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I′m talking serious rightnow. We′re already playing 30-40 Hours till we have 6 hours off sleep. DONT ENCOURAGE PEPOPLE to KILL THEMSELFS.

What are u thinking?!

Really? Small penalties and more with time?

I believe you should offer a voice towards POE Trade the players which have bought supporter packs. Maybe in the form of the poll that you have done inside the past to discover if the voice of reason will prevail.

 I don't always accept all changes for the game in skill gems, passive tree, etc., however creating a voice for my support appears like POE Items it should matter.

It's sadly always a similar. GGG makes reasonable nerfs und adjustments along with a part on the community is loosing their mind.
vkmoon Jan 3 '19 · Tags: poe items

My question for you is why these features aren't game bound and we all are all around the same trading grounds?

Trade chat is pathetic lets deal with it, its POE Items terrible. I have no idea of anyone who enjoys with it and I have already been playing since 2013.

I ensure you get DONT WANT TO MAKE AN AH, I am alright with this.

But why can't there become an ingame Marketboard or Market Master that opens a windows thats like /trade or item filter options to POE Trade look for all the available listings on the sites.. through the game?
vkmoon Jan 2 '19 · Tags: poe items

 That’s something like winning three different lotteries around the same day! Even the experience’s co-creator Chris Wilson had something to mention about it in reply.

There continue to be a few bugs plus some kinks to iron out, nevertheless the Path of Exile community seems to be for the up-and-up.

In any case, it appears this particular ARPG does employ a lot of players who like to experiment with on PCs while still having POE Trade their unique mobile phones.

 Enabled, Won’t Run At 4K/60 FPS

Path of Exile is one in the best to Buy POE Items looter action-RPGs around today, along with the fact so it’s free-to-play can make it an a lot more compelling package, so PS4 owners must obviously be quite looking forward to its upcoming release.
vkmoon Jan 1 '19 · Tags: poe items

Nobody intrested of how long are going to be frozen white mob once you freeze em. And nobody intrested in shock duration.

And nobody intrested in get 50% more modifier from shock AFTER THEM HIT BOSS FOR HALF HALTH WITH 1 HIT!

Only reason in shock against in POE Trade Shaper/UAtziri = decreasing period of battle. Battle that despite the presence of STRONGEST META BUILDS takes HUNDREDS and THOUTHANDS of hits.

 If, theoreticaly, you ought to Buy POE Currency take away 10% of boss health with 1 hit (Void battery crit create discharge with +2 skin of loyal) then YOU DON'T NEED SHOCK BUFF.

Same for chill/freeze.

So basicly i managed to get only 1 question: WHY DO YOU LIE?
vkmoon Dez 28 '18 · Tags: poe items

It was all to easy to SPIN them as a possible improvement, in fact crunching the numbers showed it wasn't the truth; the minimum damage threshold for shock stayed the identical, as well as the threshold for chill.

 Actually went up by 2/3; and also POE PS4 Items then, enemies you'd love applying the ailments to were those you'd barely affect, like bosses.

 And while using new system, you'd generally obtain POE PS4 Currency a weak effect that's almost insignificant rather then a strong one lasting for a specified duration for one more hit.
vkmoon Dez 13 '18 · Tags: poe items
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