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What is Super Hair Removal (SHR) and what is the difference?

Getting rid of excess hair is an old problem, and long-term hair removal is particularly challenging. The Super Hair Removal (OPT SHR hair removal machine) method uses breakthrough technology to provide a simple one-stop solution for truly effective hair reduction.

SHR is a unique technique that gently heats the dermis to the temperature that effectively destroys the hair follicles, preventing regeneration while avoiding damage to surrounding tissues. The high repetition rate of short pulses is transmitted deep into the dermis, achieving high average power and therapeutically effective calorie accumulation with little pain. The technique of repeatedly moving the applicator over the treatment area ensures complete coverage while the cooling system cools the skin surface to prevent surface burns and allows for almost painless but efficient hair removal.

Most traditional laser hair removal machine techniques use large amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles and ensure permanent reduction. On the other hand, SHR is a unique technology that provides low-calorie levels when delivered quickly. By using low calories, SHR reduces pain and minimizes the risk of side effects. Most importantly, the high speed of SHR delivery creates a short-lived treatment; the small body parts are 5 to 15 minutes, and the average male back is 20 to 30 minutes.

There are many studies showing that low throughput provides efficacy, safety and comfort, and patient satisfaction is high.


Hairy situation: a review of super hair removal (SHR)

I am a furry person.

I have always wanted to remove my leg hair because it has been the source of frustration and respect for years. Shaving is a kind of trauma because, for some reason, I always tend to leave ingrown hair on my legs, which can cause anger on my legs, inflamed sputum, leaving - gasping - SCARS will disappear forever! Not at all beautiful.

And I have tried all of these - Veet, waxing, hair removal, ingrown hair treatment (essentially salicylic acid), regular exfoliation, but did not help.

So, when I started working 3 years ago, one of my priorities was to kill this problem in the bud - removing hair! This is a perfect time because 1) I finally have money, 2) I am going to get married, I want to look good for myself and my husband.

So I am leaving! One of the best decisions in my life. This may seem a bit exaggerated, but if you know how much unpleasant these hairs have brought me, you will see how realistic it is. I completed my course before the wedding and then continued to remove the mane and the current facial hair. I really didn't complain about my facial hair, but I fell into vanity. My reason? Makeup will get better into the skin! I admit that the package is not cheap, but this will be my last hair removal process. I promise I will not be addicted to beauty treatment!

Absolutely happy, I don't have to make a fuss about my legs and underarms (or at least for a long time, because there is no permanent hair removal - it will be affected by factors such as changes in the body's hormones). If I didn't leave, I can't imagine now - Faz may have to put up with some hits!

After doing my research, I used a hair removal technique called Super Hair Removal (OPT SHR machine). It is touted as a painless process because the light transmitted to the hair follicles is low in intensity but very fast, so heating the hair follicles is enough to kill them without any pain. Previously, like intense pulsed light (IPL), it was thought that light must be strong enough and long enough to align follicles to kill them, which is why it is so painful. Now, isn't research and development amazing?

Despite such a promising premise, my first few meetings were EXCRUCIATING. It feels like the IPL user described it - the rubber band is on my skin - but worse. I just found out why it was unbearable when my beautician went to another exit and the other attended me - no, it wasn't because my hair was too thick, or the SHR was painless. This is because she has been moving the machine on my lap a bit too slowly, so it takes more time to heat my hair follicles!

My new beautician still has some calories, but it has never been painful because she is particularly careful to quickly move the machine on my lap. The calories and odors of the hair burn may initially be a little uncomfortable, but as the hair gets thinner, you don't even feel the heat anymore, and it's almost painless.

OPT SHR hair removal machine is effective for all skin, darkness or whiteness. But like all lasers, it's most effective when the hair is deeper and thicker - it's easier to aim deeper and thicker hair than fine hair. That's why you need multiple sessions before the hair completely disappears. The great thing about OH and SHR is that it also brightens the skin! The scar on my leg almost disappeared, and my armpit is the most beautiful! And now I hope that the scars on my face can be alleviated.

I have been attending my SHR course at CSK Aesthetics, which is first class. This is a beauty clinic opened by a doctor who can get professional advice. Most of these procedures are done by a beautician, but if you need it, you can choose to see a doctor on a medical procedure. Going to a beauty center may be cheaper, but I want to find a doctor-directed center, know what they are doing, and give me advice and scientific support. They are not difficult, this is great!

P / S: This is not an advertisement. So far, my results are really happy, just want to share good things!


Qu'est-ce que SHR? SHR est synonyme de Super Hair Removal, une technologie d'épilation qui connaît un grand succès.

Le système combine les avantages de la technologie laser et de la lumière pulsée pour obtenir un effet presque indolore.

OPT SHR hair removal machine associée à «In Motion» représente une avancée décisive dans l'épilation définitive utilisant la technologie de la lumière. Par rapport aux systèmes traditionnels, le traitement est plus confortable et votre peau est mieux protégée.


1. Epilation: les mauvais cheveux sous les aisselles, les lèvres, les cheveux, les membres, les bikinis, etc.

2. Rajeunissement: élimine les rides, blanchit la peau, rétrécit les pores, élimine l'acné, etc.

3 Enlève le pigment: taches, taches de rousseur, pigmentation de l'âge, coups de soleil, taches de naissance, etc.

4. clairance vasculaire: rosacée, araignées, gros-nez, sang rouge, etc.

Les principales caractéristiques de OPT hair removal machine

1. Système AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology)

2. Thérapie d'action à haute fréquence (1-10Hz): le traitement instantané de grande surface ne peut être réalisé qu'en faisant glisser la sonde

3. poignée de lumière pulsée forte brevetée chinoise poignée remplaçable par le cristal, seulement nous pouvons légalement produire

4. Système de refroidissement à l'air indépendant unique dans la poignée: renforce le refroidissement de la poignée, prolonge le temps de travail continu et prolonge la durée de vie.

5. Conception de logiciel conviviale: paramétrage simple et opération facile

6. Système de protection contre les alarmes de débit d'eau et de température de l'eau: arrêtez immédiatement tout travail en cas de risque, protégez le personnel et les machines contre tout risque pour la première fois

7. La température de saphir indolore est de 0 à 10 degrés Celsius, ce qui rend les clients plus à l'aise pendant tout le processus de traitement; pas de cicatrices
pendant le traitement / après le traitement

8. Contrôler la circulation de l'eau à travers une pompe à membrane magnétique

9. L'étalonnage intégré garantit la précision de chaque traitement

10. Cas de haute qualité: matériel d'ABS