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To date, Harvest is expected to push the most advanced production system to exile. Although fans of city builders can enjoy the importance of this extension to the experiment, Grinding Gear has not alienated any of its participants. Therefore, minimalists may also gain strengths. The idea behind this alliance is to give players more control over their craft, rather than relying on
POE Currency. Members of the development team of "Ranger 2" also contributed to this expansion, and "Grinding Gear" also hopes to bring players future ideas. POE2 developers have provided assistance in designing Harvest monsters, so please consider the visual future of the next path of exile.

If it is not enough, Harvest will launch 12 unique new items, some of which will introduce some new mechanical ideas. For example, Doriani's prototype was armor that only caused lightning damage. It will reduce the player's lightning resistance, but all nearby enemies will also lose their lightning resistance. This is the idea that Grinding Gear hopes to bring some unique new game styles.

The next "Path of Exile" update will also update some existing skills. For example, Thunder Herald has been completely refurbished to combine with the new Storm Secret unique ring. Although this can also cause lightning damage to the player, it links the lightning together. The idea is to combine this setback with the "cast on hit" feature to maximize damage.

At the same time, significant progress will be made with two-handed melee weapons. Related Grand Slam skills will be improved and improved to make two-handed melee weapons more competitive. Players can find new items such as "fist" auxiliary gems, which can support any punch skills, and occasionally find that ancestors seem to enhance the player's punch attack ability. Other skills are being reformed, such as constructing a grand slam to make it more feasible on site. Construct Bash will now only eliminate stamina consumption every 3 uses, which will match the new range of the skill.

Brand skills are constantly improving. Place the brand on the ground and observe its attachment to nearby enemies. After the enemy dies, the brand drops to the ground. Skills such as the Arcanist and Penance brands can be upgraded to a chain, hitting multiple enemies at once.

Players on the path of exile should see the revised passive skill tree. This will solve the core tree, thereby providing it with more trapezoidal distortion passive and significant passive. Passive tree support will target new mechanisms that have not yet received such support. In addition, it will be modified to support the modification of two-handed melee weapons. At this point, selected Keystone passive skills related to the Legion's Timeless Jewels will now jump to the main passive skill tree. All of this will complement the rebalancing of 50 unique items on the path of exile. In the coming weeks, Grinding Gear will provide more information about the specific uniqueness affected.

If you have been playing "The Path of Exile: Delirium", you will be happy to hear that it is very popular in POE players. With this expansion, Grinding Gear is taking some unprecedented steps. Not only has Delirium become a core game, but players will also have more opportunities to experience Delirium content than other newly added leagues in the main game.

Finally, after a lot of expansion, the path of exile has raised the demands of PC users. This is why players can use Harvest to get the Beta version of Path of Exile's new Vulkan renderer. The Vulkan renderer has changed the resource management of the game, and can better control the resource management of game assets during the rendering process. This should help buy POE Orbs.

Can absorb a lot of things, but players will have enough time to absorb them all. The Path of Exile: The Harvest is tentatively scheduled to be released on PC on June 19, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users should be available on June 22. We mentioned the setbacks of COVID-19, so these dates may change.
Path Of Exile's latest expansion, Harvest, has been announced. It will be available to PC players from June 19, and to Xbox and PlayStation players from June 24. In this update, there are new challenge alliances and visual improvements based on other features. But what remains unchanged is that POE Currency, POE Orbs and other props still play a big role in the player's game exploration process.

The harvest will rotate around an area called the "Holy Forest", which will provide players with rare items and powerful enemies, making them face down. Exploring new areas will provide you with an item called a seed cache, the content of which must be planted by players in the Holy Grove. Players will be able to take advantage of Grove to customize their version and obtain beneficial items that suit their personal needs.

In June of this year, the expansion of Path Of Exile will also introduce changes to the current production system. By defeating any monsters in the area, you can use powerful production options to give players a powerful production option, thereby giving players more control over the production in the game. Players must also tend to Grove so that they can reach their full potential. Consider building pipelines, systems and other things to keep harvesting healthy.

The official initial page of the Harvest extension on the Path Of Exile website contains more information about other ongoing changes to the game, including but not limited to redoing the two-handed weapon system and game performance improvement rate issues related to the framework.

For those who are full of hope for the future, Path Of Exile2 is still under development, and it is reported that it will solve all the "defects" of the current book title. However, there is no news on the release date. Players can wait for the anticipation and to prepare for the upcoming new version.



In the path of exile, the seeds are divided into different levels. The first level of seeds is very simple, it only needs to be planted near the same type of collector.

The second layer of seeds is special, but obviously this type of seeds will bring you greater rewards. Players who want to maximize their profits will get some very complicated gardening solutions. Wanting to have a secondary seed requires some POE Currency, irrigation, etc.

The third layer of seeds sometimes drops from monsters killed by the second layer of seeds. GGG did not elaborate, but what is certain is that it is more difficult to grow third-level seeds.

Of course, the main focus of these different grades of seeds is not to plant beautiful gardens, but to harvest... literally. The goal of these moments is to ensure that players can create their dream boss battles, and the rewards obtained after winning are a large part of it. A maximum of 48 plants can be harvested at a time, so at least it can be said that the combination of combat is extensive.

You can even use the right combination and three layers of seeds to train some unique endgame level bosses. There were three encounters, each of the three seeds, but the fourth and even tougher enemies were mocked.

In terms of production, Grinding Gear Games hopes to set a very different pace for the Harvest League. Continuous leagues need more and more rewards to feel good, reward and respond to this inflation cycle, Harvest's reward frequency will be reduced, but the significance is greater, because you can control the items you loot from the garden.

After the harvest is complete, different seed types will create different manual options. Therefore, the more seeds you have, the more likely you are to choose more items to guide the loot, and higher or rare seeds will provide some very unusual crafting traits. In order to get the best return, you need to POE Currency Buy, so that you can meet the high life requirements of the top hand-made craftsmanship.

Grinding Gear Games reveals the Path of Exile's summer expansion: harvest. Although this expansion is very novel and more difficult than before, players can Buy POE Currency on IGGM, especially for novice players, who can get started smoothly. The bumper harvest provides players with the opportunity to build their own garden, and can build a complex network of irrigation machinery within the holy forest.

As an action role-playing game, when the player goes to harvest, the seeds of the plant become active. Once the harvest begins, players will randomly encounter a seed cache in the world-the magical roots will lead the trend, and the new NPC Oshabi provides players with trips to the sacred forest.

In the middle of each pack of seeds, the player should build a collector. When players go to harvest plants and fight monsters in them, the collector will use the vitality of the seeds. Players can use Lifeforce in several ways, mainly to create powerful new effects on their equipment. In this process, if you use POE Currency, it will make the player go more smoothly. But Lifeforce can only go so far in the production process, and players will almost always have some left. This is where the system becomes complicated. Some seeds require Lifeforce to start growing from lower-level seeds. Harvest provides wild, primitive and vivid seed types, each creating their own vitality. In order to plant stronger seeds, players need to connect irrigation lines from their collectors to other seed blocks.

Like all leagues of Path of Exile, players can expect many other changes. There are 12 new unique items in the game, and fully balanced two-handed melee weapons. And props like POE Orbs will play a bigger role. Grinding Gear Games is also re-examining the huge passive skill tree and changing some older options. Delirium will also enter the core game with Harvest. Players can still encounter very difficult cooked food all over the world.
On Tuesday, Grinding Gear Games announced the summer expansion of the path of  exile: a bumper harvest. The bumper harvest provides players with the opportunity to build their own gardens and build a complex network of irrigation machinery within the holy forest. But as an action role-playing game, when the player goes to harvest, the seeds of the plant will become active.

Path of Exile: Harvest will launch on PC on June 19, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released this week on June 22.

Once the harvest begins, players will randomly encounter seed caches in the world, the magical roots will lead the trend, and each area hides a POE Currency. When the player interacts with the seed cache, it will discard a large number of different seeds. Then, the new NPC Oshabi provides players with a trip to the sacred woods.

In the middle of each pack of seeds, the player should build a collector. When players go to harvest plants and fight monsters in them, the collector will use the vitality of the seeds. Players can use Lifeforce in several ways, mainly to create powerful new effects on their equipment.

Level 1 monsters can drop level 2 seeds, which are more critical of how they grow. They may need to be close to other seeds of the same or different colors, and need some type of Lifeforce. However, as they grow, the second layer of seeds will provide more difficult combat challenges, and will drop the third layer of seeds, which are more difficult to grow and kill. Some of these monsters are even from Path of Exile 2 under development, and should be more detailed than current Path of Exile monsters.

By completely customizing each set of seeds, players can choose which enemies they want to fight and which production rewards they will get from the encounter. Players can harvest 48 seeds at a time, some of which can hold more than one monster. But failure to fight means that you will lose vitality, so players need to be prepared to take some difficult actions.

After obtaining level 3 seeds, players can sometimes fight one of the 3 boss seeds. The studio is making fun of a mysterious, extremely difficult Tier 4 seed. Once Harvest is released, players need to discover it themselves.

Grinding Gear Games said it wants to make sure that the system is complicated for players who want to get new gameplay from The Path of Exile, while also recognizing that others are not interested in this kind of micro-management. The studio has established a system that can be used for both types of players. Devout builders can create incredible, ubiquitous gardens, while others occasionally ignore their gardens without any punishment. But the goal of "Sacred Jungle" is elaborate production, Grinding Gear Games hopes to focus on this, not just throw new items at players like in every league, because many items players can get through POE Currency Buy, otherwise the new The game loses its meaning.
With the advent of the Alliance of the Final Exile Alliance expansion, the golden age of PoE melee construction has its mark. Most melee skills will get large to moderate gains, which makes them very absurdly suitable for anything you actually want to do in Blight. The transition to melee is very good, because novices or experts will build many solid melee versions of Blight, and novices or experts can do it. In this article, we will show the top path of exile melee buildings that currently stand out among all other buildings, because these buildings are often the best and strongest in terms of typical survivability, damage, and defense capabilities.

Marauder killer beginner friendly version
Lacerate is in good condition now, because it can reach 1 million Shaper DPS on a budget device, and because it can use a sword or axe and has a strong leveling ability, both are great. Overall, this is a very easy-to-use skill with pleasant skills, and most beginners will choose this skill as the best entry skill for Blight. As a beginner, this type of version is very useful if you want to save some Path of Exile Currency or POE Orbs for some larger versions. This version can be used for HC, SC or even SSF, if you choose this version, because it shreds the content, you will definitely have a good time.

Bleeding Gladiator Double Forward Melee Stature
Bleeding Gladiator Double Forward can make all the content in the game with the least budget. It points out the huge survivability-evasion, block and blindness, and high damage, which makes it a melee occupation for excellent boss killers and laboratory farmers. This version is very suitable for breeding PoE currency, you can also choose to POE Currency Buy on IGGM. Bleed uses fascinating mechanical principles to explode huge backpacks at a stretch. It looks great, and because of the explosion, its clear pace is also excellent. Since this is a very cheap build, you can use it as an entry-level build for the new league, and the most exciting aspect is that you can exchange abilities (two strikes/advanced/retired) to add some Diversity.

Facebreakers Scion Ascendant unarmed high budget version
The focus of this version is the use of Facebreaker gloves and Rigwald's cursed amulet to cause a lot of unarmed basic damage. This structure can cause considerable damage, with more than 5,000 lives, and the use of Loreweave breastplate can make the offense and defense better. One factor to note is that, except for Facebreakers and Rigwald’s Curse, this construction will not work now. If you want to solve this construction in HC Blight, you will also need Loreweave to be safe. It takes the energy to make the build work on a soft core, and more on a hard core. If you want to create more such versions, it is best to buy some POE Exalted Orb for sale.
A few days later, on June 3rd, at 00:00 Moscow time, Grinding Gear Games will present its RPG Path of Exile ’s next major content update, but currently, the developer announced the release of patch 3.10.2 Added testing Vulkan based rendering version. The Path of Exile game is designed around items. Any game system that can be listed item by item using random attributes already exists. Our flask is a permanent item with a mod. Our final game area can be found as a map item with mods that modify its challenges and rewards. There is no doubt that POE Currency can provide great help to players in this process.

According to the creator, although the game engine supports multithreading, DirectX 11 firmware and hardware cannot fully implement it, which causes additional delays when the processor is under heavy load. For Vulkan-based rendering, in this case, all tasks are performed using functions controlled by the developer himself, which makes it easy to optimize and ensure stable operation without increasing performance.

Of course, the smoothness of the events that occur on the screen depends on many factors, but the team wants to exclude certain variables to ensure a constant frame rate. Vulkan is currently in beta, but will later become the main renderer used on the road to exile. Although the gaming industry has been affected by Corona Virus recently, it has not affected players' expectations of Path of Exile 2, and hopes that the new version will meet the expectations of players. By the way, new and old players can now Buy POE Currency, POE Exalted Orb and prepare for the new version.
Two weeks before the start of the new league, "Grinding Gear Games" provided a huge update for Path of Exile. Action RPG now supports the Vulkan graphical interface. According to preliminary tests, this has brought significant improvements to the regular fps drop and performance fluctuations. Compared to the update, what is more closely related to the player itself is that in the game, players need to increase their strength through POE Currency, and like these POE Currency, POE Exalted Orb and other items are difficult to accumulate in the game, so players can Buy POE Currency on IGGM can improve your game experience.

In a detailed forum post, the developer explained how the new Vulkan API ensures significantly more consistent performance than the DirectX 11 renderer: "In recent years, we have increased the number of multi-threads used by the Path of Exile engine, which allows us to Make better use of modern CPUs with multiple threads. The emergence of shaders is due to our use of a dynamic shader system-often uploading the entire game, if it occurs, it can currently put the entire game on hold. In our DirectX11 backend In, shader uploads are done in background threads, but AMD / Nvidia / Intel will process them before the GPU uses them. This happens in its own thread, which may cause excessive CPU usage. In this case, the driver processing seems to be in the main thread, which causes a delay. This rendering API also allows you to perform all operations in the function calls that we have full control, so we can completely avoid these uncontrollable DirectX11 graphics drivers Blocked. "

Vulkan solves these problems. The average refresh rate of the streamer will not increase significantly, but the problems mentioned no longer occur-this is more important than a few frames per second to avoid sudden death in the game. Other players also reported that after switching from DirectX 11 to Vulkan, their performance has improved significantly. Therefore, the Vulkan API seems to solve the biggest problem of Path of Exile, which has puzzled gamers for many years.

Not only do they annoy the characters, but they often kill people, so far players have had to solve these problems themselves. Many people lowered the resolution, made the texture worse, and even completely disabled the sound of the game. It can indeed be improved, but the problem cannot be completely solved. Although it will reduce the player's game experience at one point, it does not affect players' expectations of Path of Exile 2. During the waiting period, all players can do is to accumulate enough POE Currency to prepare for the new version.

Minecraft Dungeons is an action role-playing game, and the path of exile is a category, you can play with up to four friends. Including all secret levels, there are about 14 levels. The hero version of DLC will reach a higher level in the near future and allow them to access the first two expansions of the game. Microsoft has now confirmed that one of them is the Jungle Awakens we expected! The path of exile featuring the POE Currency system will also have new expansions.

The release date of the "Wake Up in the Jungle" we reported earlier seems to be accurate, and Microsoft confirmed today that it is indeed the first DLC to be released in July.

The Jungle Awakening DLC ??formed three new dungeons, presumably on the jungle map of the previous data mining. The DLC will also be accompanied by new weapons, armor and artifacts, as well as a large number of new enemy types in the Minecraft universe.

 In this adventure, you will enter a distant and dangerous jungle to perform three new missions to fight the mysterious forces. To overcome the horror hidden in the vines, you will have new weapons, armor and artifacts.

The new dungeons include "Jumper", "Whisperer" and "Poisonous Quill", and possibly the leader mobs representing creatures never seen in my world. From the first screenshot, all of these follow the principles of plant motifs, live cacti and poisonous plants.

Microsoft also confirmed that the next DLC is "Crawling Winter" and it will be available later this year, although the Nintendo Store had previously designated September 2020 as the launch window.

In addition to the paid DLC, new features released later will be provided to players for free, and more details will be released in the next few weeks. The team is also making some better free new content for Minecraft Dungeons. In the coming weeks, we will provide players with more detailed and accurate information.

Minecraft Dungeon games may have some understanding of the real endgame content, but the potential is huge. Games such as "Diablo III" and "Path of Exile" have almost taken their lives in the continued love and updates of developers, and the large and high-quality expansion of "Path of Exile". I hope that in the future, Minecraft Dungeon will also receive similar support.

Part of the reason for the endless expansion of the path of exile is its currency system, which can be solved by POE Currency Buy when players are in trouble, which is a better game experience for players.

Since the beginning of this year, it has been known that the action role-playing game Path Of Exile will undergo some expansions this year. Over the past few weeks, the subject has become very quiet. But now, the responsible developer studio Grinding Gear Games has renewed its vitality. In this game, POE Currency has always played an important role. Players can accumulate before expanding and releasing new versions.

As a producer on revealed, Path Of Exile's next expansion is coming. More specifically, it should be held on June 2, 2020-the next Tuesday. However, it is not clear how many details. Allegedly, the size of the unknown extension is about the same level as "Incursion" or "Blight". Among other things, some new game mechanics, and of course more armor and weapons, can also be expected. However, when the new expansion is announced next week, there will be no specific release date.

It remains to be seen whether Grinding Gear Games will or will stick to the original road map for exile by 2020. In fact, there should be a total of four expansions, but due to the current COVID-19 and its impact on the gaming industry, this may be problematic. In any case, this will not affect the player's expectations of Path Of Exile. During this waiting period, players can first accumulate POE Currency. As one of the most important props of Path Of Exile, it is indispensable in customs clearance. Because novice players are relatively new to this game, it is difficult to find a suitable place to Buy POE Currency. Here is recommended IGGM, IGGM has first-class service and cheap goods, you should not to miss it.
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