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JUBA [url=]Rudy Gobert Big Tall Jersey[/url] , Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- South Sudan on Thursday pledged toenhance vaccination and strengthen animal health regulations tocurb the spread of rabies among the ballooning population of straydogs.

James Janga Duku, Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries,said mass displacement of people coupled by the ongoing economiccrisis in the war-torn country has forced many families to abandontheir pets, resulting in a big colony of strays and a rise inrabies cases.

Speaking at an event to mark the World Rabies Day, Duku said theEast African country has seen an increase in reported cases sincethe country started recording suspected rabies cases in 2007.

"The current economic situation has made human beings competefor the same food with dogs and dogs become sacrificed [url=]Karl Malone Big Tall Jersey[/url] , and as aresult they go and roam in the streets," he said.

The minister said the government "shall decide what to do" withthese stray dogs that he said have become a menace to thepublic.

"We are going to conduct proper surveillance and monitoringamong the dogs whether they are astray or domestic. We need to movewith a nationwide vaccination program outbreak of rabies among thedogs," Duku said.

Duke further said his ministry has teamed up with partners suchas the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and several localand international aid agencies to enhance awareness amongcommunities on dog healthcare and public health risks associatedwith dogs.

Ghada James Killa, President of the South Sudan VeterinaryAssociation, said they have recorded five deaths related to rabiesthis year alone [url=]John Stockton Big Tall Jersey[/url] , adding that the cases could be even higher as manycommunities in rural areas do not seek medical attention afterbeing attacked by animals.

"Dogs have become a threat in our communities because they movein groups and they attack children and women. So we must increaseour research to combat the outbreak of rabies in the country,"Killa said.

Martin Barasa, country director of the animal health charityVeterinary Sans Frontiers (VSF), said though there are nostatistics on the population of dogs in South Sudan, they havereceived overwhelming requests from communities and health workersdemanding response and development of strategies to reduce thegrowing number of uncontrolled dog population.

"There is a huge problem emerging in the country especially incamps for displaced people that dogs population have increased [url=]Rudy Gobert Womens Jersey[/url] ,they are very aggressive and biting people especially children andwomen. So we need to develop a strategy to tackle this emergingthreat," Barasa said.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), rabies is aviral disease mostly transmitted to humans through bites, scratchesor other contact with saliva of an infected animal such asdogs.

It is estimated that rabies accounted for over 17,000 deaths in2015 [url=]Karl Malone Womens Jersey[/url] , with 90 percent of fatalities in Africa and Asia.

If it goes untreated in unvaccinated humans, it becomes fatalafter neurological signs and symptoms have developed, but treatmentafter exposure is highly successful in preventing the disease.

Nimaya Mogga, FAO Livestock Officer in South Sudan, said initialassessments have shown that many people in South Sudan do not knowwhat rabies is or live in remote locations without adequate andwell-equipped health facilities to deal with dog bites.

He said FAO would support the government of South Sudan tostrengthen its capacity to minimize the risk of transmission ofrabies in human populations. Enditem

by Bedah Mengo

NAIROBI [url=]John Stockton Womens Jersey[/url] , July 25 (Xinhua) -- Maize and sugar prices in Kenya have dropped considerably as supplies improve following increased imports.

The decline in prices comes as a big relief to millions of consumers, who few weeks ago were suffocating under the weight of high cost of the commodities due to low supplies, making the government introduce subsidies.

A 2kg tin of dry maize is currently retailing at an average of 1 U.S. dollar from a high of 1.5 dollars in May.

On the other hand, a 90kg bag of the commodity is being sold at 38 dollars down 46 dollars about two months ago.

Similarly, a 2kg packet of sugar is currently being sold at 1.1 dollars [url=]Authentic Rudy Gobert Jersey[/url] , down from 2 dollars in May following the importation of the commodity from Comesa region.

A government subsidy that followed the importation of duty-free maize has helped bring the cost of maize flour to a low of 0.09 dollars, with supply of the commodity which was recently hard to come by steadying.

While farmers who planted early in some parts of the country have started harvesting their maize, what has stabilized the prices are increased imports from Zambia and neighbouring Tanzania.

Kenya was set to import up to 3 million bags of maize between May and July to ease the severe shortage.

However, by end of August, the ministry of agriculture is targeting to ship in up to 5 million bags of the commodity. Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett said last week maize supply would normalize in a fortnight.

"Things are a little better now because the subsidized maize flour is now readily available in supermarkets. I am no longer worried of where I will get my next supply [url=]Authentic Karl Malone Jersey[/url] ," said Nairobi resident Tom Ogola on Tuesday.

Ogola noted that while initially a shopper was restricted to buying a packet or two of the subsidized flour, one is now allowed to buy up to four packets of the commodity.

A spot check on Tuesday in different retail outlets in Nairobi indicated that the government branded subsidized flour is in plenty of supply in the shops.

At a branch of Tuskys Supermarket in the city centre, the outlet had tens of packets of the subsidized maize flour, with shoppers buying the packets they need.

"Right now there is no scramble for the commodity. In fact we stopped restricting customers on the packets they should buy since Sunday evening," said an attendant.


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