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it's hard to compete with top teams if you don't have at least one team consisting primarily of diamond players. Of course, here are some amethysts and even rubies to keep you in the game, but diamonds are the minimum requirement for most teams. After searching for the cheapest and most useful diamond cards in each location in the auction house, here are the five cheapest and best diamond cards.  Buy NBA 2K20 MT on GameMS, you only need a little cost will greatly improve your gaming experience, which will be very helpful for your game.

PG / SG-Jason Terry-Jason Kidd Spotlight Series Pack-9,950 MT

The short side of this Diamond card is 6'2 ", but below 10,000 MT, it is still an external explosive shooting game (95 point three-point shooting) and extremely fast (98). The card also has a gold clamp badge There are 37 badges in total. This is one of the best bargains in the entire auction house.

SG / PG-Donovan Mitchell-Highlights of the week 1/16 / 20-7,500 tons

If your Diamond startup team needs a player who can become an all-around scorer, then this "Spida" Mitchell card is perfect. It has 95 speeds, 92 three-pointers, and 95 dunks. Although he was only 6 minutes and 3 seconds, Mitchell got a good animation on the drive and dunked the defense with the gold medal "Contact Finisher".

SG / SF-Tony Allen-New Year's Resolution-Continuous Development-8,500 Tons

First, you want to make sure you get an improved version, otherwise, you are looking for an amethyst that is not very valuable. There is another disclaimer; the jumper is a bit slow and awkward. If you can do that, then this card could be your main factor for almost any 2 guard or small forward. Allen in real life does provide excellent defense.

This is by far the most modest card included in the list, but along with "Frozen Wounded Anthony Walker" in the conversation, it is the best power forward option in the price range. If you don't consider the price range, you have more and better options. If you lack NBA 2K20 MT, you may consider Buy 2K20 MT. This is faster and more convenient.

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