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Grinding Gear Games also provides some other details about the blooming in the latest version of Path of Exile, "Harvest".

As the team switched to more PBR (physical based rendering), the graphical changes were clearly in preparation for Path of Exile 2 (please read the hands-on operation here). If you are not familiar with POE Currency, it basically simulates the light diffracted through a virtual camera.

However, if used improperly, this effect can be annoying. For this reason, Grinding Gear Games has improved the blooming effect of Harvest,

"With the release of the Harvest version, we upgraded to the new Bloom system, which looks much better and the basic performance cost is the same as the old system. Since this system can handle Bloom correctly, "Fake Bloom Particles" are no longer needed. , And have removed as many "Fake Bloom Particles" as possible throughout the game. This is a long process, but it improves performance because the effect now does not require too many particles (because the Bloom shader is lower The cost of performance is part of Bloom)."

However, players do not like this new trick, so the team provides some open options. First, they can solve current problems. They can also allow players to completely disable the effect by restoring previous false bloom particles. However, there is no simple solution,

"We understand that for players who make Bloom feel uncomfortable, this can be frustrating. Unfortunately, there is no simpler solution than this. It takes time to solve all problems. We expect to be at Harvest Resolve most of the bad cases before release, but the impact of lock-in makes this much more difficult than expected."

This update has made some changes. Fortunately, players love these changes. Although there are better updates in skills, for novices or players who want to reach new heights, POE Currency Xbox It is undoubtedly the best way. Players experience more fun, which is also the meaning of the path of exile.

After serious improvement by the game team, players can experience a new Harvest League with great balance. Many players have entered the new league for a month. They reflect that in the early stages of the new league, it would be difficult to carry out follow-up work without the help of POE Currency. Many players still don’t know how to use the new league’s mechanisms and functions to get a novel game experience that makes them feel like they are playing an ordinary league.

Because many high-value crafts only produced by a few players. It leads to an imbalance in the game's experience, which seriously affects the joyful mood and experience of the players. In response to the existing problems in the game, the POE game team GGG has pushed players to balance patches containing many improvements. Now many problems in the game that previously caused trouble to players have been improved. The game is back to the thriving scene.

What makes many players unhappy is that they often cannot collect high-level seeds in high-level maps. It stands to reason that the higher the level of the player, the better the quality of the seeds collected on the map, but this is not the case. Now players can find in the 16th level map that the number of seeds dropped by this layer will be double. Finally, the more players can plant, the more they can harvest. The drop rate of secondary seeds will also increase. Although the chances of players getting higher-level seeds have not increased, they can use large-scale planting of second-level seed sources to harvest higher-level seeds. It all enjoys the improvements brought by the patch.

Hard-working players now need not collect seeds and gain vitality to improve equipment. They only need to maintain their perfect planting system to always harvest rare materials and enormous vitality. Players can also sell excess materials to players who need materials for POE Currency. In this way, they no longer need to Buy POE Currency at shops. Fully experience the charm of Harvest!

Buy POE Currency

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The time has come again: at 10 pm on June 19, 2020, patch 3.11 starts the new season "harvest" on the path of exile-just like every season begins, the players ask this big question again, which one are they participating in? The class should. We can help you and provide six powerful entry versions from the POE community.

With our five characteristic constructions, you can enter the final game more easily, so that you can plant powerful items and POE Currency on the card. These in turn will fund your device to attract the twink character, which is even easier to reach min-max.

The build path is a program that you can use to plan the POE build process and minimize it. In our case, the most important feature is that you can import builds from linked guides, which are usually shared via Pastebin links.

To do this, download "Building Path", click "Import/Export Building" in the upper left corner, and then click the button in the following screen under "Import from Pastebin"-then just copy the link, confirm, and finish!

Of course, Harvest should not lack totem construction. Although we have suggested using the Frost Bolt Totem many times in the past, we still recommend the use of "Frozen Pulse" in the new season-in the current update, the damage efficiency of skill gems has been increased from 150% to 200%.

Due to its simple gameplay, it is particularly suitable for players who have tried POE for the first time or have not yet experienced a similar action RPG. In addition, it is also very cheap, and even rare (yellow) items work well.

However, the construction also relies on one of the most compelling game variants that POE Xbox Orbs must provide: you set a totem, shoot at all nearby opponents, and only need to collect loot.

Since the release of Harvest, most players have loved the various creative mechanisms and functions that exist in the new league. They can use additional features to create unique items for sale to get some POE Currency. The production potential of Harvest is unprecedentedly strong. The game team also hopes that players can give full play to their imagination to stimulate all the potential of the new league. In the latest 1.52 patch, people have seen improvements made by the game team to existing problems.

Now when players collect fallen medium and large jewelry, the system will automatically create an enchantment effect for them to prevent players from being disturbed. If the players sell the clustered ornaments with no modification to the agent, they will find that the original modifier disappears after completing the transaction. Players should also pay attention to the fact that when creating a brand, they should pay attention to the maximum allowable number of the brand.

If the character created by the player drops by 20%, don’t worry. This effect will only last for a period rather than permanent effect. In addition, Herald of Ash’s gain strength is directly proportional to the amount of fire damage they can cause. Players focused on elemental attacks can now cause continuous elemental damage to enemies. Attentive players can find that a bookmark called the Law of the Wild appears in the unique collection. The game team also marked many hidden decorations with special symbols so that players can find them more quickly.

Players see everything the game team does. They appreciated the official actions to improve the game and recommend POE to their friends to join the game and enjoy the joy of the black world. Although players can use Harvest’s features to get POE Items but those players who are eager to experience the fun of the game are best to Buy POE Orbs at reliable agents which is faster.

"Grinding Gear Games" in "Path of Exile: Harvest" explained the balance of the game in detail, including the modification of two-handed weapons and slow attacks, wars, branding and so on.

In "Path of Exile: Harvest", we focused most of our balance on the brand, POE Currency and two-handed weapons. Since Delirium became the core, we also took advantage of the opportunity to balance the clustered jewelry and its value in jewelry They wrote: "We have been working hard to improve the slow-handed two-handed weapons by comprehensively improving these investment options. "

Two-handed weapons are regaining their place on the top of the power meter, while retaining the risks associated with using them on the path of exile. A slow and heavy blow will now cause enough damage to stun the most powerful boss, regardless of the stun mechanism.

The two-handed melee arsenal on the path of exile has been readjusted to provide ideal base damage for most players. In addition, most weapon types have implicit mods for specific manipulators.

The brands of "Path of Exile" are becoming more and more annoying because they allow a boring but very effective way of playing, with the dead everywhere.

When an enemy connected to it is killed, the brand will fall to its original or recalled position. In addition, "Brand Recall" no longer refreshes the duration of the brand, it has a longer cooling time and a lower recovery value for each level of cooling time.

The more powerful Warcries is, the longer it will be used, the longer the cooling time, and it will no longer be shared between Warcries. Path of Exile: Harvest adds more Warcry passive clusters for cooling recovery, faster use time, POE Trade, etc
A few days after Harvest was released for Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games released some improvements two weeks ago. After the game is improved,  POE Currency can be used as much as possible in the key places that players need.

These improvements come in the form of patch 3.11.1, which has been released recently. The team showed some improvements they wanted to implement for Harvest, including new bonus items dropped from monsters and final bosses.

The color of the plant's growth instrument has been adjusted and improved. This is for players with color blindness to make them easier to identify. Harvest’s other improvements include the following:

    Stairs were added to the area around the Holy Grove Portal to improve its accessibility.
    Increased the number of seeds dropped on the map, especially the middle and rare seeds. Now you can get more seeds from the map at the highest level. Similarly, the probability of seeds falling will increase,But overall the probability of obtaining seeds increases.

The team also improved the last Boss battle in Harvest, including the improvement of combat skills, the new progress percentage of sending telegrams to the next Boss rebirth, and the Boss Debuff icon applies the effect to you.

Not only that, Grinding Gear Games has also fixed some errors, including the error of the icon of the Holy Grove in the world map information panel, the error of the small map icon of Horticrafting Station that can be seen from outside the Holy Forest, and so on. Improve your Harvest skills in POE Chaos Orb.

Players eager to enter POE Harvest to start the game now have a better game experience thanks to the game team’s perseverance in updating and improving the game. Players who have not yet understood the main content of this update can look to deepen their understanding of the new league so they can easily carry out various activities in the game. The game team made players feel full of sincerity from them. Players are therefore in greater demand for POE Currency.

Perhaps the most important part is the play team reworking some skills they need to improve. Taking Warcries as an example, players can find more new skills based on the new foundation of the passive skill tree. Even better, players no longer have to go out again after the release of Warcries. Warcries continue to damage enemies. Warcries will automatically increase its power according to the surrounding environment. The most fascinating feature of the player is that once you use it, some damage by your enemies disappears.

Players with super-defensive characters can use Rallying Cry to attract the attacks of surrounding enemies to create wonderful attack opportunities for their teammates. The gem with level 20 lasts 0.9 seconds longer than the gem with the lowest level, which is 5.9 seconds. In addition, after the players get the buff, the power caused by the equipment will increase by 3% to 20%. Both creeps and weapons can also gain a boost.

Seeing that the game team has worked so hard for players, many players have expressed their understanding of the game team’s delay plan for POE 2. Now Harvest has become the center of gravity of the players. Some players eager for success will go directly to the agent’s website to Buy POE Chaos Orb and POE Items. Compared with working diligently in the new league, this method of obtaining POE Currency is quick.


Recently, POE players have ushered in fresh challenges and gaming experiences. It is precisely because of the appearance of Harvest that the players who have spent three months in Delirium feel relaxed. Players who have just entered the game need to know that they are better off getting some POE Currency as start-up funds. They don’t have to worry about it spending a lot of money because they can get rare materials that can exchange for POE Orbs and POE Items through their labor activities in the later game.

We have added some new patches to the new league. Although it was less than a month after it released, the game team’s spirit of excellence has encouraged players’ enthusiasm. Now they can chat through the game chat channel at will and put themselves in an invisible state without being disturbed by others. In addition, players can purchase Harvest Supporter packages in the game store, which will help them a lot.

The mechanism of the new league is friendly to players. We can keep most of the items that players have got in previous leagues in the standard version of the game. It’s just that if they pass the challenge of the new league, they will definitely get more rewards. For players who often have a demand for materials, Harvest is undoubtedly an excellent place for their economic strength to rise.

Players in Harvest will definitely realize that it is better than all previous leagues. It enjoys the combination of many excellent mechanisms that have existed in all previous leagues and functions that have well received by players. The priority for novice players is to Buy POE Currency to maintain the upfront costs in the game. As long as they work hard, they will harvest many valuable things such as POE Items and POE Orbs. The new league has more fun content waiting for players to experience.

Grinding Gear Games has been unable to send out the summer expansion of the path of exile: harvest. Players can build their own gardens as an action role-playing game. When players go to harvest, POE Currency will become active.

Path of Exile: Harvest will launch on PC on June 19, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released this week on June 22.

After the harvest starts, players will randomly encounter a seed cache in the world-the magical roots will lead the way, and each area hides a seed cache. When the player interacts with the seed cache, it will discard a large number of different seeds. Then, the new NPC Oshabi provides players with a trip to the sacred jungle.

Players can plant different seeds in the Holy Grove. Some simple seeds only take time to grow, while more advanced seeds are a bit more complicated. Turning on the seed cache can increase the time in your garden by one unit. This is how the path of exile changed from an action RPG to a city builder.

Players need to build a collector. When players go to harvest plants and fight monsters in them, the collector will use the vitality of the seeds. Players can use Lifeforce in several ways, mainly to create powerful new effects on their equipment.

The first layer of seeds is relatively simple to harvest. When they grow, the second layer of seeds will provide more difficult combat challenges and will drop the third layer of seeds, which are even more difficult to grow and kill. Some of these monsters are even from Path of Exile 2 under development, and are more detailed than current Path of Exile monsters.

After obtaining the level 3 seed, players can sometimes save time by POE PS4 Orbs. The studio is working on a mysterious, very difficult seed. Once Harvest is released, players need to discover it themselves.

If this list is only related to running bosses, then Doedre the Vile can easily become the most difficult boss on the list. You can check the feasibility of the soft-core version here, and hard-core players will have to overcome this huge obstacle, otherwise they may lose several hours of progress.

Doedre will cause crazy physical or chaotic damage based on her current element injection, which the player can control. The arena is small, there are no creeps to prevent the flask from regenerating, and her damage can weaken with a single blow. Before solving this terrible boss, take advantage of the POE Currency.

To this day, Atziri, the Queen of Val, has almost no structures. The boss created his own copy to reflect the user's injury, which caused most meta-builds to be unable to safely kill her.

The summoner, the construction based on the life value and the clearest speed will make it difficult to complete the Hall of Grandmasters Map. This map is so difficult that most players purchase Atlas from other players.

Although this is not a single boss, the master lobby matches players with characters who have purchased a master support package. In fact, this is the boss's gloves. PvP scaling has also been enabled, causing any summoner build to die immediately. Most characters will evade or obscure, making most matching-based versions obsolete. If you think rogues are tough, try to complete the master hall.

In the deepest part of Delve, players can find Aul. Without modifiers, the boss seems to be a knight with no special mechanics, and he loves cold damage very much.

When you face him, Aul will have modifiers that make him stronger. The farther you are in Delve, the stronger Aul and his minions will be. Players will need to Buy POE Currency to keep Darkness' DoT away, while facing the boss who can freeze you immediately and kill you in two blows. Combined with the ridiculous health pool (expandable to the depth of Delve), Aul easily became the toughest boss on the path of exile.

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