 by the Path of Exile, followed by a side-by-side comparison of dungeons, landscapes, critters, lighting, inventory screens, and even launch screens. Neatly observe how many changes have been made in the game that has been around for a while.

GGG also released a new pet breed called Clockwork Golem Pet. Players can achieve five different things: Chaos, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Stone. You can buy them in the play store for 60 points, or you can buy the set for 250 points and earn 50 points.

"Path of Exile", please crack the "Grunding Gears" game. In preparing to play piùriusciti dell’ultimo decennio for free, you must get the path of exile on squaluppatore ha deciso di mostrare qualche Immagine risalente.

Test screenshots to verify the test version, fundamentally test; the incredible thing, fundamentally solved the nostalgia problem, from the initial to the final solution, fundamentally solved some problems. "Diablo 3" and "Torchlight 2", "Path of Exile", "Nature", "Nature" and "Superman".

Finally, POE Items will inherently arouse people's inherent interest. "An irreplaceable substitute, to a large extent, continues an irreplaceable substitute." The status of exile in "Path of Exile", the status of exile, fine in 2019.


Those players who have just joined Path of Exile Harvest will first go to the sacred jungle guarded by Oshabi to collect seed catches and bring them back to their gardens for planting. The normal step is for players to cultivate seeds and then kill all the monsters produced to get rare materials and vitality. They can use the goat items to trade POE Currency or improve their weapons and equipment, etc. In addition, the improved skills and functions also provide players with magnificent surprises.

Harvest includes 12 unique extra items that players can find, some of which are unique to Sacred Grove content. An example of a Doryan prototype is a unique weapon that can improve the ability of electric shock attacks by reducing lightning resistance. However, it uses your character’s lightning resistance to determine the effect of this enemy spell - the lower the value, the weaker the opponent. In contrast, lightning strikes as it absorbs armor.

In addition, the game team has changed the unique scenario to keep the game balanced. They hope that the use of these extras will keep players passionate about the game. Previously, the unique Moon bender Wing Ax only allowed a certain percentage of damage to turn into cold and lightning. There are also rotating telegram coils that not activated automatically. Now damage to Mont Bander, such as additional damage in cold or lightning, increases body damage by 100%. what they can use to duplicate DPS DP players.

So far, players are very fond of these new features. They are actively experiencing the new feelings brought to them by various mechanisms and equipment. Fortunately, the POE game team assured players some time ago that they will not postpone the release of the new league in September and December with a high probability. But players may have to wait until next year to see the POE 2 Beta. Players should seize the opportunity that many agents are doing promotional activities to Buy POE Chaos Orb a lot. There will be more fun content next.
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When it comes to gardening, I don’t think many people will grow things that could kill them on purpose. This should be an easy hobby. However, Grinding Gear Games likes experimentation and gardening, which is the next thing the company focuses on in Path of Exile: The Harvest. This new extension allows players to plant seeds in the sacred bushes and plant them by creating tools and POE Currency that allow ideal growth. The problem is that there are no plants but monsters.

The goal is to breed all kinds of monsters, from small creatures to legendary beasts, and then kill them to maintain life. This vitality can then be used for handmade. Every enemy killed in the Sacred Grove has contributed to the development of this life force, so the more creatures you grow, the better the rewards you can let go. The developers believe that this production method is powerful and different from any method seen so far in Path of Exile. You will need to be prepared to accept these monsters.

In addition to "harvest", more improvements will be introduced, including passive skill tree improvements to support gameplay mechanisms such as two-handed weapons and rage, and more trapezoidal passive elements including "eternal jewelry". A new Grand Slam skill and support gems have been added, and some moves have been reclassified as Grand Slams. The branding will be redone, Path of Exile will add 12 new items, and the other 50 will be redone. Delirium and Cluster Jewels will also be part of the core experience of Path of Exile.

As early as November, Grinding Gear Games confirmed that it is studying "Path of Exile 2", which will provide 19 new superior levels, and will support the new gem system and new equipment that directly insert gems into skill gems. Buy POE Currency from Path of Exile will be compatible with the sequel. The beta version of Path of Exile is expected to be released later this year. The mobile spin-off of "Path of Exile" is also in the works, and there will be no money-making elements.

The entire POE troubled by the bloom that produces bugs. This extra feature makes players invisible to the battle scene. Because once the battle begins, they will release their skills and attack the enemy with powerful weapons. The resulting game screen effects will produce high brightness and seriously affect the players’ battles. And maybe players will miss collecting POE Orbs and POE Currency dropped by monsters. It is a significant loss for players.

Even if the players are in the current simplified version, the effect of bloom only slightly reduced. The public relations staff of the POE development team will introduce to the players that because the previous league mechanism is outdated, it will not stimulate the enthusiasm of the players again. So they created a new visual effect based on the characteristics of the old league. The game team must carefully craft and manually equip the wrong Blooming particles to achieve the desired effect. To their surprise and frustration, the players didn’t seem to like it.

The dilemma facing the development team now is that they cannot push the old bloom system to the players, and the alternative system not accepted by the players. Each player has his or her favorite choice of visual effects. It can be said that the game team can’t help it. They can only absorb feedback from players as soon as possible to make targeted solutions. The last statement particularly troubled many players. Although almost every response from the development team satisfied the players, this time it angered the players and made the problem serious again.

Players still hope that it should optimize all assets that look bad and dizzying assets and become more affordable. It will also forward the proposal to the developer to more accurately determine the bloom intensity in the options. Until then, POE players can use additional software such as ReShade to fine-tune the appearance of their gaming experience. As the developer confirmed, this has also approved. As long as players regain their confidence in the game, they will Buy POE Exalted Orb again to support the long-term development of the game.
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A few days ago, POE community manager Bex provided a detailed explanation for this, which you can read on Reddit. In short: until Harvest, the game used outdated Blooming technology variants. For this reason, many effects (such as abilities or glowing armor) must be carefully crafted and manually equipped with POE Currency to obtain the desired effect. Now, the new system makes this operation redundant.

With the removal of fake pollen particles, it becomes impossible to return to the old pollen system. Although developers can choose to shut down the new system, they will not provide it to the player because it will not display the various effects that the artist wants.

 The final statement particularly troubled many players: Although the popular community manager usually makes the players gentle again through her extensive contributions, in this case, she only adds fuel to the fire:

Therutz13: For me, the intention of the artist is not important. People have problems playing games. Find a way to close the trash. "

Lumarin: If he distracts my playing experience, I won't give the artist something he imagined. If this is his plan to make the game more painful, then the artist may mess up. When I discovered the reduced option, I immediately activated it, but it still sucks.

Decidium-Zero: I don't mind that some people don't like this game anymore because of the new mechanism. I have never played a perfect game. It is difficult to achieve a game completely.

Players still have hope: Bex promises that all assets that look particularly bad and dizzying assets should be optimized and become more affordable over time. The developer will also advise players to buy POE Items to be able to more accurately determine the intensity of flowering in the options.

Prior to this, POE players can use additional software such as ReShade to fine-tune the appearance of their gaming experience-as the developers have confirmed, this has also been officially approved.

Many POE players will think wildly after losing the battle. They wonder if their character level is too low to defeat the enemy. In fact, it is a misunderstanding that most players will have. It is important to know that even players with high-level characters often fail in challenging tasks. In fact, they need to plan and use their existing POE Currency and POE Items to allow the characters to get the best growth and enhance their strength.

Players can go to the highly acclaimed agents to view their game guides. It will show players how to make the most of POE Currency to avoid wasting money without a clue. They should know how to improve their equipment after reading the game guide carefully. For example, you can get Rolling Shards, Trans Change Shards, and Change Shards by selling white, blue, and recognized magic items separately. Armor scrap will also be useful, as long as the total mass is 40%, they can get it from selling armor items. Finally, sell three POE Items with the same basic type, and you will get Alchemy’s POE Orbs.

Almost every player knows that they will collect a very large number of various items during their game. They can create practical items according to their actual needs and then pack those extra items and sell them to other players in need for some profit. Players may also collect items that only need to improve and become precious. They had better use the scraps of the armor workshop to upgrade it to better items. Players who lack magic equipment can also use POE Transformation Orb to change its attributes to magic attributes to make it magic equipment.

In any case, the player needs to remember what items they need to make depending on their characteristics. This means that they no longer have to worry that something lacking bothers them. The only downside is that the entire process seems boring, but this is definitely the safest way for players to create items. Players should stick to the character’s level and should not ignore equipment improvements. It is best to Buy POE Exalted Orb before they improve their equipment to support their follow-up work.
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Most players love the new mechanics in Harvest very much. They spread the seeds in large areas to make their harvest better. However, because many players did not master the correct method in the early planting activities, they wasted a lot of POE Currency and time and energy. The following content can help players understand which methods they can use are extremely feasible.

They need to consider what methods are available to kill the monsters smoothly and unscathed. The first is that players need to have a clear understanding of the various skills they possess. Through rational use of the effects of each skill, multiple skills can seamlessly form a combination technique that can do more with less. Monsters will kill some players who are already very good because of lack of combat experience. Players must remain alert to their surroundings during the battle to prevent monsters from suddenly popping out and giving them a fatal blow. Before launching an attack, they must remember to raise their defense to a very high level before they can start.

Players must prevent the divine pain effect she releases from being contaminated during the battle. In the purple stage, she will launch marbles which will cause tremendous damage to the players. In the green phase, she has a rattan hammer, which will hit the ground and cause a series of damage. When she steps up the offense, please give her the largest berth. In her blue phase, she will charge and then launch her volatile orchard. Here, she will send blue snakes to the player, and these snakes will turn into balls. Escape to avoid them and damage.

Those players who have completed the missions are best to restart her again and complete those missed missions to gain vitality and POE Items again. The initial success of the new league gives the game team more confidence to continue development. The enthusiastic response from the players is also inspiring those who are hesitant to join POE. They should really Buy Path of Exile Currency to make their initial work in the game a little more comfortable.
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