The Issue is ik Im gonna come back tomorrow and play Do blog de Megaomgchen

If your whining abt Madden nfl, just skip this article. Cuz go mad. Only opened value of Fan Appreciation packs. I'm not gonna whine I did not get a gt. The best I got was a 97 dierdorf once. As my highest I got two 95s after. There's a 51 percent chance to Mut 20 coins acquire a 96+. The way tf did I only get one in 5 packs. Okay I thought, whatever, I will go play weekend league. Then I run into a man with GT Mays and Sanu, I have a 98 ovr group (with no gts) so obviously I could beat him.

Little did ik he was a close collapse flexer. After sending 7/8 players every time I couldn't stop him. My 99 devin Hester was avoided by him and kicked it to my FB. Annoying but I am Utilized to it. On defense he conducts a dime cover two zone blitz that can somehow lockdown the conduct game and the entire field with a couple audibles. My o- lineup consisting of 99 joe Thomas 99 McDaniel 98 Alex Mack 97 decastro and 98 dierdorf can't compete against dbs for a certain reason.

After he goes up 28-0 I stopped, trying my best not to curse in front of my little brothers. Been playing Madden nfl a couple hours a day since release. The simple fact that I get dismissed by ppl who cover Throne tutorials is really annoying. My coins would still be alive rn if y’all did not gas me up. Try only madden for the pleasure of it, I built a Jags theme group, and they're not as good of a squad but they are still a lot of fun. And I think a great deal of fun lies in this community, in doing giveaways, giving tips, etc..

I know that it's annoying but some folks actually think it's the most significant thing in the world to buy Madden 20 coins win a matchup of madden. On the weekend it seems it's way worse haha but some people find that entertaining(I have no idea how). I suppose if I had been to mimic exactly what a few of those opponents do I'd like Madden nfl less, it'd become monotonous. To each their own though.

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