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You, carefully order."Li Ran is also to organize one member, know the risk of this kind of activity.
  "Stop worrying."Qin Hong consolation way.
  "Now, set out."That cloud bottom reaches an order.
  "Hurry, Qin Hong."The others have already rushed out outdoor, Qin Hong doesn't dare to hesitate and immediately follow other teammates, the cent multiplies by four black Jies to reach a sedan and quickly rushed through westwards the city area bright moon lake.
  And inside this courtyard, also cannot help but having one silk misgiving on Li Ran Lian.
  "Little elder sister Ran, you carefully order, don't stand at outdoor, enter a house at once, have you already forgotten a few days ago that telephone?"Other members of this headquarters immediately run to come over.
  "I know."Li Ran also starts to recall at the beginning that telephone.
  She at that time by the side of the telephone, clear heard a telephone of contents, the other party reminded Qin Hong and said northeast'Yangming'wanted to kill him, and is please'Li Ming Shan'help, the that Lee clear mountain then employed a desperado'Chu sky', Chu sky was inside a certain rental house at the old city area.
  Afterwards, they discovered Chu for sky of corpse, today morning, also knows that Li Ming Shan's corpse discovered inside the airtight way at oneself den.
  Qin Hong is just completely certain, Best Hunting Knife Yangming really needs to kill him.
  Plus, Qin Hong really killed Yangming's eldest brother by himself/herself'Wang Qing', Yangming revenges, that is that the complete sign is logical.So, Qin Hong just transfers the wife to the headquarters this.
  "Telephone, who beat?The other party, why wants to help oneself again?"Li Ran, Qin Hong is all interrogative, while the other party didn't stay.
  This telephone is what Teng green mountain beats, Yangming wants to kill they's younger brother, and the Teng green mountain certainly can't let the other party live down.So he pleased'moxa Lin Nuo'the help check to explore Chen Yang Min's trace and begin so much.
  Can check to explore one personal trace, is also need to be horary.So, the Teng green mountain calms down to wait the news of the Nuo of moxa Lin in the Yang state city.
  Can the news haven't waited until, absolute being country's organizing two greatest tycoons has been already come.
  Inside a set of rental house of old city area, live Yangming and three of his under charges.
  ", Did Qin Hong leave old nest?Toward the west city area direction?"Yangming just and' dark of hand' organization telephone contact, " good, I immediately set out.Keep in touch at any time."
  Yangming the cent arrive in evening of time, from'dark of hand'organize that, know that the Teng green mountain unexpectedly hides at specially activity set headquarters, can be helpless to slowly wait for.Is unexpectedly so quick, Qin Hong came out.
  "Like, several elder brothers.Our targets only have 1 and kill Qin Hong!"
  Yangming such as a head of bad wolf, the vision once sweeps a body side 3 people.
  "Stop worrying, eldest brother."Those three people since choose and Yangming come over, that is also the desperado.
  "Take a good gun."
  4 Yangmings respectively hide a good gun, Best Hunting Knife immediately rental house, outdoor stop a Pa Sa especially.4 people immediately also rush through toward the west city area direction after getting on the car.
  Drove a short moment-
  "Yangming, Qin Hong their a group of persons, arrives the west city area bright moon lake.Now, fly knife Gu wolf, and absolute being country two greatest tycoon also over there.Is very dangerous there, I suggest that you had better go."Spread dark organization member's voice in telephone.
  Yangming frightens a jump.
  Fly knife Gu wolf, is the absolute being country two greatest tycoons?These three people can are all existence that he needs look upwards.
  "Thank, however, the opportunity is rare this time, I am dead, also want to revenge for my elder brother!"Yangming immediately orderanies a driver the under charge on, " is quick, go to the west city area bright moon lake."Carry to navigate map a top in the car is marking to have the accurate circuit to lead to bright moon lake, Yangming's a group of people, continuously overtake a car, very and soon rush through into bright moon lake.
  Bright moon lake, became an everyone to remit to gather of location.
  In being apart from by the lake in the bright moon lake 800 meters probably or so one wasteland, the Teng green mountain at a stretch runs to this, those two big super strongs are to at a stretch catch up with this.

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