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BISSAU, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) -- Disagreements between Guinea Bissau President Jose Mario Vaz and the new Prime Minister Carlos Correia have delayed formation of the new government, analysts have observed.

The appointment on Sept. 17, of Correia, 84 [url=]Mattias Janmark Jersey[/url] , had led many to hope that Guinea Bissau's two-month old political crisis will be resolved.

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The Supreme Court supported the party's position by rejecting the earlier appointment of Baciro Dja as the prime minister.

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"The prime minister is in charge of proposing members of government," lawyer Silvestre Alves told Xinhua, citing the country's Constitution which does not allow the president to name ministers.

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The president, while dismissing the former prime minister [url=]Dan Hamhuis Jersey[/url] , had accused nine of his cabinet ministers of corruption, without naming them or giving any evidence.

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