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There are many kinds of love: fatherly love, maternal love, teacher's love, stranger's love... These loves are integrated into the bits and pieces of life Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, right next to us.remember one night, I had a high fever and it was very uncomfortable. My mother touched my forehead, and after measuring my body temperature, I screamed: "40 degrees!" It was raining outside, and my mother quickly put on a raincoat, but I only wore a thin long-sleeved shirt. I took me to the hospital. The wind and rain on the road, my mother carrying me to walk hard. The rain wet her hair and soaked her clothes, but she couldn't take care of it. She was always asking me, it was wet, and it was not uncomfortable. The tears of the big bean slid down from my eyes, blended with the rain, the face was wet, I don��t know what the rain was, and it was the tears... When I arrived at the hospital Marlboro Gold, my mother ran around, registered for me, took medicine... ... I shed tears again. This is my mother's love for me! time, I took the bus to the library alone. But something unexpected happened halfway - the car broke down! "Hey, what's going on with this car!" All the passengers complained, and they were reluctant to get out of the car. Waiting for the next bus. But I was so sad that I had a lot of trouble: I only brought a dollar and came in, but how can I go to the library? Just as I was thinking about it Carton Of Newports, the bus came. All passengers are crowded into the car. And I cried, standing in the same place, very anxious. At this time, an aunt who was ready to board the car seemed to see through my mind and pulled me to the front of the car and said to me kindly: "Don't cry, get on the bus, I will pay for you." Yuan money was put into the money jar. I looked down and gratefully looked at the aunt, but did not speak. After a while, the car arrived, and Auntie yelled at me: "Be careful!" My eyes are blurred, and my mouth has been muttering: "Thank you, aunt, thank you... This is a strange aunt's love for me! The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China. Every time we spend the Spring Festival, our family always has to affix the Spring Festival couplets, sticking blessings and putting fireworks. Every household has a lot of lights and joy. year's Spring Festival is in our family. Grandma's family and sisters come to our house to eat New Year's Eve.six o'clock, the clock "Dangdang" sounded, and Grandma said, "I have dinner." My sister, my brother and my three brothers rushed to the table, and the table was full of various dishes. There are turtles, ducks... . Grandma also made our favorite braised pork ribs. When the three of us had not sat down, we couldn��t wait to point the chopsticks to the braised pork ribs. With a blink of an eye, there was only one empty plate left with a plate of ribs. The adults looked at us and we all laughed. most interesting moment came, my sister and my brother, each holding a firecracker on the hand to go to the open space Cigarettes Online. "Boom" with a loud noise Marlboro Red 100S, a dragon flew into the blue sky. "��", the dragon turned into smoke and flew away.moment, my grandmother��s shouts came: ��The money is worth the money!�� The three of us ran to the grandmother at the same time, and took the grandmother��s red envelope with joy. Then, my father, mother, grandmother and they gave us one by one. When we are lucky, we are happy. I said, "I am rich today." The adults laughed and said, "It��s
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I have a hard gardener who has taught me for five years - the language teacher - teacher Luo Ting Cigarettes Cheaper.teacher's face is red and white, and a black pearl-like eye looks particularly fascinating. The reason for the red face on the teacher's face is that the face is covered with small acne. In order not to hurt the teacher, we privately put those acne. Known as "beautiful beautiful acne."teacher is a medium-sized, medium-sized body. The teacher is very simple, dress simple and generous, generally do not wear skirts and too gorgeous clothes, prefer to wear sportswearother teachers, the teacher flew to the office in the same class. It seems that there is something in the office that is so urgent. After our class, our teachers chat with the classmates and play skipping Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. The short 10 minutes between classes. We are together like good friends, the relationship between teachers and students has become more harmonious. teacher gave us a lot of words in the classroom. The students also spoke actively in the classroom. If there were parents coming to the class, the parents�� faces would be filled with a happy smile. Once, I was too unconfident in class, and I finally raised my hand once, and I was afraid that my answer was wrong, and I took back my hand in the air. This small move, the teacher looked at me all, and called me up. I said "I feel as if..." and the teacher asked "Why do you want to say it?" I am afraid that I am not right.�� The teacher then said, ��Your answer is completely correct.�� ��yes, yes!�� This is the voice of my young mind. With this experience, I became very confident in every class, and the natural language scores have risen a lot. teacher especially loves to read books. It is one to two hours at a glance. Sometimes, the classmates ask the teacher to play, the teacher will let us sit down, listen to her story, the teacher speaks vividly, we are so fascinated, all fascinated, as if there is magic powder spilled on us . teacher can't teach us the sixth grade now, because the teacher is happy, our classmates feel a little pity, but we sincerely wish the teacher and the baby can be healthy and happy! ! without your education, we don't have a wealth of knowledge. We won't be the flowers of the motherland, but the dead leaves that others bully. During the winter vacation, there have been many pleasant things, many interesting things have happened Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and many unforgettable things have happened... What I am telling today is aday, the weather was very cold. There was snow and snow in the air. The ground was covered with a thick snow blanket. The whole world was white and snowy Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. My mother and I were very excited and ready to go to the streets to play in the snow. Walking to the cross street intersection, I saw a large group of people on the crowd, and hurriedlen cabbage for sale, so pity! I saw that the cabbage was covered with a layer of snow! He picked the cabbage and was discovered by three uncles who were either the Trade and Industry Bureau or the Urban Management Bureau. He shouted at him and pushed and slammed it again. He ordered him to leave immediately. He would not sell food randomly, which affected the traffic order. turned and said to my mother, "Why are they so fierce to the elderly? Are they not old?" Mom didn't answer my question positively Cigarette Online, just sighed and we left. On the road, my mood can't be calm for a long time.society more full of warmth?" 
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Why choose a Q Switch laser to remove tattoos?

The invention of laser tattoo removal technology has revolutionized the way tattoos are removed. Unlike previous tattoo removal methods (including acid, surgery, and some serious scars), lasers are more effective and safer than any other tattoo removal method.

There are different types of laser technology: the old laser is the so-called nanosecond laser. Then there is the more recent Q Switch ND YAG laser technology. The difference between nanosecond and picosecond technology is that the laser pulse breaks the speed of the ink under the skin.

Faster pulses = more efficient removal and faster results.

Q Switch technology is not only faster and more efficient than nanosecond technology. This means you will benefit from the fastest and most efficient laser on the planet. Q Switch technology provides lasers that are up to 100 times faster than nanotechnology.

This is a direct comparison between Q Switch and nanosecond laser tattoo removal techniques.

Q Switch and nanosecond laser tattoo removal:

1. Picosure lasers use PressureWave technology to break tattoo inks, while nanosecond lasers rely only on the photothermal action (heat). Pressure waves from Q Switch lasers are more effective at comminuting ink particles (see figure below).

2. Compared to nanosecond technology and other methods, Picosure laser technology is more effective in removing cosmetic tattoos (multicolor tattoos, especially blue and green pigments).

3. The Picosure pulse width is 100 times shorter than the nanosecond pulse; therefore they have a better impact and require fewer sessions.

4. The Picosure pulse is faster than the nanosecond pulse (one-thousandth of a second).

5. Starnewtech Picosure technology reduces recovery time because of less damage to tissue surrounding the tattoo area and minimizes the risk of scar formation.

Tattoo removal has never been easier. Picosure laser technology eliminates tattoos in six or fewer hours. With only 3-4 meetings, about 70% of our customers have achieved remarkable results.

If you need more information about Q Switch laser, you can contact and the consulate will provide you with the best service.


Today, I climbed up from the bed early. After washing, I had a cup of milk and pulled out a few sausages. I had a breakfast together. When you see this Marlboro Gold Pack, you may ask: "What is going on, why are you going to make breakfast?" Hey, don't sell off, tell you, I am the head today!The clock knocked ten times, ah! not good! It��s time to go out and buy food. I threw down my life, slammed the basket, and boarded the scooter, rushing to the market. I didn't expect the "brake" to be broken. I almost didn't drop me to the bottom! "It's bad luck!" I muttered in my mouth, but my heart was sweeter than eating honey! I am headed today!r a while, I locked my eyes on a fruit stand. I walked over and asked: "Uncle, what is this peach sold?" "Ten yuan three pounds" uncle shouted. As soon as I heard it was so cheap, I even picked it up, and after a while, the peach in the basket came out sharp. One name, hey, twenty yuan Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, one yuan! I took out the money Newport Cigarettes Coupons, handed it to my uncle, and picked some cherry beads. This is enough, because it is not worthy of the name of "Little Cat".g back from the market, I have a big bag in my hand. "It's quite heavy!" I couldn't help but say. I passed the cherry off, broke the peach array, rushed out of the squad, and broke the Beans. There are only two left, fried rice and beans Parliament Cigarettes, and - eat! (When the little sly cat is in the air, everyone is upside down!)rding to the token of ����, I put the beans first and tortured them cruelly. Then pour the peanut oil into the pot and cut the frozen pork into strips. After a while, the oil is on! I threw the pork into the pot. Because I can't wait, I said: "When is the bean horn?" The mother replied: "When the oil is out." After a few minutes, the fried beans are finally ok. Can be found on the table, only to find that some are raw, some are cooked. Mother-in-law: "You are not stirring, so that you are not familiar with each other!" "Hey!" I suddenly realized.ured it into the pot again and carefully fry it again Carton Of Newports. Finally, I finally got the praise of the "Traditional Chefs". Eat your own food, don't have a taste in your heart. I can't help but think of the parents who work day and night. When they go to work, they have to take care of this family. Sometimes I still make them angry... "Dad, mother, I want to be a good boy who knows things, no longer bother you, I When I grow up, I will do my part for this family and make our home full of happiness and warmth. 

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Today, I climbed up from the bed early. After washing, I had a cup of milk and pulled out a few sausages. I had a breakfast together. When you see this, you may ask: "What is going on, why are you going to make breakfast?" Hey, don't sell off, tell you, I am the head today!The clock knocked ten times, ah! not good! It��s time to go out and buy food. I threw down my life, slammed the basket, and boarded the scooter, rushing to the market. I didn't expect the "brake" to be broken Carton Of Cigarettes. I almost didn't drop me to the bottom! "It's bad luck!" I muttered in my mouth, but my heart was sweeter than eating honey! I am headed today!r a while, I locked my eyes on a fruit stand. I walked over and asked: "Uncle Carton Of Marlboro Reds, what is this peach sold?" "Ten yuan three pounds" uncle shouted. As soon as I heard it was so cheap, I even picked it up, and after a while, the peach in the basket came out sharp. One name, hey, twenty yuan, one yuan! I took out the money, handed it to my uncle, and picked some cherry beads. This is enough, because it is not worthy of the
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He is a good example for our primary school students. If I can, I believe he will run around the earth for a grain of rice. Who is he? There is a saying that he is, Lei Feng is only a thousand miles on a business trip, so I made a train. That is to say, Uncle Lei Feng, Lei Feng is our good growth, in my study, I heard a lot of stories about Lei Feng in my ear. The story of Lei Feng is with us. There is a small Lei Feng around me. He is my good brother and good partner. He has the good quality of Lei Feng and is very helpful. is the beginning of a week, and it is also the day for our school leaders to check. Because in the afternoon, we are cleaning the whole school in the morning. The hygiene in the class is very clean. Every day, we will have the value of daily life to clean our common "small" Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. Family". The "small family" was swept away and went to the function room. This time, there was no name to let us take the initiative. However, after the words were finished, the students�� heads were low on the table. Suddenly, ��The teacher is willing to go.�� This made us not understand why he went. After he came back, we wrapped him in the third and third floors. Q: "Why are you going?" He scratched his head and said, "I don't know." His answer made us wonder that persists for 21 days in a row can be consciously maintained without the need for conscious attention, and it becomes a habit. Not only primary school students, middle school students, high school students, and college students must learn the habits of Uncle Lei Feng. The same, braving the heat. People are on the streets of Vancouver. The car is dripping. The street is so lively., hey," a loud scream came from a corner of the streets of Vancouver. " bursts of crisp screams came from the corner Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Many passers-by look back and look at that corner. It turned out that a large duck with 14 ducklings came to the streets. look! The big duck swayed in front of the group of ducklings, and the group of sly ducks swayed behind the ducklings. They slowly walked onto the road Carton Of Newports, the driver saw it, and immediately braked gently, stopped and let the ducks pass. passers-by stopped and whispered to the partners around me: "Look! You see a group of ducklings over there!" Cigarettes Cheaper, and some people take pictures with their cameras. The mother of the ducks is more proud, like a white swan. The mother did not notice that there was a half-open sewer in front of it. The mother of the duck went over because the mother of the duck was bigger and did not fall in. Subsequently, many ducklings slammed into the sewer.mother of the duck immediately turned around and shouted, "It seems to be stirring the base and said: "Children! Don't be afraid, mothethe east and saw a bunch of patrolmen performing tasks on the road. The mother of the duck hurried to the past, showing that she patted the patrol's foot with her own wings, and then saw that the patrolman did not respond, and bit the patrol's pants with his mouth. The patrolman reacted and followed the mother of the datrolman was tied with a protective rope, agile down into the sewer, and held the group of ducklings in his arms. The patrolman on the sewer carefully pulled the duckling and the patrolman up. The rescued duckling quickly broke free from the patrolman's arms and quickly ran to the mother's arms How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. The mother of the duck gently combed the feathers of the ducklings with her mouth. Then I looked at the patrolman affectionately the road again. All the pedestrians and the car stopped and watched the cute little ducks.
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The strategy was to strengthen topics which I already knew and not be worried about questions which I didn't know to solve
MBAUniverse is continuously publishing success stories of CAT Toppers to guide CAT 2014 aspirants in their preparation for CAT 2014 exam. In this seventh article of CAT Topper series we present the success story of Sumesh R Nair [url=][/url] , a working professional who left his job to pursue MBA and scored 99+ percentile.

A Brief profile of CAT Topper Sumesh R Nair:
- Sectional and Overall Percentile of CAT: Quant - 98.84 & Verbal - 97.49. Overall - 99.28
- B schools which offered admissions: All 6 new IIMS, SPJIMR Mumbai
- Work Experience: 30 Months (TESCO, Affine Analytics (a start-up) and MU SIGMA)
- Percentage of marks in GraduationB. tech and +2 exams:
10th - 87.33%
12th - 89.0%
Graduation - 74.3%
MBAUniverse will introduce a CAT Topper every week on MBAUniverse Forum where CAT 2014 aspirants can directly ask questions with CAT Toppers.

Q. What was the change in your prep strategy during last 30 days to CAT?
My preparation stage lasted from August to October. In the last month [url=][/url] , that is October I made it a point to revise each and every concept studied for last 2 months. The strategy was to strengthen topics which I already knew and not be worried about questions which I didn’t know to solve.

Q. Did you expect to get this much percentile after your CAT? How did you evaluate yourself on the basis of your mock test scores before CAT?
Frankly speaking, this was the last time (4th time) I was writing CAT. I had given around 30 mocks which I did carefully analyze. However, I never hit a 99 in any of my mocks. The pressure was on me since I had quit my job to take a break and prepare whole-heartedly for CAT. I made it a point; I wouldn’t do random guessing for the mocks. I benchmarked myself on the different sections. I build on my strength areas and stayed confident with that.

Q. How did you prepare yourself a day before the D-day (your CAT Test day)?
I started relaxing 4-5 days before the exam. A day before the D-Day I went onto watch a movie met some friends and put myself to sleep quite early. I also made sure the food that I ate was right [url=][/url] , because I didn’t have home food as I was staying away from home to write the exam. Read More

Q. What was your question solving strategy on the CAT testing day?
I had made a mental note to myself that I am not going to fall in love with a question. Strict 1.5 minutes for each question. If I wasn’t sure of an answer, I skipped it. It was very important considering the crucial time limit of the exam.
Meet CAT Toppers, Know how to Score 99+ %ile

Q. What was the toughest & easiest section for you in CAT? What was your strategy to handle the difficult part?
I clearly remember Verbal and DI section used to haunt me a bit [url=][/url] , especially the grammar questions and certain parajumbles, reasoning questions. Quantitative sections in some mocks were very tough as well. The key for Verbal and DI section was to handle DI questions first, crack some of them [url=][/url] , build some confidence and then move onto the Verbal questions.

Q. One preparation area which influenced your selection to this Top B-school heavily. How?
One critical area that you should know inside out is the work you did and most of the times the ultimate reason why you want to do an MBA. This is easier said than done but interviewers would like to hear from you that answer. I felt in most of my interviews I did that part well. Read More

Q. Your long-term preparation strategy for GDPI
I was up to date with most of the current affairs. THE HINDU newspaper did help me a lot, especially the Editorial and Opinion page. More than building vocabulary, I got to know different perspectives regarding the same issues. The Economist is another magazine that you can read for different perspectives. Nowadays [url=][/url] , the stress on WAT is there. Make sure, you can structure your thoughts about an article and pen it down. That is quite crucial in scoring marks for WAT.Read More

Q. What was your biggest mistake during selection process beginning with CAT
My biggest mistake came in the form of not preparing for GD PI mainly because I resumed by job in the industry after writing CAT. I had no formal coaching. In fact I was teaching CAT students as well for some time in my hometown, Trivandrum. That was one of the best sources of revising since you have to know your concepts deeply to teach students. So [url=][/url] , the depth of studying was larger.

Q. Your advice for CAT 2014 Aspirants
I have a smile when I write this. Umpteen posts in various forums; I realized that the best advice is to listen to yourself. If you aim to be in the top 10 schools, please start believing that, talk to the students about the rigour and get mentally prepared for that.
The final day will be easier if you prepare earnestly. You wouldn’t see many surprises if you have covered most of the questions in your mock. Take mocks not to judge yourself [url=][/url] , but to better yourself. Stay focussed on the end goal.
CAT is just a way forward, not the end. Best of luck!
If you want to talk directly to CAT 2013 Toppers to get right advice and suggestions for CAT 2014 preparation, Click Here:

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Comment Intelligently: The Internet is brimming with highly ranked websites in addition to blogs that, with the strategic keeping a relevant comment [url=]C.J. Miles Jersey[/url] , may help you raise your own site ranking. However, when it boils down to commenting [url=][/url] , you can’t simply embark upon a rampage and reply to whatever blog you see – be intelligent relating to the commenting part.

Focus your attention on quality as opposed to quantity because one well written comment left on an incredibly relevant blog is worth more than even a hundred comments that are posted on blogs having a page rank that is actually low. It is a waste of your to leave comments willy nilly; alternatively, focus on comments of excellent. The approach you decide to use to your link building definitely matters whether you emphasis first on comments or other techniques for carpet cleaning acquiring them.

As you move forward you’ll discover there is more than just basic stuff related to boosting your site’s web site ranking. All of the procedures you take toward getting your website noticed by Google work toward security alarm systems site ranked higher within search engines. So what’s keeping you? Go ahead and begin taking some action right away to better your site’s page rank.
All site owner wants a high Google website ranking because the device determines how much traffic automatically filters by way of a site. Most people understandthat when Internet users seek specific keywords using the Google search engine optimisation [url=]Cheap Toronto Raptors Jerseys[/url] , the sites returned are the ones that seem to relate most as to the the person wants.

If you making the effort to gain more business through your website, you need to use certain search engine optimization [url=][/url] , or SEO strategies to assist you to improve your Google webpage ranking. It is often exactly like your web page title or very similar to it.

The opening headline tag is then some body text which should contain your keywordskeyword sentences. Your main keyword really should be in the opening sentence as soon as more in the primary 500 characters (roughly 6 lines) or maybe opening paragraph.

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Other headline Tags H3-H6

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The general structure have to be:

headline H1or H2– carries keywordkeyword phrase
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Body text —-contains keywordkeyword phrase at a minimum max twice

I will disclose how to increase your web sites site rankings. I use great product senukex to do backilinking to my sites and If you need to i will run them to suit your needs. All of my sites attain number 1 in google once iI run senukex with them. Have a look what Im in a position to do for you.

i need to increase site rankings

These loans are generally offered in 24 hrs.

Where to Appear

The mistake that most people make is to search for money in the conventional locations: neighborhood banking institutions. Even though there is a particular diploma of comfort and ease in undertaking this, in today’s challenging financial marketplace [url=][/url] , the massive identify establishments are not lending. That is why utilizing all the advantages of the 21st century and hunting on the web to obtain an unsecured financial loan can gain you greatly. There are a lot of loan companies out there who will search previous your credit score, several may not even verify your credit at all [url=][/url] , and not require collateral to borrow this cash.

The Sky’s the Limit

Yet another great reward of the 21st century mortgage market is the selection and ease of comparison that internet financial loan buying enables you. If you appearance into it, there are many on the internet loan providers who can and will serve you. Obtaining them is as easy as a net search for the terms income advance [url=][/url] , payday financial loan or unsecured loan. The rule of thumb is to locate five achievable lenders to verify out even more.

Know the Terms

On the internet loans are nevertheless loans. As a end result, you want to understand that taking this funds arrives with obligations and failure to repay it will further hurt your credit. As a result [url=][/url] , be specified to go through the high-quality print on any loan just before you just take it and be sure that you understand your obligations in this regard. It is also a very good idea to do a track record check on any financial institution you are contemplating by means of economic message boards and the Far better Enterprise Bureau.

Conclusions, Decisions

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Did you know that children leukemia is the most common type of cancer found among children and teens? Let us tell you in detail about leukemia so you get idea about what exactly are you dealing with. It is referred to cancer of white blood cells. If a child is suffering from this it medically means that there is large number of abnormal white blood cells formed in the bone marrow transmuting through the bloodstream and attack the healthy cells. The body cannot defend and protect themselves because they are defective increasing the body chance of being exposed and getting infected.

The kids start experiencing increased episodes of fevers and infections with body immunity system getting affected. As it progresses the cancer starts hindering with production of other types of blood cells that includes red blood cells and platelets. This eventually leads to them turning anemic. They end up appearing pale and becoming abnormally tired and short of breath within short span of time when they are outdoor playing. Children with leukemia are vulnerable and prone to bruise and bleeding. They experience frequent nosebleeds or continuous bleeding for long span of time even during minor cut because of the bone marrow's inability to produce clot-forming platelets. The kids in such cases require extra care and attention. The other symptoms that you need to look out for are if the kids complain about pain in the bones or joints causing them to limp at times. There are swollen lymph nodes visible around neck or groin. Their appetite suddenly falls and they get weak with body unable to sustain anything.

Generally [url=]Cheap Jamaal Williams Jersey[/url] , leukemia is classified in two types- acute and chronic. The acute leukemia is developed rapidly while chronic are gradually developing in its form. Statistics claim that, in children, 98% suffer from acute leukemia. This is further divided into acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) and acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) determining if the specific white blood cells called lymphyocytes are involved. It is linked to immune defenses and helps in establishing the extent the leukemia has affected the body.

Doctor takes CBC (complete blood count) test and measure the numbers of white cells [url=]Cheap Montravius Adams Jersey[/url] , red cells and platelets in child's body. The blood is then smeared under microscope to identify the specific types of abnormal blood cells that are usually found in leukemia patients. They also try to find out the medical history querying about the symptoms, past health, family health history [url=]Cheap Josh Jones Jersey[/url] , medications and allergies that the kid is having.

It would be difficult to believe that such innocent kids can suffer from cancer but there is no hope lost. The children's leukemia of America fund tries helping the patient and their family in various ways to overcome the obstacles. They try to ensure that the children are successful treated. There are various charity funds and organizations that take up the cause in arranging doctor and research work where one can approach if they are facing any financial crunch and seeking help. This fund also provides platform for the blessed ones to come up for voluntary services and donation and help the children fight back the leukemia to never return back and not let them lose their innocence.

As period adjustments by summer in order to monsoon in combination with monsoon to be able to winter season, Karmaloop Codes attire also switch accordingly. Nonetheless right after each and every one some and also three few weeks everybody never secure from the moment and additionally involve receiving fresh clothes. Then an issue occurs: What exactly variety of everyday dresses and also outfits will switch you in step with ones number of models, shades in addition to mood? — Absolutely this T-shirts.

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Fashion, which may have commenced with this report Fifties, turned influenced featuring its sociological plus manufacturing innovations. It turned out a totally new royal time for doing this to generally be small [url=]Cheap Randall Cobb Jersey[/url] , along with design evolved into a grab on your placement old. On the Sixties folks started off to use on the specific link color along with screen-printed pure cotton T-shirts. Improvement throughout producing and dyeing stood out to get additional collection in addition to were only available in order to fashion but it bloomed inside Sixties.

Tight trend using the seventies

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CHICAGO [url=][/url] , Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- Doctors at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that radiation therapy can be used to treat patients with a life-threatening heart rhythm.

They have so far treated five patients who had irregular heart rhythms, called ventricular tachycardia, at the School of Medicine.

The five patients in the study had undergone catheter ablation procedures and their ventricular tachycardia returned, or they were unable to go through the procedure because of other high-risk medical conditions.

In the three months before treatment with noninvasive radiation therapy, the five patients together experienced more than 6,500 ventricular tachycardia events. The average number of events per patient during this time was 1,315 [url=][/url] , with a range of five to 4,312. During the first six weeks following radiation therapy, as the patients were recovering, they experienced a total of 680 episodes. In the one year the patients continued to be followed, they collectively had four events. Two patients didn't experience any episodes at all.

To be specific, of the five patients, one patient aged over 80 died in the first month after treatment of causes unlikely to be related to treatment. The remaining four [url=][/url] , all in their 60s, are alive two years after radiation therapy, with two patients living unassisted without ventricular tachycardia.

The single dose of radiation these patients received is on par with what might be given to a patient with an early-stage lung tumor.

The radiation therapy does not take effect immediately. The number of arrhythmia events went down but did not disappear in the first six weeks after treatment, which the doctors characterize as a recovery period. After that six-week period, however, the number of events dropped to almost zero, and patients were able to slowly come off medications used to control the arrhythmia.

Doctors are cautious [url=][/url] , saying they are still monitoring for long-term side effects of radiation therapy, such as lung scarring and further damage to the heart itself. They emphasized that their use of external radiation to the heart only included very ill patients in end-stage disease who had run out of options. More research is required before doctors might consider this approach for younger, healthier patients or as a possible addition to standard therapies.

Ventricular tachycardia is estimated to cause 300,000 deaths per year in the United States and is the leading cause of sudden cardiac death. Standard therapy includes medication and invasive procedures that involve threading a catheter through a vein into the heart and selectively burning the tissue that causes the electrical circuits of the heart to misfire.

An analysis of the patients' experiences is published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Dec. 14.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- Blue Origin, the U.S. aerospace company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, said it conducted a successful test flight of a new version of its New Shepard suborbital vehicle on Tuesday [url=][/url] , with an instrumented test dummy on board.

In a statement issued early Wednesday, the company said New Shepard, a booster-capsule combo, flew for the seventh time at 11:59 a.m. EST (1659 GMT) from its West Texas Launch Site.

It marked the first time the company flew its next-generation booster and the new crew capsule, known as Crew Capsule 2.0, which features large windows, measuring 2.4 feet wide [url=][/url] , 3.6 feet tall (0.73*1.10 meters).

Crew Capsule 2.0 reached a maximum altitude of 99.39 kilometers, just shy of the internationally recognized 100-kilometer boundary of space, while the booster reached a maximum altitude of 99.27 kilometers.

Bezos tweeted that there was an instrumented test dummy on board and that "he had a great ride."

In addition to the test dummy, the mission also carried 12 commercial, research and education payloads.

New Shepard is a reusable vertical takeoff, vertical landing space vehicle, consisting of a pressurized capsule atop a booster.

It's being developed by Blue Origin as a commercial system capable of carrying a crew of six for suborbital space tourism.

A scene from A Journey Around James Joyce [url=][/url] , a British play featuring Chinese performers .It is among six plays during the China-UK Literary Theater Exchange in March and April.

Irish writer James Joyce's classic modernist novel Ulysses is often called the world's most difficult-to-read book. But it may be easy for Chinese audiences to understand its essence by watching a play based on it.

Yi Liming, artistic director of Beijing Xinchan Theater, is teaming up with Andy Arnold, creative director of Tron Theater, Scotland, to bring the coproduction featuring Chinese performers to Hangzhou, Shanghai [url=][/url] , Beijing and Nanjing in the spring of 2015.

"I never expected the play would come to China. It's so exciting," says its director Arnold.

"It's a very visual piece. Anyone can identify with the stories, such as the loss of a child, jealousy, anger and loneliness, which are all universal things. Hopefully, it will work for the Chinese audiences."

The novel depicts the encounters of advertising agent Leopold Bloom in Dublin on June 16 [url=][/url] , 1904. Ulysses is the Latinized name of Odysseus, the hero of Homer's epic poem Odyssey. Joyce wrote the novel to parallel Odyssey both in terms of characters and events.

"I've put in so many enigmas and puzzles that it will keep the professors busy for centuries arguing over what I meant, and that's the only way of insuring one's immortality," Joyce is quoted by Richard Ellmann as saying in the biography James Joyce in 1959.

But Arnold is confident he will create an understandable version onstage.

"The key to it is to have a writer who understands the book and presents us its essence," Arnold says.

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