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A few days after the release of Path of Exile: Harvest, Grinding Gear Games seems to be releasing some improvements.

These improvements will appear in the form of patch 3.11.1, which will be released next week. The team has identified some improvements to Harvest that they want to achieve, including POE Currency and new bonus items that are dropped from monsters and final bosses.

Adjusted and improved the color of the plant's growth instrument so that color-blind players can more easily identify them. Other Harvest improvements include:

    We added stairs to the area around the portal of the Holy Grove to improve its accessibility.
    Increased the number of seeds placed on the map, especially the middle and rare seeds. Now you can get more seeds from the map at the highest level.
    The Harvest Crafts option will be categorized by its level rather than its Lifeforce cost, and will also be grouped by its type of crafting.

The team will also improve the last Boss battle in Harvest, including the improvement of combat skills, the new progress percentage of sending telegrams to the next Boss rebirth, the Boss Debuff icon to apply the effect to you, and so on. In short, players still need to adapt to some new gameplay in the new league. If you need more POE Currency Buy, I think you can choose to contact, this website will help you.
Path of Exile players can now stop crossing their fingers. The latest extended version of the game has been released without any major issues. Last Friday, Path of Exile: The harvest was released on PC, which is one of the most ambitious expansions of long-running dungeon crawlers to date.

For Path of Exile fans who may have missed the news, Harvest is centered on a new NPC called Oshabi, who is responsible for guiding players to take care of the sacred garden. Players must bypass the small island of Wraeclast in search of the seeds planted in the holy tree to increase contact with monsters and Buy POE Currency and their vitality. This idea fuses Path of Exile’s unique dungeon style with city builders, more similar to “Simulation City” or “City: Skyline”. The end result is some exciting new arts and crafts, so far I have not seen anything in the game.

"One of the favorite aspects of the Harvest League is its production system," Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games "We do tend to design a production system that is more powerful and easier than ever Useful and unique. We can’t wait to see how Path of Exile players push the potential of Harvest’s powerful production to the limit.”

This latest update has a lot of content. In addition to the Harvest Challenge League and the increase in handicrafts, players can also look forward to a complete renovation of the passive tree, major overhaul of the game's Warcry, Brand, and Slam skills, adjustment of balance, and integration of the game's Delirium League into the entire game.

At the end of Grinding Gear, there are concerns that the harvesting will be delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but it appears that they have reached their scheduled release on June 19. If you want to know more about the latest expansion, please check the latest news at IGGM, you can also buy very cheap POE Currency at, please enjoy it!
The latest "Path of Exile" alliance is finally announced, and it looks interesting by introducing it. Introducing Path of Exile: The harvest, as many people have said, is more than a week away from the release. We have started to see some very interesting skills and mechanisms, and we will continue to look forward to it in the next week!

Harvest League is to get seeds from the map, plant seeds and plant your own monsters. In the trailer, you will click on a group of pods on the map, which may have been opened due to the killing of surrounding monsters, and collect the fallen seeds and POE Currency. After you have these, you can take them to a new NPC and go to the "Holy Grove". When you are ready, you can choose to germinate seeds, which will produce monsters that are killed. These monsters will power nearby machines so you can make recipes in them. The machine system looks quite complicated and allows you to transport fuel from one machine to another via cables. As the release approaches, we will learn more about how it works.

This new mechanic system is interesting in many ways, but the biggest advantage is that it makes it easier for most players to make handicrafts. It is also entirely in the game, and its purpose is to improve the game without destroying it. Entering the harvesting alliance requires a lot of skill transformation. The main changes are coming soon in terms of branding, slam skills and war.

The biggest difference of the re-branded skills is that the current brand quickly returns to the original position after the target disappears, and the current brand recall does not refresh the duration of the brand, which means that the prank of the Master has disappeared. However, there are three new brands and one new brand support to make up. The Arcanist brand casts a link spell every time it is activated. The hard work brand will not cause any harm for the duration, but gradually spread to nearby enemies. After moving away from the target, it will explode, causing huge damage. The Wintertide brand will cause cold damage to the attached target over time. The longer the attachment time, the greater the damage.

The Grand Slam skills are bigger AoE, higher damage numbers and more reliable mechanics. Machinery changed skills such as Sunder and Perforate to make it more reliable. Removed the "construct grand slam" "grand slam" mechanism and replaced the amount of endurance with a larger AoE. This situation can also be eliminated by losing a sprint every 3 attacks instead of a 35% chance. In addition, a new slamming skill has been added, namely "Earth Smash", which "will send five destructive cracks in all directions when slamming the ground." It also leaves spikes at the end of each crack, which can explode if hit by other slam or war skills. Very shocking!

The war has erupted in full. Continuous calls can now be cured, and elemental resistance is built into existing skills. The sound of summoning can be used by POE Trade Currency, but not by items. It can cause double damage for your next attack. Ancestor’s cry is a brand new skill that will make your next strikes target nearby enemies. Earthquake Shout is another new feature that can make your slamming effect have a greater range of effects. The sound of summoning can now give nearby allies a buff, allowing them to gain a certain percentage of weapon damage as additional damage, and enhance the next few attacks. The general's cry is another new skill that can be associated with melee attacks. When used, it will generate ghosts. These ghosts will use this skill once before dissipating. Tears of Hell is the new sound of the abyss, and now enemies in the vicinity are wrapped in ashes, causing them to explode upon death.

So far, we have learned most of the harvest alliance, but there are still many exciting things to try, such as the use of POE Currency and access. In short, this alliance has begun to become an exciting alliance, I look forward to it!
"Grinding Gear Games" explained the balance of the game in detail in Path of Exile: Harvest, including the remake of two-handed weapons and slow attacks, wars, branding, etc.

"In "Path of Exile: Harvest," we focus most of our balance on branding, warfare, and two-handed weapons. Since Delirium became the core, we also took advantage of the opportunity to balance clustered jewelry and its performance in POE Orbs They wrote that we have been working hard to improve the slow-handed two-handed weapons by comprehensively improving these investment options."

Two-handed weapons are being loved by people and reoccupying the top of the power meter, while retaining the risks associated with using them in Path of Exile. A slow and heavy blow will now cause enough damage to stun the most powerful boss, regardless of the stun mechanism.

Path of Exile's two-handed melee arsenal has been basically readjusted to provide ideal base damage for almost all types of players. These changes complement the passive skill tree, which provides strength and practicality, such as Tribal Fury or increased total life recovery rate per second. The skills aimed at using two-handed weapons have also been improved. Sunder, Static Strike and Tectonic Slam have the highest rework rates, but the values ​​in other places have changed a lot.

Path of Exile's brands are becoming more and more annoying because they allow a tedious but very effective way of playing, where the dead are everywhere. GGG wrote: "When the enemies connected to it are killed, the brand will fall to its original or recalled position. This prevents them from being repeatedly restrained by the player and killing monsters who have not yet had a chance to meet the player." In addition, the "brand recall" no longer refreshes the duration of the brand, it has a longer cooling time and a lower recovery value for each level of cooling time.

Now, Warcries are more powerful, but they use longer, cool down longer, and are no longer shared between Warcries. Path of Exile: Harvest adds more Warcry passive clusters for cooling recovery, faster use time, use multiple Warcry, etc.

The developer wrote: "The purpose of these changes is to make "Sound of War" have a greater impact on the battle, and to bear the huge rewards for the adventure to stagnate and use the ability when surrounded." You can detailed on the official website Learn about Path of Exile: the changes you have made. You can also purchase the POE Currency you need on the IGGM website, which is a very convenient option.
The challenge of the POE Delirium League is coming to an end, and the developer Grinding Gear Games has also released the details of the next update, which lasted about three months, reminding the exiles to prepare for the June update.

The new extension of POE is Harvest. It requires players to plant seeds in the garden, but the harvest is not fruits or plants, but dangerous monsters. Not only that, you also need to fight them and get what you want from them. In Harvest, it introduces new skills and mechanisms to function, similar to the system of obtaining resources through agriculture and crafts. In a garden called Sacred Grove, your task is to find seeds, sow, grow into various monsters, and finally destroy them yourself.

You can find a seed cache in each area you explore, which will generate a level 1 seed to be planted, and after killing growing monsters, they will also generate a higher level seed, allowing you to continue planting and killing monster. Harvest's alliance mechanism. With so many changing league mechanics, this will definitely bring interesting gameplay. The monsters killed by you can provide you with Lifeforce to make recipes, that is to say, you can completely customize the battle according to the character's ability and the POE Currency and rewards sought. In order to gain more vitality, it is necessary to plant more types of seeds.

Compared with the previous expansion, this is a simplified league, and even low-level players have the same opportunity to obtain advanced equipment by planting monsters. Moreover, various in-game resources, such as POE Currency, can be obtained in the game, and are not affected by previous external resources. Therefore, this is also a good update for those who have just started playing Path of Exile.

Vitality is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in the Harvest League. It will be used as a handicraft resource for players to make various valuable POE Items. Each monster you kill can provide you with production options, and the production will make Lifelife a material and potential.

When it comes to potential, it will appear at any stage of the game, allowing players to get better resources and POE Currency reward tasks with less energy, and get more opportunities to collect XP and accumulate valuable currency For more advanced resources.

The seeds in the garden can be obtained from the seed bank or dropped from the growing monster. Some seeds can grow spontaneously, but the vitality generated by the foreign seeds can be collected together with various pipes, condensers and diffusers for the garden Fertilize.

To make it more versatile, a lot of branding skills have been redesigned and three new brands have been added, which is very different from past brands. Currently, Brand Recall is no longer dominant, but a useful tool to use with many new options. The three new brands are Arcanist, Penance and Wintertide.

More importantly, Harvest also made changes to the passive skill tree, resulting in a large number of build diversity and many new builds, as well as new significant clusters, which can make the skill tree have more gains. It is worth noting that the newly added POE Orbs include craft options, new skills, auxiliary gems, equipment and weapons, brands, and unique items in the June expansion.

POE 3.11 Harvest will launch on PC on June 19th, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released on June 24th, before that, we can view all the contents.
Grinding Gear Games still keeps moving forward by adjusting the numbers on 50 Path of Exile items, and shares 10 POE Items that are being tuned.

Balance is essential for game studios and gamers. This is why Grinding Gear Games decided to adjust the numbers in many Path of Exile items.

Path of Exile is known for its Diablo-like procedural action adventures, with a ridiculously large passive skill tree and POE Trade Currency fixed on weapons and armor. Despite recent development difficulties during the pandemic, Grinding Gear Games has continued to progress and shared ten items that are being adjusted: five weapons, two gems, amulets, a pair of boots, and a shield.

Hotfooted gems are even faster, and it is now possible to increase their spawn by up to 20%, which now applies to spell casting and attack speed. This is very useful for Path of Exile: Harvest, where players will cultivate enemies for their own vitality.

The amulet Ungil's Harmony lost the effect of reducing the critical strike bonus by 25%, but now makes the critical strike no damage. However, the result is that it now provides up to 350% chance of a fatal blow. This is very useful for characters who may have other passive skills or abilities, and these abilities or abilities have a certain effect and will be activated on critical strike.

One of the enhanced weapons is the "Craft Rattlesnake", increasing its chance of causing a devastating electric shock from 15% to 50% and increasing the electric shock damage by 300%. Pikachu will be proud of this. If you want to cause as much lightning damage as possible, you must defeat the Path of Exile leader known as the Minotaur Guardian, and hold the mace with both hands.

The scepter restricted by the Alliance is called the "Dark Prophet" and has been changed to suit the name. In addition to being able to blind enemies within 10% of the time, the weapon now also enables players to be immune to blindness, and can apply a powerful Malediction debuff to enemies for the duration of the blinding effect. Obtaining such a scepter is still relatively difficult. Players may have to spend a lot of POE Currency, and thus have more opportunities to obtain the scepter.

Now we are in the summer days of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As the fish changes, beetles emerge from the trees, and the young spring bamboo gives way to blue summer shells to rinse on the beach. These are the new seasonal production elements in the game, used to make a series of ocean-themed DIY recipes, you can use them to decorate your house, island and yourself, so that C.J. is proud.

You will get these recipes just like the young Chunzhu. Isabelle will provide the recipe for the shell wreath in the morning notice, but it is unclear how it is triggered, so you must wait patiently. In addition, balloons will be your best choice. You have to wait until autumn to collect them, so I will not pay too much for it. If you feel exhausted, you can always try the ACNH Bells and Nook miles Ticket collected before the time runs out.

Here are all the recipes you can find:

    Shell wreath
    Shellfish Po fish
    Shell Wand
    Xingsha Floor
    Tropical scenery
    Underwater floor
    Underwater wall
    Water floor

There are many walls and floors in this scene, and I believe that the "Underwater" scene is even one of the first trailers to appear in the game, with new dynamic floors and walls to amaze the audience. I might consider a home aquarium with them.

Getting summer shells is not exactly what you need to grind: they will randomly spawn on your beach, and if you spend some effort picking them up, you will get more. Therefore, you can visit the beach from time to time, and then pick up what you see: If you want to make these recipes, you also need Animal Crossing Bells and other types of shells, so please consider establishing a moderate inventory. In addition, you can enjoy the summer sun and see if you can catch sharks there. When we quit the initial fascination of the event, the situation of many people in this game is slowing down, but for some people, this is where the game really shines.
Path of Exile: The harvest is all about monsters. Literally. As the name implies, the latest alliance and expansion of the ongoing ARPG are all about building your own farm, unless you don't harvest delicious crops when the seeds germinate. On the contrary, when your plants are ready for harvest, they will produce a batch of monsters for you to kill. If you succeed, you can use the condenser to maintain their life in addition to the POE Currency, and use it to create powerful Items.

Developer Grinding Gear Games realizes that not all players want to play farm games, so every effort has been made to ensure that building and maintaining monster farms is a simple task. GGG is also eager to distinguish this league from the previous Delirium, which is heavily battled, so although there are still a lot of disability, you need to be creative to get the best return.

Of course, the upcoming Harvest League also means the transformation of skills and fighting style, as well as a lot of new legendary equipment. IGGM has a preview of the new alliance and content of PoE 3.11, so please read the introduction to Harvest at IGGM, and if you want to Buy POE Currency, it is also available here, whether it is now or the upcoming 3.11, IGGM will Prepare the best price for you. The Harvest Alliance is about to start, and you will meet the new NPC Osabi. The superstitious Azmeri was rejected by her people, and her interest in gardening potential inspired her to seek a new identity. She discovered a new area called the Holy Grove, which is an ancient and mysterious garden. To help her seek self-discovery, she asked the exiles to help her realize her farm dream.

The release date of PoE 3.11 is June 19, 2020 for PC, and the week of June 22, 2020 for Xbox One and PS4. Grinding Gear Games executive director Chris Wilson insists that Harvest's June 19 release date is temporary, and given the global popularity of COVID-19, it is difficult to guarantee the exact release date.

This is an interesting thing in this month's "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", series of staples Cyrus and Reese participated in a month-long event to celebrate their anniversary. During the wedding season, the two alpacas will take center stage in the entire photo contest, and this challenge will last for the entire month. Continue to visit IGGM for more information and to understand how it all works. How to get Animal Crossing Bells rewards, and the latest developments of heart crystals.

You may also see some strange blue "summer shells". What is going on. First, you need to reach Harv's Island, where Cyrus and Reese are waiting to reproduce their wedding photos, but Harv does not put everything together. Therefore, both of you want you to help them and take photos, probably because Harv is creepy.

Each time you visit, you will get a different scene to reproduce, such as a ceremony or reception. You will be able to use any furniture in the catalog to get the job done, but if you want to please the happy couple, you will need to rely heavily on the pink and white furniture events that Cyrus specially made for them.

It is not very difficult: if it is a reception, please put down the table and chairs. If it's a ceremony, go for it. It seems that the hanging rose decoration is convenient in any case. You will also get a color theme to follow. Reese will ask you to take photos, preferably to make yourself out of place. After completing this operation, she will judge the last photo on the volume.

When finished, Reese will tell you if you are doing well. If you succeed, she will give you a piece of furniture and some Heart Crystals that can be traded with Cyrus in exchange for anything you can use in this scene. You will get more crystals, depending on the number of photos she likes you, the maximum number is 15.

You need to return a few days to get all the rewards, but in the end you will be able to get all these things:

    Blue wedding carpet
    Wedding table
    Wedding decoration
    White wedding floor
    White wedding wall
    Wedding chair
    Wedding table
    Wedding party wall
    Wedding candle set
    Wedding flower stand
    Wedding cake
    Wedding head table
    Wedding organ
    Wedding arch
    Wedding reception
    Wedding veil
    Brown wedding floor
    Brown wedding wall
    cupcake dress
    Green wedding floor
    Green wedding wall
    Red wedding wall
    Wedding pump
    Wedding shoes
    Wedding dress
    White wedding carpet

There are other projects with special requirements: if for some reason you want to buy Cyrus and Reese photo plates, you can complete six days. On the seventh day, you can get a DIY recipe of the wedding fence from Harvey, which is actually a very neat little thing. On the seventh day, you got your wand from Cyrus. Unless you are truly extreme, this is all you need to complete the activity.

That's it: this is a very simple event, but it may allow you to interact with Harv and Photopia in an unprecedented way: I haven't been to it since the initial tutorial part, but who knows, maybe I will come back. One thing I absolutely love is how it encourages you to go back day after day, and the ACNH Buy Bells rally gets the same reward every time.
It was here in June, which meant that many new bugs and fish appeared in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Keep up with them as they will stay for more than a month, but make sure you donate any new discoveries to Blathers to complete the museum. You can tell when you have captured a new creature, because your character will shout "Yes!". Before they say the name of the bug or fish. If you have difficulty catching these bugs and fish, you can choose to use Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket to buy some tools, which will help you alleviate the difficulties and let you enjoy the fun of this session.

You can also check your animal encyclopedia to see if you have donated small insect fish. If there is one, a little owl icon will appear next to the name of the little animal. Please note that if you are on someone else's island, these flags will not be displayed.

Most notably, there will be more and more sharks in the northern hemisphere. It is very profitable to collect sharks, and it is easy to find because the shark's fins will stick out of the water. However, players should pay attention to the sark fish, which is more dangerous!

To learn about the fish and bugs of all the islands, you can visit the news page on IGGM's official website. They divided the list according to the hemisphere. Of course, if you need Animal Crossing Bells or Nook miles Ticket, their website can also provide you with security.
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