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Animal crossing: New Horizons is a playground you can imagine, especially when you are moving far enough to unlock the terrain. If you buy items such as Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket from Nook’s Cranny warehouse with Nook miles Ticket, full use craftsmanship, and group villagers'houses and trees together, you can create enough open space to build anything you need. Anything, including the cutest music festival of all time: Nook Fest 2020.

1、Set up the stage. The first thing you want to sort is the stage area. Considering that it is located on an island, the beach may be the best option, although you can also set up a raised platform in the middle of the open space. In the attraction section, we will introduce how to make the most of the raised cliffs on the island, so you must check this section for more information.

On the beach, there are actually two options: behind the East Beach or West Beach (depending on the island you originally selected) or the South Bank. The east / west stage has more crowd space, but also takes up a lot of islands space, while the south bank stage has a smaller area but can be cleaner. We prepared the bamboo partition, which is to isolate the rest of the beach. Before finding Zhudao, you need to use Nook miles Ticket first, and then carry as much strap as possible. Continue to harvest to unlock bamboo recipes. You can also find wood, iron and fruit recipes, so do n’t worry.

2、Purchase musical instruments. Go to the Nook store every day and try to find as many instruments as possible. We picked up the alto saxophone and high-end stereo in this way, and within a certain range, we added rock guitars, amplifiers and street pianos. If the villagers have their own musical instruments, they can send them gifts and make them spam, and sometimes they will throw the rest into the resident service recycling box. All instruments in the game can be played, so if you bring a group of friends together, you can even form a team.

3、Architectural attractions. If you have ever browsed Vanessa Hudgens ’Instagram feed during Coachella, you will know that the festival is not only about music. Attractions-whether it’s gardens or theme park rides-can make your festival (and island!) Unique.

You may have noticed that Balthasar found more duplicates in your daily fossils. It’s worth keeping your favorite settings to build a stunning outdoor dinosaur skeleton. You may also need an amusement park-we put our amusement park on the northwest beach, and facilities such as candy machines, climbing walls, marshmallow stalls, elephant slides and tea cup tours can provide entertainment. In addition, any music festival must be equipped with a portable toilet.

4、Don’t forget the refreshments and food. If you create a second account on the Switch, you can use that account to access your own island, and the second avatar will own your own house, just like us, you can turn it into a cafe or bar. After all, all festival makers need refreshments. You can also Buy Nook miles Ticket to purchase Stall recipes, which are combined with some easy-to-create food court designs to provide a variety of snacks for people attending concerts. In addition to food courts, you can also use these stalls to create merchandise sellers and display your headline behavior or festival name. You might even design a formal holiday shirt and show the model nearby.

5、Bring in the villagers! Finally, you will want to tie your villagers with a rope. After unlocking Able Sisters, you can put the design on the wall, and as time goes on, your villagers will start wearing clothes, including festive shirts. If you pursue a specific atmosphere, you can also buy multiples of a product and distribute it to your villagers to ensure they all look the same.

The above is probably all about the preparation of the concert. You can try it. If Animal Crossing Bells or Nook miles Ticket is not enough, you can get it at IGGM. It is cheap and easy to use. This is recognized.

What kind of animal crossing: The villagers of New Horizons decided to relocate is still a mystery. Although there are a lot of speculative articles and tutorials instructing players to use the net to beat villagers or a regular trip for several weeks to trigger movement, Animal Crossing data miner Ninji revealed the actual situation under the hood. You can try it many times, although it may cost you more Animal Crossing Bells, which is unavoidable, then all you can do is prepare as many Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells as possible, and IGGM may help you in this.

Anyone who has been playing for a while can realize some basic knowledge: if you see a villager walking around with thought bubbles overhead, then talking to them will prompt people to talk about possible movements. This is also the only way for villagers to move out without using an amiibo card.

However, according to Ninji's Twitter post, before the villagers ask if they should move, some conditions must be met:

    You must live on the island with at least six villagers before one villager will ask to move out.
    Fifteen days have passed since the last villager moved out and vacated a piece of land.
    Five days have passed since the villagers asked to move.

From there, it becomes more complicated. Ninji explained that there is a formula to decide whether the villagers will ask to move out, and a formula to choose the villagers in the game.

The villagers will not ask to move, the birthday is in the last week, or the villagers they recently talked about moving, and you tell them to stay. In the end it should be pointed out that this process is random, which means that even if you calculate well, it may take several attempts to move a specific villager. But this does not matter, IGGM will provide you with strong support, you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells you want at IGGM, for example, Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets. So you don't have to worry, you just need to concentrate on your game.

The film ’s statement about criminals, scammers, and businessmen is that the better these performances, the more greedy the scammers. Even if the original goal is reached, the character will not be satisfied; instead, they will continue to move the target position until their ambition causes them to fail.

These stories fascinate me because they make me wonder what my route will be and whether I am smart enough to know when to stop. How much does it cost me to hang my hat and give up the game? Maybe "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" can help me answer this question. This is a Sims game. The economy is so bad that I have accumulated 6.8 million Animal Crossing Bells.

Compared with more Harding Animal Crossing players, I don't have many accounts. However, this seems to be sufficient. In this case, "enough" means a fortune, sometimes an expensive Nook Cranny item. For my favorite villager, it may be a crown or two. In addition, of course, no matter how much pocket money I can earn by playing games every day. I have repaid the loan, so do n’t worry.

In the worst case, the straw market may be the most tense mechanism Animal Crossing must provide. In order to make full use of the market, you need to record the price in Nook Cranny twice a day, in the hope that the calculator can provide you with a good forecast that week. And, if you do n’t, you will probably need to find friends or acquaintances who are better than your price this week.

In addition to the above, the standard of radish worth selling becomes ridiculous. You can often see the extraordinary price of 500 bells or more, which makes you feel like selling a fool at a lower price. Therefore, you will not only worry about your price, but also keep wondering: Yes, but what if I can get more?

If you do find "more", guess what, and others may also see it. Then, when people flock to their good friends at the high price of the week, the pressure can completely enter the island. Prompt for repeated connection attempts. If you get involved, there is pressure to keep the game paused for others to join. But maybe, you will sit in some warnings, the game will urge you to close the damn menu, because other people are waiting. Even if you are there, give the radish to Timmy and Tommy, the pressure still envelopes you.

This is not just a psychological thing. Radish also affects the basic animal crossing experience, because if you buy a small amount of things, you must store them. Suddenly, my room was filled with such vegetables, making it impossible to decorate or move. Eventually, I stopped trying.

Essentially, greed seems inevitable from this game style. People will always look forward to seeing how far they can go, even if this is not interesting, as long as the number rises somewhere. Now, I am out. After adding millions of dollars to my wallet, I told myself that's it. In the foreseeable future, there will no longer be radish purchases. The big test took place on Sunday when Daisy Mae appeared to sell its goods at 98 Animal Crossing Bells. Not bad! I was very moved until I remembered that this experience was really bad.

Therefore, radishes are no longer needed. No more worrying, no more tracking numbers, no longer dragging vegetables back and forth in search of profits, no longer worry about how to get Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets. I won't wake up like a fool when I wake up early on Sunday. I am happy to find that there are indeed many figures that can appease monsters.

Every morning, I check my island. This is a quarantine procedure and will continue until the next reopening phase. I dug up the fossils and brought them to Blathers for evaluation. I checked Nook Shopping to find out that its K.K. song was provided. When I opened it, I saw what stock was in the store. I checked the elusive giant Trevally on the dock. I also saw who was visiting that day: If Leif was on the island, I would pick up some flower seeds. I might buy some shoes from Kicks. One thing I have almost never done before: Use Animal Crossing Bells to buy artwork from Redd, a changeable fox in a North Shore trawler. Because since he first came, I have only seen him twice in the last two months.

Redd has been unfamiliar with my island for several weeks, and it seems that I am not alone. Although no excellent luck protection was found last week, which increased the chance of attracting visitors, it is clear that there is not enough swing space in the system to ensure that we have enough art supply. Even visiting only one person a week is idiotic. It takes months to even conduct a respectable exhibition in an art gallery. But the current system means that I have to give up the goal of the gallery.

Filling up the museum has always been one of my greatest pleasures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is a beautiful space, it exudes calm, care and pride, which you get from seeing all these small specimens collected on land and at sea. At this point, I am only missing a fossil-the back of the Sabertooth Tiger-my fish and bug exhibits are filled, so that nothing looks particularly empty. That’s why I’m so happy to unlock a new wing, filled with new collectibles, so I can take a stroll on a leisurely morning. That’s why I will never really fill this point of increasing disappointment.

At this rate, it will take years to fill my gallery, and maybe even more. We cannot guarantee that Redd will sell the art you need, or even that he will sell you real art on any given day. If I only see this person twice a month, it’s easy to imagine that if I'm in a later stage and only need more, then I won’t buy one for my museum for most of the year New artwork.

I hope Nintendo will fix this problem at some point, at least to ensure that we have a Redd visit once a week. I also hope that I can purchase over one piece of art each time I visit, which makes filling the museum more like a fossil, and you have four opportunities to get a recent piece of art every day. For now, this has changed from one of my favorite new features to some features that I largely have to forget. As a new player, you must Buy Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets, which will make your life easier and better in the game.
Animal Crossing has always been a deliberately slow and thoughtful game released by Nintendo. Since the game was released, fans have been calling on Nintendo to improve it for efficiency. Although the company seems unlikely to agree to these requests, hackers are happy to take the lead.

New Horizons ’hacking activity is very active-the community recently made headlines immediately after injecting an impossible star fragment tree into the game, and the item quickly began to sell for real money instead of the game ’s universal currency Animal Crossing Bells . These hackers use the modified Nintendo Switch console with special software to help them do what they want in the life simulator, not just for beauty.

For example, the hacking attacks that occurred in April increased the player's stacking ability. Previously, certain materials (such as wood or ore) could only be increased by a maximum of 30, but now it can be increased to a maximum of 99. The list is long, including fruits, seeds, customized children, fences, Nook miles Tickets, fishing bait and more.

The hack also allows you to trade fish and insects, although only with people who run the mod at the same time. Perhaps the most eye-popping feature of this type of hacking is that it allows you to store radishes at home instead of letting you occupy the entire room.

Players also really want to simplify the production process, ideally to be able to make in batches. By providing you with a "set", you can generate any material needed for a specific DIY, and the recently updated hack makes it easier to make than this.

Things will become finer than that. There are some cheating techniques for you to pass through walls, make unbreakable tools, speed up animation playback, freeze time, and change the direction of balloons. In addition to typical things, for example, produce anything you can think of or any villagers you might want. In short, if you want to improve yourself in a formal way, you still need to Buy Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets, which will make you more confident in the game.
This is how I schedule the game. I will log in in advance to check the radish price and see if it is the same as the ACNH Bells price I expected, because the price will change at 12 pm every day. But on Sunday, I had to get up in the morning to get some radishes before Daisy May. And I will always pay attention to the trend of Nook miles Tickets. These are just a part of the routine activities of animal crossing. If you are interested, you can go to the game to experience it yourself.

I know that is not news. I have played almost all major series of games, and the one thing I have always liked is the relaxed pace and slow game construction. Always be patient. I know that some people choose to travel and advance their time so they do n’t have to wait, so they can walk around and collect resources. That’s not for me. I like the slow burning for months or even years.

The first month is always the preparation stage, where you run around like a lunatic to pick up shells and fruits, so you can pay off your loan. You are a beach bastard, sleeping in a small bed with cardboard boxes as furniture.

Then, after a few weeks, you paid off the loan, started your routine work, and figured out what you want to get from the village. Do you want to make an orchard or a beautiful garden? Do you want to decorate your bedroom like a traditional Japanese house, or in French Rococo style? New Horizons expands the options here; you can not only decorate the island itself with furniture but also shape the entire land.

Finally, you have entered the maintenance phase that I am talking about. You check the fruits of shells and trees on your coast. You will see specials in the store. You shake all the trees and water all the flowers. You will see what special guests may be visiting your town. Then, you have finished one day’s work.

Animal Crossing is not busy as long as it is at the beginning. It’s been two months, and I’m still very busy. There are still many things to do! This is mainly because they only added features to the game; even though I have been spending time, I still barely feel the surface. I haven't tried terrain remodeling, mainly because I like the layout of the island and I do n’t know what to change. I am looking for bugs and fish. I broke into the neighbor’s house to see what they were building. I wandered around the square to see if there were villagers singing.

All of this seems to run counter to the game’s point of view, making it feel more like work. However, none of these are actually necessary. There is no door service, as long as you have the time and energy, you can play for a few minutes each day. I hope that one day, all new horizons will suit me. But now, a group of fans have managed to establish a whole new reality, and I can immerse them, similar to some of the best MMOs, but many people are kind and cooperative. Recently, I have a great interest in this game. I bought a lot of Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets at IGGM. I believe that my investment in this game will pay off. At

During the ongoing pandemic blockade, “Animal Crossing” gradually became popular. Most players describe the game as an uncomplicated way out. However, some people expressed frustration with the game because it took up a lot of time and showed little. Nevertheless, “Animal Crossing” is a significant game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently announced their latest activity. It will not be as big as other activities, but it will encompass everyone. The event has a lot to do with the museum, and the event is closely related to the International Museum Day on May 18. It is clearly called the Nook miles Tickets rally. The stamp rally will give you a full week to visit the museum on the island to collect postage. This is the reason for spending time enjoying Blathers’ excellent work.

Thanks to TagBack TV, we have a comprehensive understanding of the event. The incident is self-explanatory and direct. All one has to do is go to the museum and talk to Blathers. The instructions provided will help us collect all appropriate stamps. Next, you must visit the three different pavilions in the museum-the fish, insects and fossils exhibition.

After visiting these places, you must collect certain stamps from the philatelic booth. The location of these stamp booths is different for each player. One must find all three stamp kiosks to collect these stamps. Once you add it to the collection, please go back to Blathers and he will provide rewards. If you find it difficult to collect Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets, you can go to IGGM to buy more.
“International Museum Day” is obviously a true annual event held on May 18, rather than an unforgettable holiday and seasonal event. “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” regards this day as an in-game event. It is called a stamp rally, and it takes place from May 18 to May 31. Just like the May Day event that took place earlier this month, the stamp rally provides you with a week’s visit to the island’s museums to collect stamps and provide you with time to fully appreciate Blathers’bugs, bones and perch (and other fish Category) An excuse for beautiful architecture. Of course, if you did n’t buy the items you want at the rally, do n’t worry. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells or Nook miles Tickets directly from IGGM like I did, which is easy to solve.

Attending a stamp rally couldn’t be easier. Head to the museum on the island and talk to Blathers. Balthasar will explain the event and invite you to visit three different wings of the building: fish, bugs and fossil wings. If possible, the art exhibition area is not part of this stamp rally event.

Your goal is to simply find all Stamp Rally stations in the wings of the three taking part in museums and interact with them to stamp your cards. The wings have 3 positions each, 9 positions. After collecting all the stamps on the card, please talk to Blathers again to get the completed stamps and rewards.

Finding Stamp Rally stations is a simple matter-they are bright yellow and red booths, and you can find them before certain exhibitions in the museum wing taking part in the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that the location of the stamp kiosk is randomly assigned every day, but thankfully, the wings are small enough to allow you to spend too much time rushing to find them.

The stamp assembly is completed by handing the completed stamp card to Blathers, which will reward you with gold patches of fish, butterflies and fossils, just like those zebras you see in the museum hall. You can hang them on the wall of your home in case you want to create your own competitive museum in case Blathers closes down.

You can continue to visit the museum and complete the stamp assembly in the following days. The location of the stamp station may change, but the rewards for completing the stamp card will not change.

This is all you know about this simple event. The next event of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is “Wedding Season”, which is a photography-focused event that will take place throughout June. Players who like photography must not miss this event. Before the event, players can use the ACNH Bells and Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket to buy some items, or buy Animal Crossing Items directly in the IGGM mall to decorate your home. This is also preparing for the next event.At
Recently, Nintendo’s official account uploaded a video, mainly showing the re-created health, soothing tropical theme. This theme will be played every time you start the game, and then you can continue to explore your island life. The music theme of this game is free, and players need not spend Animal Crossing Bells or Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket to purchase it, which is why many players are looking forward to this music theme!

The video has been edited to clearly show you which instruments were used, which differs from Cowboy Bebop’s recent home performance at the opening ceremony. But similar to the Cowboy Bebop video, the performance shared by two identical musicians.

On March 20, Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out, and it has been sold 11 million times by the end of March. Because the coronavirus pandemic isolates many of us from loved ones, the game provides a way to not get bored during these hard times, and players can also socialize in the game, which is too long for those at home. People are very useful.

Players became very creative in the game, creating their own mock trailers for horror movies, recording their island life and progress through diaries, and even celebrating their birthdays. There was an Animal Crossing late-night talk show that allowed Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert to grab money, and the Detroit Lions even used the game to announce their entire 2020 schedule. On the other hand, players know that Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket and Animal Crossing Bells is an indispensable part of the entire game. Players can use this to complete many tasks, and this is also very difficult to get. Here I think players can try to play in the game currency got from the mall, such as IGGM. Because the products there are always top-notch, suitable for novice game players.