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World of Warcraft Classic: Ten years of classic games, old players are not losing their enthusiasm


Since the release of the two chapters "Onyxia" and "Ragnaros", World of Warcraft has opened up a brilliant game history with this excellent game chapter. So far, I have a strong backing - countless loyal fans! Among these many game fans, perhaps they have been exposed to Warcraft games since childhood, and some may have grown up to the present. But there is no doubt that World of Warcraft has been with many loyal players for many years. Now, due to the recent release of World of Warcraft classics, many old players who have not touched Warcraft for many years have returned to the game, and old friends have gathered together to compete for the championship. Relive the details of the year!

The first version of the World of Warcraft classic was first launched in late August. This version of the game is not only a return to the game system and settings from the "vanilla" version of the "World of Warcraft" extension, but also an attempt to reshape the community. And breakthrough. Now this version of World of Warcraft simplifies the operation of the dungeon, PVP mode, PVM mode. On this basis, all the complicated operating environments were abandoned, and the entire version was directly reversed back to the situation many years ago. Now it seems that looking back at the Warcraft in the 206 years is more like re-creating on this basis. More direct interaction between players, more parties in the game, and grouping of friends are still preserved. Compared with the early MMOs, WoW is more like a strict theme park, followed by a vibrant world. Use WOW Classic Gold For Sale to buy your favorite items, or exchange items with other players in the game, you can exchange the materials you need.

This feeling has brought a lot of lost players back to life. Many World of Warcraft players are surprised to find that even if they haven't been in contact for many years, the bonds between their partners still exist.

Chris Price is a player who has established Discord with more than 300 World of Warcraft friends. At the beginning of the line, I was worried that there might be a dramatic story, but now I find it easy to get along with everyone. If you need more materials, you can find the equipment and items you need in

Price said to Kotaku in an email: At first, I thought there would be a lot of friction and embarrassment, because honestly, not everyone was doing very well at the time. Some people have rubbed and unhappy with others in the wrong way, ancient dramas, etc. But I was surprised to see that most people left everything behind and hugged each other with open arms.

One thing that might help: Now everyone has grown up, many of whom are teenagers. Price said: "At that time, we often joked a lot of words, ridiculed that we are all old now, it seems that time has passed so fast, everyone has grown up in the blink of an eye.

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Of course, as time goes on, maturity has its drawbacks—that is, people now spend less time playing games because this time they spend most of their working hours playing games.

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