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First, if you are already logged in through Google or Apple, you no longer need to enter the Jagex authentication code. The team believes that redundancy is a factor,

This topic does not have much effect on the old players, but it still reminds us of the security of the account. If you are currently using the mobile terminal to log in, it is best to be consistent with the PC terminal, to ensure that you can communicate with your account on different versions.

In the game, people may pay more attention to their game level while paying attention to the game account. How can I reach my goal quickly? Here, players can purchase RS Gold from to improve game efficiency and quickly upgrade levels.

Regarding authentication, if your account has been authenticated, then the Jagex authenticator is an unnecessary step. With this change, mobile clients can handle third-party logins in the same way as websites.

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The core of Animal Crossing is a town-building game. Players can build their base on the island and engage in activities such as fishing, mining, cutting trees, and catching insects. Earn money bells to buy precious harp and xylophone items such as Beath.

Bis said. When everything in the world is full of stress, when it is not possible to do something outside, it is great to be able to do something in the game. It's great to relax and play a game. provides players with a large number of Nook Miles Tickets and other products to create a better gaming environment.

In the early days of lock-in, gamers brought the game to their consoles. Verizon reported that in the first week of quarantine, the use of video games in the United States increased by 75%, and among those surveyed in the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, 57% to 71% said they spent Time spent playing video games adds to the data.

Now, whether it is a child or an adult, they will play Animal Crossing at home. Its popularity is partly due to the game's flexible characteristics that adapt to various ages and interests.

Some people are only interested in collecting butterflies. Others spent a lot of time looking for gold mines. Everyone's interests are different. You can also help you realize these interests by Buy Animal Crossing Items or other items.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community is often positive. Players will share and trade fruits (for example, my peach is orange) and DIY recipes on social media. However, the New Horizons summer update allows players to accidentally splash into the ocean, which leaves a loophole for misbehaving visitors.

If tourists jump from the airport terminal into the sea, they can swim around any roadblock. Soon after the update, participants active in the trading community realized this risk and began to look for solutions. Others hope that Nintendo will be able to repair its ability to completely break away from the dock.

New Horizons participants are working hard to solve the problem. provides players with high-quality ACNH Bells and other hot-selling products. Players can purchase with confidence according to their needs.

Some players have "bodyguards" that help maintain order. Other players make exquisite fences on their islands, so they can easily manage visitors without risking others running around. Many players are not necessarily worried about the destruction of their islands, but they are uneasy about the destruction of trust by these bad actors.

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New Horizons provides several effective ways to Buy Animal Crossing Bells in a short time. These are some of the most effective methods we have found.

Five rocks are scattered on each island. Hitting most of them with a spade or ax will produce a stone or iron block, but one of the rocks will produce a bell when hit.

When you first leave the island, you will notice that fruit is growing. It is randomly selected from five options: cherry, apple, peach, pear, and orange. This is your "local" fruit, which sells for 100 bells per piece. Not terrible but not very good.

Now, if you manage to get one of the four non-native fruits and bring them back to your island, these fruits are priced at 500 bells.

When buy Nook tickets, you may find non-native fruit trees on various Nook islands discovered earlier. Bring the fruit back to your island and harvest it in a few days. You can also choose to buy Animal Crossing Bells from ACBellsBuy to save a lot of time.

If you have friends playing, this process will become easier. Not only can you collect your friends’ native fruits and sell them in town, but you can also bring them and sell them for 500 bells in their town.

You can catch bugs on the island or talk to neighbors to do missions, and earn Nook Miles by completing various goals and normal game missions. You can make money by completing various activities in the game, and then you can buy new furniture, decorations, hairstyles, and other furniture that cannot be purchased with ACNH Buy Bells.

In addition to doing tasks, you can also buy Nook Miles tickets from the Nook station served by residents. Is it worth visiting a barren island? No, you can harvest resources such as wood or iron nuggets and convince the villagers to join your beautiful island. You can find all kinds of goods on New Island, so make sure you have increased your inventory to bring back a lot of cool things.

These challenges will appear at the top of the Nook Miles app and will scroll each time you complete the app. You will have 5 at any given time, and each time you complete a collection and get a reward, it will disappear and be replaced by another in the same pool.

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From the start of the wedding to the beginning of the swimming, I have never been to a place that was once a tropical reserve. I logged in once in mid-June to view "Pride Island", and when I returned to Isola Sole on July 1, I was severely talked to every resident.

No new bugs were found in the southern hemisphere in July, but there are many in the northern hemisphere. There are cicadas, beetles, and mosquitoes everywhere-rattling on the tree, crawling on the ground, walking around with me, even biting me. provides players with high-quality Animal Crossing Items and ACNH Bells and other products, if you want to escape these bugs, it is better to choose a favorable preparation.

There are now 13 different beetles that live in islands in the northern hemisphere. Mosquitoes have been around since June, but until recently I managed to avoid bleeding bastards. I shook the tree and was swarmed at the same time, bitten by a lone mosquito hovering near my head. disgusting.

Apart from chatting with someone at an outdoor party, their eyes are removed from your eyes, staring, and wandering somewhere near one of your ears, nothing scares me more than this-this is A bug is flying in your head.

For several summers, we had to continuously spray pesticides in the backyard to prevent cheeky insects. But I just remember when I ran into one of them in a Barbie car, it creaked like a damn tortilla. I decided to buy Animal Crossing Bells on ACBellsBuy to help myself quickly get better equipment, the principle of these disgusting bugs.

On a hot summer day in 1998, Uncle Joy saw me peeping in the empty cicada shells in the backyard. After falling like a cicada in Pompeii, they still perched on the trees.

Currently, horned beetles are most popular due to their high price and colorful appearance. Unfortunately, these beetles rarely lay eggs, so it is difficult to find them to fill a small animal. Fortunately, there is an easier way to catch beetles that people may already be familiar with: creating Tarantula Island.

All that mysterious island needs is a beach with palm trees and the ability to produce bugs. Once the players get there, they will need to pick flowers, dropstones, cut down hardwoods and fruit trees to destroy the ecology. Please note that players must not cut down palm trees, otherwise the beetles will have nowhere to lay eggs. Besides, before cutting down all trees, make sure you have enough branches and iron blocks to make four mosquito nets. ACBellsbuy provides a large number of discounted products such as Animal Crossing Items or ACNH Nook Miles Tickets to help players experience the game better.

Players will need to use the Tarantula Spider-Island method, which means they will need to purchase Nook Miles tickets to enter Mysterious Island after 5 pm (or 11 pm, depending on what you want to catch). All that mysterious island needs is a beach with palm trees and the ability to produce bugs. Once the players get there, they will need to pick flowers, dropstones, cut down hardwoods and fruit trees to destroy the ecology. Please note that players must not cut down palm trees, otherwise the beetles will have nowhere to lay eggs. Also, before cutting down all trees, make sure you have enough branches and iron blocks to make four mosquito nets.

Too close will scare them away. If you stand too far, you won't be caught by the net and will scare them away. After determining the correct distance, the player can use a shovel to dig a hole in the side as a distance marker. Players can also use another method of cheating to approach the beetles without scaring them away. Lightly tapping the R lever, the player will move forward with a slight movement, which will not stun the beetle. This makes it easier to get close without having to worry about them flying away.

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Animal Crossing: There are many beautiful butterflies in New Horizons. Monarch butterflies glow brightly at night. You can donate them to museums, or sell them to Bells or even Flick in exchange for realistic models.

The monarch butterfly you caught can be exchanged for high-priced Nook Miles Tickets in Cranny. Animal Crossing Bells and other items provided on are almost all from high-risk and high-yield players.

Monarch Butterfly is a unique insect that now appears on islands around the world. According to GameWith, players with two hemispheres can catch Monarch Butterfly between December and March, and then between June and September Catch the Monarch Butterfly again. The butterfly has a chance to appear at any time between 5 pm. And at 8 am.

The monarch butterfly is a medium insect. It is larger than the yellow or ordinary butterfly in the game, but not as large as Queen Alexandra's bird wings. You can look for videos online to see how the Monarch Butterfly is flying.

The monarch butterfly is a precious insect. Everyone competes for 4000 bells in Nook's Cranny. Since this insect appears in several months of the year, you should have enough time to catch a lot of insects and make the bells crack!

Of course, the price of the monarch butterfly is very attractive, but you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells on is also very cost-effective, the price is also very attractive, and very convenient.

With the rise of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, many third-party service online resources have sprung up, and merchants always use their unique wisdom and skills to help players build their islands.

Selling and exchanging in-game items and resources is the most common among animal crossing trading communities. At the same time, the huge online economy of games has also begun to take shape. The indispensable thing on the island is Animal Crossing Bells, you need to try to trade as much as possible in exchange for Animal Crossing Bells.

In Animal Crossing, as long as it can drop items, you can almost trade it. Like fish, insects, plants, etc., you can grab it yourself, or plant fruits and vegetables, and you can use it to exchange clocks with others. Voice or use Nook Miles tickets.

You can even trade villagers. For a villager to put it in a box, he must first express his desire to move. He will pack up the next day. When a villager moves out, another empty player can visit and ask your villager to move to her island.

As long as there is vacant land on the island, you can obtain villagers in the same way. Maybe you don’t have enough time to stay in the game, then you can choose to buy Animal Crossing Bells on ACBellsBuy to achieve the same purpose efficiently.

The new summer patch released by Animal Crossing New Horizons on July 2, 2020. Pearl appears as a new trading currency, but it is not easy to find it in the game. However, ACNH Bells are the most commonly used in player trading.

There are two different ways to find pearls in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The first way to encounter pearls is when you look for deep-sea creatures. Similar to other marine creatures, players can also find these pearls when swimming in the ocean around the island. You should note that pearls are not treated as creatures, which means that it does not appear in Critterpedia.

You can try to find as many deep-sea creatures as possible, and eventually, you may find some pearls. However, before diving into the sea, you need to first enter Nook's Cranny and purchase a set for 3,000 ringtones in case of an emergency. After purchasing a wetsuit, you only need to equip it, and the gear can be worn on the clothes you wear. Now, click "A" to dive into the water from the edge of the island and start swimming.

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