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For the players of the Path of Exile, the next supporter package will include the Path of Exile Gamebook. This book will be an update that is worth looking forward to. The developers of the Path of Exile always seem to be not satisfied with the current This state, constantly adding new and more innovative content to the game, more interesting things, this reflects the deep content is that the Path of Exile has been devoted to the player's perspective, will be You bring more information, buy POE Currency, POE Orbs and other POE items, please look for us.

The Lord’s Labyrinth is a book that "choose your path." You are Weylin of Ezomyte slave Ezomyr. As a child is captured and becomes a gladiator, you will have the opportunity to withstand the test of the maze of the mad Izolo emperor and his House of Lords. As Weylin, it's up to you to decide how the story will be played. Every choice is yours. Some will lead to death, some will lead to glory, and everything will go through the darkest roads of the war-breakers.

The author of the book is Chris Kluwer, a former beneficiary of the Minnesota Vikings. His choice is not as strange as you might think. He has entered the Path of Exile, so he continues to move forward with the title "of".

The game manual (and other physical goods) will be available in the new Core Supporter Pack at a higher level, and these Core Supporter Packs are expected to be released by the end of this year. The official does plan to sell the gamebook outside of the Supporter Pack (either digital or physical), but only after the new Supporter Pack is finished (so don't expect to buy the manual soon). The future, but in the end it will be). Please note that the game manual is in English and we do not intend to translate it into other languages due to the large number of words and the limited number of prints. Find out more information about the Path of Exile, do Exalted Orb trading, pay attention to

Madden needs to improve Nick Bosa and his San Francisco 49ers rating. A week has passed, the San Francisco 49ers won again. They are the most amazing team of the season, and their status will not disappear quickly, but the ratings of them in Madden 20 have not been adjusted, it is time for them to get the approval of Madden. San Francisco 49ers the most amazing thing is their defense, but also thanks to their best defensive rookie Nick Bosa. His initial OVR is 78. It has reached 84 OVR, but this does not match his performance, he deserves a higher rating, and his performance in the game is impressive.

Nick Bosa is currently ranked 11th in Madden's best right-back row, but is the same or better than Justin Houston (87 OVR), Trey Flowers (87 OVR) or Kawann Short (85 OVR). Bosa deserves to be upgraded to the 86 OVR type range. For all Madden players, Nick Bosa is a player worth investing in. As the level increases, you may need to spend more Madden 20 Coins to own him, so now is the best time, lack of Coins, Buy Madden Coins at GameMS will be able to help you effectively.

Currently, in Madden, San Francisco 49ers defense is rated 81 OVR, which is an underestimated rating. The team is allowed to score (11 PPG) per game, with a total yard code (224.4 YDS) per pass (128.7). PYDS) and ranked second in terms of each game (115.7 RYDS). We compared with 88 OVR Patriots, the two defenses are so similar in production, but the ratings are quite different. They didn't get the corresponding ratings. The key to defense is the player's outstanding performance. The 49ers don't rely on some superstars to complete these heavy tasks. Many players in the 49ers defense should upgrade. For Madden players, if you want to enhance your team's defensive ability, spend some MUT coins, buy some San Francisco 49ers outstanding defensive players, is a very cost-effective choice.
We should all know that this version is a version that requires you to handle the content. No matter how strong your defense is, those monsters can kill you. The player needs to confirm one thing, that is, confirmation is required, all will be in Killing you in one hit, then all you need to do is to circumvent this situation as much as possible, and our build is based on this purpose. What needs to be shown to you is that we offer this set of suggestions. It may take a certain amount of POE Currency, you need to prepare enough POE Orbs, If you are not prepared enough, then I recommend you can go to to Buy POE Currency, a very reliable shop. and these costs are worthwhile, when you can explore 1000 depth, POE Orbs will become very common, and the frequency of dropping will become very high, and they are rare Orbs, and the deeper the area, the higher the return you will get. When you reach the depth of 1000, I believe I, your pay now is worth it.

There are two attributes you need to focus on: dodge and freeze. This is a crucial factor in whether you can go deeper, as much as possible to improve your dodge, including equipment and your skills, high enough dodge will evade a large number of monster attacks for you, of course, this does not mean that you can Abandoning the choice of defensive equipment, frozen damage and deceleration properties is very useful for you, this will help you get enough time to destroy the monsters, and the Frost Wall can greatly increase your defense ability in actual combat. These are the two attributes that you need to focus on. Of course, it's not that other attributes don't matter. You need to choose according to your actual situation.

I will give you a set of best equipment recommendations, but they are really expensive, you can buy POE Currency in a trading store like, or you can pick cheaper alternatives. In order for this version to work, you need an agile stacking bow with the addition of "10 to X Frost damage per 10 agility attacks." and "20% chance to cause double damage" modifiers, one with "Hit 12 Assassins" The ring of the impressed enemies of the imprint is also essential, and your ideal equipment should also include the headhunter belt. A void mask with a "bow attack will launch an extra arrow" damage, Tomb Glove, Marylene's Paradox Amulet. When you're ready to complete these items, you can set off and explore the depths and get the spoils.
There is no doubt that EA Sports "Maden NFL" series is a true video game giant. According to the NPD Group's Data ranking, the Madden series has occupied the top five in annual sales in the past 9 years, and there is no The question is that the Madden NFL 20 can last for ten years, and there is no doubt about the sales volume. EA Sports has been constantly adjusting, and as technology advances, in the Madden 20 launched in August, players will get a more realistic gaming experience.

Superstar X and Zone Abilities are the biggest surprises for players. The X-factors of specific star players enable them to gain when they meet certain conditions, turning them into something we can change from Sunday in the fall. The halo of the rules of the game. Regional capabilities are passive enhancements for star players. These super players are also not cheap. If you don't Buy Madden 20 Coins in a reliable online store like GameMS, then it will take a long time for you to have them. The combination of the two elements makes the sport top. The players Very powerful, but they were not excessive. Some stars have iconic animations to improve fidelity, especially the quarterback style, such as cover player Patrick Mahomes. A keen player will notice new fake games and certain player models, but this is not the majority of the player community. None of these elements can appeal to potential customers in any way, but they are there.

The new story-driven career model is called "The Face of Franchising: QB1." QB1 replaced the two-year Longshot story, putting gamers into the fictional NFL passer Devin Wade. QB1 allows gamers to create their players, guiding them from college signing to the rookie NFL season. EA Sports' Ultimate Team signature card collection, micro-transaction fill mode has been simplified. It's worth noting that you can easily enjoy this mode without spending basic games. Of course, you can also choose to Buy Madden 20 Coins, which can enhance more game fun. GameMS online store can help you, However, dedicated players may not notice too much change.
The game Path of Exile is so attractive, but for those novice players, they face a very difficult problem, that is, how to get POE currency, you may need to spend a lot of time and energy to study, Only then can you sum up the method of rapid farm POE Orbs. If you carefully read the experience summarized by below, you will save a lot of time. And quickly get enough spoils to use.

Exalted Orbs is a rare currency, they have difficulty entering the player market, you need to work hard to get these Orbs, they can be dropped by monsters, boxes and destructible containers, You can also use 20 pieces of orb fragments to make an orb. Exalted Orbs can enhance a rare equipment, which makes them very precious, plays an important role in the Path of Exile trading market, is the standard POE Currency of trading between players. A raid may be the easiest way to get the Orb, and team up with friends to find a place with a burial room, but you may need to spend some time because the chances of dropped these Orbs are very low.

Compared to the Exalted Orbs, the Chaos Orb has a higher chance of dropped. It is also obtained in the fallen box and the destructible container. The Chaos Orb is usually used to purchase the middle and low-end items. The best way to get a Chaos Orb is to go to the bluestone mine. After breaking through the mines, you will get one or two Chaos Orb of reward. Similarly, after exploring the darkness and destroying the walls, you will also drop the boxes that produce the various currency beads. Monsters almost always drop Chaos Orb, so killing enough creatures can also help you get them, which means you will need to spend a lot of time, so this is only suitable for novice players. Of course, you can also not work so hard, Buy POE Orbs at and other similar stores, do not need to spend too much to let you spend the novice period. However, you may lose some of the fun of the game.
The Chiefs has a variety of classic passing games, which are pleasing performances, and we can also find some sparkling points from their offensive games. The Chiefs is a very powerful offensive team. They have Andy Reid's rich strategy, Patrick Mahomes' strong personal strength, and more importantly their offensive playbook. Mahomes is a very outstanding quarterback, everyone wants to add it to their lineup, Buy Madden Coins, GameMS can quickly achieve your ideas.

This offensive playbook was also brought to the Madden 20 game. There are many scripts to choose from in this script, but you have to learn to be suitable. Time to use it.

Wing stack – fade out

This game doesn't look like money, but it does. The WR stack is very powerful in Madden because it often causes damage to AI defenders and its coverage is reduced. The game's role is to arrange two tight ends on one side and a bunch of receivers on the other side, giving you a heavy running look and an optimal release of the receiver. If your opponents make dime or dollar defenses to defend the deep route, you can hear the running sounds and cut them into pieces with a heavy forward. It does do all the work of this game.

Gun group of four – internal post

The Quads formation can drive your opponent crazy. They often move to the quadrilateral and are overloaded, leaving enough room on one side. If they are not overloaded, the window will pop up everywhere, especially when playing internal posts. Hit the area, then the RB / R1 late route will quickly enter the window at rest and then enter the depth of the route again, while the flat/curl combination gives you an excellent iso cover 2 corners, while in the cover 3, the separate receiver remains Can be opened deep.

Gun Y Trip – Tilt 2 Buc

Buc's 2 innings are a great way to fight with great user guards. This is particularly fatal because it hit the middle of the field from three directions. Face the cover of the person, especially the cover 1, you have a route that can be extended from the B / O, if he is behind the corner, you can score. The back route from RB / R1, if you have a good recipient, If you are missing a good recipient, GameMS can help you. Buy MUT 20 Coins will allow you to achieve it quickly and win the game. You will play a better game.
Path of Exile (PoE) is currently "dominated" by necromancers. Most players choose this class, but this has consequences for the servers.

Which class do most POE fans currently play? Statistics show that most players in the action role-playing game Path of Exile for the Blight league bet on the necromancer. This is not so unusual in and of itself, as certain classes and builds simply work better in some leagues.

The Necromancer, however, shows a peculiarity. He is also preferred from level 70, in Hardcore mode, on the PS4, and the Xbox One. Almost half even play a necro here! Normally, however, the choice of class varies slightly depending on the level and platform.

Power leads to problems

Why is the necromancer so popular? The necromancer recently received a major overhaul after the Blight update, making them much stronger than before. The many incantations make the necromancer an almost invincible hero. Players race through the levels with an army of summoned, undead creatures and flatten everything away. If you are also planning to start experimenting with Necromancer, you can Buy POE Orbs for a quick upgrade and recommend your trusted store, I have been trading through them.

What is the problem? The more creatures summoned, the more it affects the performance of the game. Is that such a big problem? While it's a game performance issue, PoE fans love the necromancer for the most part. He just feels extremely powerful and relevant. Quite different than before, when the Nekro was the worst in popular classes.

It feels a bit strange that so many in Path of Exile are suddenly playing the necromancer, and that's gone through the bank. The fact that he is still so powerful and makes the servers glow also looks funny. Maybe it will soon be Nerfs. That's why you might not get used to your powerful necromancer too much. Follow, get the latest  Path of Exile news, Buy Path of Exile Currency and POE Orbs.
On Tuesday morning, "Maden NFL 20" officially released a new mode of changing game rules: Superstar KO, and this time the new model is free, no need for players to spend any extra cost, Superstar KO mode is included in the game update on Tuesday at 9 am, this is a groundbreaking attempt, which is completely different from the simulation experience that Madden brought us. GameMS will bring you more information about Superstar KO, and you can also buy it cheap Madden 20 Coins here.

Superstar KO is a new game mode dominated by superstar players, offering eight fictional teams for players to choose from. The composition of these eight teams is built by a combination of specific strengths and weaknesses, and EA Sports said it will be In the future update, the adjustments are continuously made. The script has also been streamlined into 24 scripts, which simplifies the player's decision-making process. For example, Dot City is a pass-centered offensive team with only one side field score, and Shutdown is a defensive-intensive team. The defensive score you can choose is twice that of the latter, but the offensive option is only half.

The duration of the game can't exceed ten minutes. The focus is on providing players with a fast and easy-to-access experience. The game structure is similar to the NFL overtime rule. Each team has one possession, touchdown and two-point conversion to score. After selecting a team, the players will recruit three superstar players to their list in a similar way to the MUT draft mode - four players per round of offense or defense. Superstar KO's goal is continuous. Winning four games and having the opportunity to be rewarded in the core ultimate team mode, which requires players to assemble teams by collecting digital trading cards. Players can also get a unique experience in the Superstar KO mode, and can also connect with the Ultimate Team, so that players can get exclusive rewards and timed rewards for their efforts. Buy MUT 20 Coins can help you Rapidly improve strength, and GameMS can help you.

With the start of the NFL season, the "Maden NFL 20" will be played for free for a limited time. Those who don't already have a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Windows PC game can experience everything from Thursday to Sunday, including Superstar KO.
No one can refuse the Path of Exile. It has the advantages that a good game should have. As a free game, he has a rich plot and Various plots to choose from. When it was first released, the start was not very smooth. After many updates and adjustments, and the feedback from the players, the game has been greatly improved. It has become one of the best ARPG games of the moment, and also for other games. Set the standard, the entire Path of Exile contains a wealth of content, and is constantly updated, he has maintained a high level of expansion in the past seven years, if you want to start to experience this game, recommend you, Buy POE Currency, this will help you get a better gaming experience, this year's "Path of Exile" version 3.9.0 is worth your expectation.

According to the official new version of the information, we can know that this update is the biggest this year, including updates on the game content and some adjustments about the game, players will get when creating new characters More options, some of the bow and arrow skills have also been adjusted, those unpopular bow and arrow skills have been strengthened, in addition to some new skills and balance adjustment and other divination card packages are also included in this update This time, there will be a new season release, which developers have been looking forward to, and A good balance between the risk and reward of the game. This is a version worthy of the player's expectations. Get more Poe information, POE Currency, POE Exalted Orb latest price, please follow

Poe 3.9.0 is currently scheduled to be released on December 7, and this date can still be postponed if further work is required. The ExileCon will have a new version of the test experience, and concerning the subsequent game development, information about Extension 4.0 has been available to players at ExileCon.
This update is more focused on the adjustment than the last update, but EA Sports still adds a lot of new features worth looking forward to. In the first week of October, ea gave us a very big The version is updated, but this month's adjustment has not yet been fully completed. Today EA Sports has released another update, some of which are very interesting and worthy of everyone's expectations. This update will feature new features, franchise updates, and games. The adjustments of the gameplay are mixed, and the most important content is the new x-factor and superstar ability.

This year, Madden 20 launched the new features "X factor" and "superstar", the superstar's ability has been greatly improved, but you also need to spend more MUT 20 Coins, GameMS provides enough cheap Madden 20 Coins, you don't have to worry The problem of coins. Players are still learning to use them in the game, and they are constantly making adjustments, players need to constantly adapt, these features will be provided in today's update of Ultimate Team and Superstar KO game mode, franchise players may need Continue to wait for a certain amount of time.

New X-Factor Abilities:

Protective Custody (HBs) – Ball carriers with this ability are immune to fumbling when in the zone.
Mossed (WRs, TEs)– they will win contested catches regardless of coverage on passes of 50 yards or more.

New Superstar Abilities:

Lumberjack – Defensive players prevent broken tackles and can cause fumbles when using cut stick tackles
Out My Way – Defensive ability that always wins vs. impact block attempts vs. WR’s, TE’s and RB’s
Goal Line Stuff – Defensive ability allowing quick block sheds against 1-on-1 run blocks within 5 yards of the goal-line
Inside Stuff – Defensive ability allowing quick block sheds against 1-on-1 run blocks on inside running plays
No Outsiders – Defensive ability allowing quick block sheds against 1-on-1 run blocks on outside running plays
Tank (TE’s) – ball carriers with this ability break all hit-stick tackles

Other updates, including franchises, need players to experience the game in detail.

This update also indicates that the superstars with x capabilities will be greatly improved. If you have the players you need to replenish the team, now is the best time to buy, Buy Madden 20 Coins in GameMS, let you Don't worry about the shortage of coins. With these x-factor players, you will also get a brand new gaming experience, It’s time to try it out.
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