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The latest Path of Exile league is Harvest. In Harvest, players can obtain seeds from playing games, which can be used to grow monsters. Killing these monsters will give powerful crafting modifiers that greatly change the Path of Exile, for better or for worse. POE Orbs has a positive impact from upgrading new characters to the core game. Here are the 5 best parts of "Path of Exile:Harvest".

Most of the league mechanics in Path of Exile will bring major danger to the first few days of any league. Many skilled players will choose to skip the league mechanism altogether because they slow down, because they won't offer much loot in the opening ceremony.

By allowing players to intentionally create or upgrade the equipment they need, Harvest has done a great job in solving this problem. The increased damage, movement speed and even recoloring items on the opening day of the league are priceless for any player. The upgrade of Path of Exile has never been better than it is now.

Broke the model of most league mechanics
Grinding Gear Games has created so many leagues for Path of Exile that they have become somewhat formulaic in design. In fact, every alliance up to Harvest involved interacting with something, killing enemies, then obtaining loot and advancing some kind of meta-upgrade system.

This is a very effective formula, but it has been used a lot recently. The harvest is carefully designed through rewards rather than dropped items, thus breaking this mold. Even better, the alliance allows players to interact with mechanics at their own pace, rather than being forced to use a clear speed build to make the most of the alliance.

Upgrade gear is feasible
Upgrading items is a tedious process in the Path of Exile. After the player finds an item that is better than their own product, they need to increase the quality, add slots, link these slots, color these slots, and finally start using it.

In this league, six gears or recoloring sleeves become easier. Players can choose to exchange items with much less friction than ever before, or they can choose to make new modifiers on existing equipment to get more content.

Incentive plan and preparation
Path of Exile is a game about preparation. Many community tools to plan character passive trees, items, skill gem settings, and strategies to complete the atlas. Harvest accepts this by letting players predict the crafting modifiers they will get. Players can conduct theoretical research on what items to make. It increases the depth of PoE construction in a natural and beneficial way.

Deterministic production
Calling skills in Harvest is an understatement. This type of deterministic technique allows most players to create fairly niche products or close to perfect items. The most forgiving PoE has become a production system designed by Bestiary or Delve, but these alliances still rely on RNG to some extent. Finally, micro-transactions in the game are indispensable. POE Currency, as the currency in the game, covers a series of enhancement equipment and reorganization of the passive skill tree.
There is a saying that everyone knows that stealing is shameful and nothing more than tolerable. The next expansion of Path of Exile will make full use of this buzzword to put the player at the center of a mysterious attack, followed by an incredible escape. Before embarking on an adventure, Buy POE Currency helps players obtain more advanced weapons to be fully prepared.

Heist is the latest extension of free RPG. This time players join thieves, break into protected facilities and obtain artifacts of great power. In the new mode of "Path of Exile", it is important not to trigger an alarm, otherwise the guards will invade the area. However, once the main target is stolen, the alarm will sound. If they fail, all actions will be in vain and all items will be confiscated.

"If you fail in a coup, the experience of knowing exactly the rewards you will lose is a new type of game tension, and we are very happy to explore." The development director of Path of Exile said, all this is adrenaline-driven The surge reached a climax.

In the adventure, players will evolve in increasingly bold robberies while collecting information for a coup. This action will require careful planning and the formation of the perfect team. On the other hand, rewards are very attractive, such as alternative quality gems, weapon enchantments and abnormal breastplates. Even copies of unique items can be found in the robbery.

Heist also added 13 new NPCs to the path of exile, in addition to the forgotten port in the city, a new challenge alliance, seven new skills, and adjustments to steel skills, curses and spells, new items and other surprises. It is time to get more POE Orbs so that you can experience new surprises as soon as possible. The expansion will launch "Path of Exile" on PC on September 18.

With the upcoming Heist League on the Path Of Exile you may be curious about what will happen to the characters that have been working hard for the past few months. Once the "Path Of Exile" Heist League comes out, what will happen to your character? When the new "Path Of Exile" expansion League comes out, will I lose my character progress and POE Orbs?

The "League" in Path Of Exile refers to the role-playing world and server. Each new extension creates a new league, usually named after the corresponding extension. On September 18, 2020, the Heist League will open and end the Harvest League. This conversion makes some players worry about the characters they took a long time to build and hone, can you keep them?

The short answer is yes. When the "challenge league" (such as Harvest or Heist, the currently expanded main league) ends, the role will be transferred to the upper league, usually the "standard" league, unless you play hardcore and are not dead, in which case you Will be sent to "Hardcore".

Therefore, you will not lose your role, but to start a new league, you need to create a new role. Your map progress and all other equipment will be transferred to the standard league. You need to start from scratch in the new league, including Buy POE Currency and POE items. Normally, the league runs on a 13-week cycle, so the best time to start a new role in the challenge league is right at the beginning to get the most benefit from the expansion.

The huge war world of "Path Of Exile" has gone through some journeys. Due to the different locations and modes of action, it is difficult to find a way out. Players can carry powerful weapons built though POE Currency Buy. Fortunately, you have two ways to quickly visit places you have been.

Here is how to travel quickly on the Path Of Exile.
On the Path Of Exile, fast travel is very simple. All you need to do is find Waypoint, which is available in most areas including towns. The waypoint for fast travel is a bright blue rune object on the floor. Just click it, and you can quickly move to the Waypoint you visited previously. You can also travel between different parts of the world via the "Behavior" tab that opens when you click a waypoint. Your tasks are available below the map graphics, so you can easily view the target location.

How to get to special places quickly
You can use console commands to quickly browse some areas, such as Holy Grove and Menagerie. For convenience, you may need some of the following fast travel commands:
     menagerie: Get to your Menagerie quickly from town.
     delve: Go quickly from town to your Azurite mine.
     harvest: Quickly travel from town to your holy bush.
     metamorph: Go quickly to Tarn Lab from the town.

How to quickly return to town
It's easy to go back to the settlement agreement. Enemies often drop portal scrolls, which appear as small scrolls with blue ribbons in your list. You may already have something in your pocket. Right-click on one of them and you will create a portal, and after entering the portal, you will immediately be transferred to the main solution of the current behavior. You can also re-enter the portal before it disappears, allowing you to return to the original position.

Finally, for more news about Path Of Exile or you want to buy items in the game, you can click:Chaos Orb.
Grinding Gear Games draws on various sources of inspiration from various leagues in Path of Exile. The previous Harvest update got some hints from Stardew Valley, and Pokemon and old Flash games have affected others in the past. The idea behind the latest PoE alliance comes from Robbing Stephen Soderberg's movie "Ocean 11". Buy POE Currency builds powerful weapons to make the players' alliance road smoother.

GGG co-founder Chris Wilson told us that he and the studio’s technical director Jonathan Rogers are considering the subject of an upcoming expansion plan in February. In trouble, they turned to Netflix. "We watched a racing movie, think about it, can we make a league for this?" Wilson recalled. "We seriously discussed the meaning of the vehicle you want to build, the way of exile, and how it works, but we didn't succeed. In the end, we reached Ocean 11 or other heist movies on the list and thought it was cool. You know exactly that What the league will be. You will rob some places, which will be exciting, and there will be guards. Security will be bypassed and plans will be made around a large table, the map will be pulled out from above, and others will do it Dumped on the table.

When we see the new update at work, we can immediately see the inspiration described by Wilson. The next league in Path of Exile takes you to the Port of Rogue to recruit a group of thieves. After solving some problems, you can plan and execute the heist. Every thief has special talents that he can lend to you, such as picking locks, transporting or removing traps. After arriving at the robbery site, you must try to sneak in the protected facility without causing any commotion. However, these robberies can't be done in sneak, because when you finally grab the treasure, everyone will realize your existence.

If you cancel the robbery, you can trade the artifacts looted in Rogue Harbor for payment, and then carry out a big robbery. As you can imagine, this is like a typical robbery, but with many difficulties, but it can bring greater returns. The heist update was originally planned for June, but was later postponed to the scope of the update and the challenges faced by game development during the lock-in period. In any case, the Robbery Alliance is scheduled to go live on September 18, so you can scam it.

The new PoE update also features 13 new NPCs, trinkets, spare POE Items, replicas of unique items and tried-and-tested basic types. There are also some new items, spells, curses, steel skills, and redoing of multiple game areas.
Do not be PoE Goods too put off, even though -- once you get to grips with all of this you'll find that Path of Exile is a huge canvas canvas that you try out some outrageous PoE builds. Begin with a duelist, build your buffs and you're going to turn yourself into a mob typhoon. If that's not something, you can build up from among those shadow courses to make a deadly assassin that'll pop squishy foes to a pile of gooey loot.

We are going to discuss what courses you want to build from, what stats you're going to want to invest in, and what equipment you should be looking for. Word to the wise, we've just supplied builds in their base type in order that they're a bit friendlier to newcomers, and you can experiment yourself. We have, however, linked to similar Path of Exile builds which are more comprehensive if you would like a reference point. Enough from us, here are some of the PoE builds.

We love a good assassin build as there's nothing quite like sneaking up on an unsuspecting victim and sliding a sword throughout their jugular. Where this Path of Exile build truly shines, however, is in its enemy wave clearing capacities. Thanks to this Frost Blades, you're hit an enemy and fire a volley of projectiles supporting the shattered foe. There's a lot to it, so you can check out Reload's thread to get an in-depth breakdown, but here are some fundamentals.

You'll want to start out as a shadow to get this one, and then go the way of the assassin when you gain access to a ascendancy, which happens after beating the Labyrinth for the first time. As soon as you have become one with the assassin, pick up the Ambush & Assassinate, Opportunistic, Unstable Infusion, and Deadly Infusion perks on the update tree.To the great surprise of no one, the centerpiece of the construct is the Frost Blades weapon. Fortunately, getting these icy daggers is a cakewalk -- only talk to Nessa after completing the Enemy at the Gate quest in Act 1. You won't have the ability to select the item up as a witch, marauder, or a templar -- but if you've picked the PoE Currency Buy shadow course you are going to be fine.
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The latest update implements a lot of procedural fixes, including some bugs in ps4 and Xbox one versions will be fixed in this release.

The focus of this update is on the console's fix, which includes the player's mistake of throwing items to the ground instead of hiding when moving items quickly. Players don't have to worry about losing items later, the same this time. The update also solves the problem of client crashes that may occur in the "Delve Stash" tab. The latest tower defense mode that appeared in the previous version, the same problem that occurs when the player encounters Blight and the client crashes. solve. Some players encounter the problem of using the lifting ghost, the target circle can not be displayed in your hiding place has also been repaired, the official of the entire Path of Exile is keen to draw fans' advice, and actively carry out error repair, so good Attitude promotes the game in a better direction. is a website established by loyal players of POE. Buy POE Currency, get Path of Exile information, please follow us. brings you some other improved introductions, including restoring the "broken" sound to versions before 3.8.0. Now, depending on the level of the map you are currently in, the number of drops on the withered map will be minimized. For example, in the 5th-floor map, the withered maps of the 1st to 5th floors will fall. In the Level 6 map, you will receive a level 6 withering map (never receive a 1 to 5 level fade map). Fixed a bug that caused the "x# chance of the extra box to drop the bonus" to cause the withered box to drop additional random items instead of the bonus that matches the box type. Fixed a bug in Delve City that didn't apply to players. Fixed an error that prevented the death aura of the unique body armor given by the death vow when removing and repositioning the gem. Adjust the spoils: POE Currency, POE PS4 Orbs, Exalted Orb drop probability.
For the players on Path of Exile, this may be exciting news. Recently, the official exile road revealed the main content of 3.9.0 expansion of Path of Exile in the forum, brings you the latest news. Let you get a glimpse of this upcoming new expansion, want to learn more about Path of Exile, Buy Path of Exile Orbs, you can follow

This new expansion is larger than any expansions released before 2019. It includes not only the distribution of the regular Path of Exile, but also the game expansion of the league-independent range. Worth expecting countless players. The official has always hoped to be able to make a complete challenge league, but the technology and resources can not meet this idea. In this expansion update, the official success in improving the challenge league, a better balance between risk and return. The server Karton problem that appeared in the previous version was also solved in this version, and the game content is smoother.

In the 3.9.0 expansion, some new item rewards have been added, which brings interesting new character-building options and fresh game elements to the player. Besides, what needs to be paid attention to is the official balance improvement of bows and arrows. The official hopes that this will enhance the ability of some less used bow and arrow skills (such as "split arrows", "explosive arrows", "sharpshooting" and "siege ball guns"). The expansion also includes all the ordinary cards, unique items, new skills, etc. that you are used to in the exile. If you can't adapt to this version change, you can Buy POE Trade from, which is the most efficient option and save you a lot of time.

The current official release time is the PC version released on December 7th at 3.9.0. The final date and other content of the specific expansion will be announced at ExileCon. At the same time, ExileCon participants can play 3.9.0 at the conference demonstration.

The path from the exiled developer Grinding Gear Games updates the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the game and indicates that development on the platform has been completed and the release date is expected to be announced.

After several delays in the PlayStation 4 version, the overall game was released on the December 2018 window, and after POE Currency Buy the February estimate was further reduced to 2019, the new version of the action and the time frame showed some comprehensibility. Uncertainty. According to a previous statement by Grinding Gear Games, it must appear in mid-March, and the developer shared another update of the company's release time to ensure that the PlayStation 4 owner's previous plan still exists.

Since it is not far from March, Grinding Gear Games will post tweets about the official "Exiles" account to announce the release date of each game update.

The way of exile: The synthesis mentioned in the tweet above is usually a reference for the next expansion of the game you released in early March. Details about the extension can be seen in the trailer at the top, and the extension site says it will be Buy POE Items available for the Xbox One PC version on March 8th and March 11th. Just like the release in the actual game, the page said that the compositing will be broadcast on the PlayStation 4 in mid-March.

The road to exile does not currently have an accurate release date for PlayStation 4, but when we enter March, we will review the announcement in the next few weeks.
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Path of Exile has updated version 1.12 today, on various platforms. The following is a detailed discussion of our version update.

The Road to Exile is a free action role-playing game similar to games like Diablo. But it's game value has already surpassed the same type of game, it has won the pursuit of many players. It has proven to be an incredible success for the developer Grinding Gear Games.

If a player doesn't know much about the content of this update, he can continue to read my article. The following is the general content of this update.

Console specific changes
Introduced the Neversink console-specific loot filter.
Update the Neversink Loot filter to the latest version (7.11.)
Fixed an error where your character would "on and off" after you stopped booting Cyclone.
Fixed a bug where the left-hand trigger / L2 could not stop moving correctly.

Legion improvement
An indicator has been added that will be displayed when the incubator approaches its killing threshold.
Added 3D art to the Death Eater logo.
Increase the amount of currency fragmentation that POE Currency Buy Foreboding Incubator drops.

Skill repair
Added audio when getting the Berserker's Blitz Buff.
Re-activate the explosion of Asenath's Gentle Touch unique gloves. These explosions no longer hurt friendly roles.

Miscellaneous repair
Abyss monsters that consume a spirited charge can now heal half the health of each charge. This is to Buy POE Orbs explain the life growth of rare monsters in 3.7.0.
Fixed a bug where Lunaris Light's unique shield and Duskdawn's unique staff were adding more critical strike multipliers than they should have.
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