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The latest Path of Exile league is Harvest. In Harvest, players can obtain seeds from playing games, which can be used to grow monsters. Killing these monsters will give powerful crafting modifiers that greatly change the Path of Exile, for better or for worse. POE Orbs has a positive impact from upgrading new characters to the core game. Here are the 5 best parts of "Path of Exile:Harvest".

Most of the league mechanics in Path of Exile will bring major danger to the first few days of any league. Many skilled players will choose to skip the league mechanism altogether because they slow down, because they won't offer much loot in the opening ceremony.

By allowing players to intentionally create or upgrade the equipment they need, Harvest has done a great job in solving this problem. The increased damage, movement speed and even recoloring items on the opening day of the league are priceless for any player. The upgrade of Path of Exile has never been better than it is now.

Broke the model of most league mechanics
Grinding Gear Games has created so many leagues for Path of Exile that they have become somewhat formulaic in design. In fact, every alliance up to Harvest involved interacting with something, killing enemies, then obtaining loot and advancing some kind of meta-upgrade system.

This is a very effective formula, but it has been used a lot recently. The harvest is carefully designed through rewards rather than dropped items, thus breaking this mold. Even better, the alliance allows players to interact with mechanics at their own pace, rather than being forced to use a clear speed build to make the most of the alliance.

Upgrade gear is feasible
Upgrading items is a tedious process in the Path of Exile. After the player finds an item that is better than their own product, they need to increase the quality, add slots, link these slots, color these slots, and finally start using it.

In this league, six gears or recoloring sleeves become easier. Players can choose to exchange items with much less friction than ever before, or they can choose to make new modifiers on existing equipment to get more content.

Incentive plan and preparation
Path of Exile is a game about preparation. Many community tools to plan character passive trees, items, skill gem settings, and strategies to complete the atlas. Harvest accepts this by letting players predict the crafting modifiers they will get. Players can conduct theoretical research on what items to make. It increases the depth of PoE construction in a natural and beneficial way.

Deterministic production
Calling skills in Harvest is an understatement. This type of deterministic technique allows most players to create fairly niche products or close to perfect items. The most forgiving PoE has become a production system designed by Bestiary or Delve, but these alliances still rely on RNG to some extent. Finally, micro-transactions in the game are indispensable. POE Currency, as the currency in the game, covers a series of enhancement equipment and reorganization of the passive skill tree.
There is a saying that everyone knows that stealing is shameful and nothing more than tolerable. The next expansion of Path of Exile will make full use of this buzzword to put the player at the center of a mysterious attack, followed by an incredible escape. Before embarking on an adventure, Buy POE Currency helps players obtain more advanced weapons to be fully prepared.

Heist is the latest extension of free RPG. This time players join thieves, break into protected facilities and obtain artifacts of great power. In the new mode of "Path of Exile", it is important not to trigger an alarm, otherwise the guards will invade the area. However, once the main target is stolen, the alarm will sound. If they fail, all actions will be in vain and all items will be confiscated.

"If you fail in a coup, the experience of knowing exactly the rewards you will lose is a new type of game tension, and we are very happy to explore." The development director of Path of Exile said, all this is adrenaline-driven The surge reached a climax.

In the adventure, players will evolve in increasingly bold robberies while collecting information for a coup. This action will require careful planning and the formation of the perfect team. On the other hand, rewards are very attractive, such as alternative quality gems, weapon enchantments and abnormal breastplates. Even copies of unique items can be found in the robbery.

Heist also added 13 new NPCs to the path of exile, in addition to the forgotten port in the city, a new challenge alliance, seven new skills, and adjustments to steel skills, curses and spells, new items and other surprises. It is time to get more POE Orbs so that you can experience new surprises as soon as possible. The expansion will launch "Path of Exile" on PC on September 18.

With the upcoming Heist League on the Path Of Exile you may be curious about what will happen to the characters that have been working hard for the past few months. Once the "Path Of Exile" Heist League comes out, what will happen to your character? When the new "Path Of Exile" expansion League comes out, will I lose my character progress and POE Orbs?

The "League" in Path Of Exile refers to the role-playing world and server. Each new extension creates a new league, usually named after the corresponding extension. On September 18, 2020, the Heist League will open and end the Harvest League. This conversion makes some players worry about the characters they took a long time to build and hone, can you keep them?

The short answer is yes. When the "challenge league" (such as Harvest or Heist, the currently expanded main league) ends, the role will be transferred to the upper league, usually the "standard" league, unless you play hardcore and are not dead, in which case you Will be sent to "Hardcore".

Therefore, you will not lose your role, but to start a new league, you need to create a new role. Your map progress and all other equipment will be transferred to the standard league. You need to start from scratch in the new league, including Buy POE Currency and POE items. Normally, the league runs on a 13-week cycle, so the best time to start a new role in the challenge league is right at the beginning to get the most benefit from the expansion.

The huge war world of "Path Of Exile" has gone through some journeys. Due to the different locations and modes of action, it is difficult to find a way out. Players can carry powerful weapons built though POE Currency Buy. Fortunately, you have two ways to quickly visit places you have been.

Here is how to travel quickly on the Path Of Exile.
On the Path Of Exile, fast travel is very simple. All you need to do is find Waypoint, which is available in most areas including towns. The waypoint for fast travel is a bright blue rune object on the floor. Just click it, and you can quickly move to the Waypoint you visited previously. You can also travel between different parts of the world via the "Behavior" tab that opens when you click a waypoint. Your tasks are available below the map graphics, so you can easily view the target location.

How to get to special places quickly
You can use console commands to quickly browse some areas, such as Holy Grove and Menagerie. For convenience, you may need some of the following fast travel commands:
     menagerie: Get to your Menagerie quickly from town.
     delve: Go quickly from town to your Azurite mine.
     harvest: Quickly travel from town to your holy bush.
     metamorph: Go quickly to Tarn Lab from the town.

How to quickly return to town
It's easy to go back to the settlement agreement. Enemies often drop portal scrolls, which appear as small scrolls with blue ribbons in your list. You may already have something in your pocket. Right-click on one of them and you will create a portal, and after entering the portal, you will immediately be transferred to the main solution of the current behavior. You can also re-enter the portal before it disappears, allowing you to return to the original position.

Finally, for more news about Path Of Exile or you want to buy items in the game, you can click:Chaos Orb.
Grinding Gear Games draws on various sources of inspiration from various leagues in Path of Exile. The previous Harvest update got some hints from Stardew Valley, and Pokemon and old Flash games have affected others in the past. The idea behind the latest PoE alliance comes from Robbing Stephen Soderberg's movie "Ocean 11". Buy POE Currency builds powerful weapons to make the players' alliance road smoother.

GGG co-founder Chris Wilson told us that he and the studio’s technical director Jonathan Rogers are considering the subject of an upcoming expansion plan in February. In trouble, they turned to Netflix. "We watched a racing movie, think about it, can we make a league for this?" Wilson recalled. "We seriously discussed the meaning of the vehicle you want to build, the way of exile, and how it works, but we didn't succeed. In the end, we reached Ocean 11 or other heist movies on the list and thought it was cool. You know exactly that What the league will be. You will rob some places, which will be exciting, and there will be guards. Security will be bypassed and plans will be made around a large table, the map will be pulled out from above, and others will do it Dumped on the table.

When we see the new update at work, we can immediately see the inspiration described by Wilson. The next league in Path of Exile takes you to the Port of Rogue to recruit a group of thieves. After solving some problems, you can plan and execute the heist. Every thief has special talents that he can lend to you, such as picking locks, transporting or removing traps. After arriving at the robbery site, you must try to sneak in the protected facility without causing any commotion. However, these robberies can't be done in sneak, because when you finally grab the treasure, everyone will realize your existence.

If you cancel the robbery, you can trade the artifacts looted in Rogue Harbor for payment, and then carry out a big robbery. As you can imagine, this is like a typical robbery, but with many difficulties, but it can bring greater returns. The heist update was originally planned for June, but was later postponed to the scope of the update and the challenges faced by game development during the lock-in period. In any case, the Robbery Alliance is scheduled to go live on September 18, so you can scam it.

The new PoE update also features 13 new NPCs, trinkets, spare POE Items, replicas of unique items and tried-and-tested basic types. There are also some new items, spells, curses, steel skills, and redoing of multiple game areas.
We should all know that this version is a version that requires you to handle the content. No matter how strong your defense is, those monsters can kill you. The player needs to confirm one thing, that is, confirmation is required, all will be in Killing you in one hit, then all you need to do is to circumvent this situation as much as possible, and our build is based on this purpose. What needs to be shown to you is that we offer this set of suggestions. It may take a certain amount of POE Currency, you need to prepare enough POE Orbs, If you are not prepared enough, then I recommend you can go to to Buy POE Currency, a very reliable shop. and these costs are worthwhile, when you can explore 1000 depth, POE Orbs will become very common, and the frequency of dropping will become very high, and they are rare Orbs, and the deeper the area, the higher the return you will get. When you reach the depth of 1000, I believe I, your pay now is worth it.

There are two attributes you need to focus on: dodge and freeze. This is a crucial factor in whether you can go deeper, as much as possible to improve your dodge, including equipment and your skills, high enough dodge will evade a large number of monster attacks for you, of course, this does not mean that you can Abandoning the choice of defensive equipment, frozen damage and deceleration properties is very useful for you, this will help you get enough time to destroy the monsters, and the Frost Wall can greatly increase your defense ability in actual combat. These are the two attributes that you need to focus on. Of course, it's not that other attributes don't matter. You need to choose according to your actual situation.

I will give you a set of best equipment recommendations, but they are really expensive, you can buy POE Currency in a trading store like, or you can pick cheaper alternatives. In order for this version to work, you need an agile stacking bow with the addition of "10 to X Frost damage per 10 agility attacks." and "20% chance to cause double damage" modifiers, one with "Hit 12 Assassins" The ring of the impressed enemies of the imprint is also essential, and your ideal equipment should also include the headhunter belt. A void mask with a "bow attack will launch an extra arrow" damage, Tomb Glove, Marylene's Paradox Amulet. When you're ready to complete these items, you can set off and explore the depths and get the spoils.
The game Path of Exile is so attractive, but for those novice players, they face a very difficult problem, that is, how to get POE currency, you may need to spend a lot of time and energy to study, Only then can you sum up the method of rapid farm POE Orbs. If you carefully read the experience summarized by below, you will save a lot of time. And quickly get enough spoils to use.

Exalted Orbs is a rare currency, they have difficulty entering the player market, you need to work hard to get these Orbs, they can be dropped by monsters, boxes and destructible containers, You can also use 20 pieces of orb fragments to make an orb. Exalted Orbs can enhance a rare equipment, which makes them very precious, plays an important role in the Path of Exile trading market, is the standard POE Currency of trading between players. A raid may be the easiest way to get the Orb, and team up with friends to find a place with a burial room, but you may need to spend some time because the chances of dropped these Orbs are very low.

Compared to the Exalted Orbs, the Chaos Orb has a higher chance of dropped. It is also obtained in the fallen box and the destructible container. The Chaos Orb is usually used to purchase the middle and low-end items. The best way to get a Chaos Orb is to go to the bluestone mine. After breaking through the mines, you will get one or two Chaos Orb of reward. Similarly, after exploring the darkness and destroying the walls, you will also drop the boxes that produce the various currency beads. Monsters almost always drop Chaos Orb, so killing enough creatures can also help you get them, which means you will need to spend a lot of time, so this is only suitable for novice players. Of course, you can also not work so hard, Buy POE Orbs at and other similar stores, do not need to spend too much to let you spend the novice period. However, you may lose some of the fun of the game.
Path of Exile (PoE) is currently "dominated" by necromancers. Most players choose this class, but this has consequences for the servers.

Which class do most POE fans currently play? Statistics show that most players in the action role-playing game Path of Exile for the Blight league bet on the necromancer. This is not so unusual in and of itself, as certain classes and builds simply work better in some leagues.

The Necromancer, however, shows a peculiarity. He is also preferred from level 70, in Hardcore mode, on the PS4, and the Xbox One. Almost half even play a necro here! Normally, however, the choice of class varies slightly depending on the level and platform.

Power leads to problems

Why is the necromancer so popular? The necromancer recently received a major overhaul after the Blight update, making them much stronger than before. The many incantations make the necromancer an almost invincible hero. Players race through the levels with an army of summoned, undead creatures and flatten everything away. If you are also planning to start experimenting with Necromancer, you can Buy POE Orbs for a quick upgrade and recommend your trusted store, I have been trading through them.

What is the problem? The more creatures summoned, the more it affects the performance of the game. Is that such a big problem? While it's a game performance issue, PoE fans love the necromancer for the most part. He just feels extremely powerful and relevant. Quite different than before, when the Nekro was the worst in popular classes.

It feels a bit strange that so many in Path of Exile are suddenly playing the necromancer, and that's gone through the bank. The fact that he is still so powerful and makes the servers glow also looks funny. Maybe it will soon be Nerfs. That's why you might not get used to your powerful necromancer too much. Follow, get the latest  Path of Exile news, Buy Path of Exile Currency and POE Orbs.
For the players on Path of Exile, this may be exciting news. Recently, the official exile road revealed the main content of 3.9.0 expansion of Path of Exile in the forum, brings you the latest news. Let you get a glimpse of this upcoming new expansion, want to learn more about Path of Exile, Buy Path of Exile Orbs, you can follow

This new expansion is larger than any expansions released before 2019. It includes not only the distribution of the regular Path of Exile, but also the game expansion of the league-independent range. Worth expecting countless players. The official has always hoped to be able to make a complete challenge league, but the technology and resources can not meet this idea. In this expansion update, the official success in improving the challenge league, a better balance between risk and return. The server Karton problem that appeared in the previous version was also solved in this version, and the game content is smoother.

In the 3.9.0 expansion, some new item rewards have been added, which brings interesting new character-building options and fresh game elements to the player. Besides, what needs to be paid attention to is the official balance improvement of bows and arrows. The official hopes that this will enhance the ability of some less used bow and arrow skills (such as "split arrows", "explosive arrows", "sharpshooting" and "siege ball guns"). The expansion also includes all the ordinary cards, unique items, new skills, etc. that you are used to in the exile. If you can't adapt to this version change, you can Buy POE Trade from, which is the most efficient option and save you a lot of time.

The current official release time is the PC version released on December 7th at 3.9.0. The final date and other content of the specific expansion will be announced at ExileCon. At the same time, ExileCon participants can play 3.9.0 at the conference demonstration.
POE-Spieler sind sehr loyal

    Diese Besessenheit spiegelt sich in der Geschichte mit dem Pfad des Exils wider. Dunkle Magie, Wiedererwachen und verrückte Götter, die durch Menschenopfer unsterbliche Wissenschaftler suchen und durch Blut und Tod böse Artefakte erschaffen. Während des gesamten Prozesses vermittelt der Weg ins Exil den Eindruck, dass Macht und Sicherheit, Wohlstand und Status oder Blutlinien und Geschichte Sie verrückt machen werden, wenn Sie es brauchen.

    Interessanterweise hat der Weg ins Exil wahrscheinlich die engagiertesten und besessensten Spielergemeinschaften. Ein Teil davon wird durch die Notwendigkeit verursacht - Wikis, Marketing-Tools und Build-Prozedur-Programme sind in gewissem Maße vorhanden, Chaos Orb absichtlich so aufgebaut ist, dass die Daten verwischt werden, auf die die Player nicht nur zugreifen sollen. Dies ist der Anfang auf dem Weg . Das Leben aus der POE Currency Kaufen könnte die Attraktion der Spielergruppe des Unternehmens sein. Es muss festgestellt werden, dass diese Informationen die Grundlage für die Diskussion in der Community und die Erstellung von Tools, die theoretische Erstellung usw. bilden. Der Handel kann riskant und umständlich sein. Wenn Sie mehrere Projekte reibungslos verkaufen möchten, benötigen Sie möglicherweise einen speziellen Forumsbeitrag. Die Bewegung ist in einer geordneten Weise gebunden, zusammen mit dem allgemeinen, das Tempo der Liquidation ist viel langsamer als der tatsächliche Durchschnitt des Spiels.

    Der Erfindergeist gedieh unter dieser Einschränkung, und sehr bald darauf entwickelten die Spieler Websites und Software von Drittanbietern, um diese Hindernisse zu überwinden. Von der Community erstellte Websites und Programme entlasten Entwickler bei der Einschränkung von Transaktionen und ermöglichen es den Spielern, ihre Charaktere vor dem Erstellen zu manipulieren und zu optimieren. Diese Vereinfachungstools wurden aufgrund ihrer Anpassbarkeit und häufigen Entwickleraktualisierungen sehr beliebt. Natürlich sollte sich dieses Gefühl der Gemeinschaftsleidenschaft auf neue Spieler auswirken.

    Der Weg des Exils ist ebenso ein Thema wie Spiele wie „Eve Online“, da ihm häufig der wohlhabende Ruf vorausgeht. Abgesehen von Fähigkeitsbäumen und Edelsteinen ist der wahre Schlüssel für die Gestaltung seines Rufs seine herausfordernde Natur. Monster sind hart getroffen, die Verteidigung muss mehrschichtig sein und das Spielwissen kann leicht zur effektivsten Waffe im Werkzeugkasten des Spielers werden. Berechnen Sie diese Mechanismen, um die dunklen Töne im Spiel zu verstärken. Selbst wenn der Spieler vorbeigehen möchte; Für die längste Zeit hat G immer darauf bestanden, dass diese Beute entweder kostenlos ist oder für einige Sekunden an einzelne Spieler verteilt wird, bevor jeder frei wird, sodass Gruppenspiele blockiert werden.

    Wenn Spieler wiederholt eine dauerhafte Zuweisung für eine Option beantragen, geben sie diese auf, sodass sie verfügbar ist. Chris Wilson nannte sie jedoch nicht „den größten Kompromiss“.
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