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MOGADISHU Markus Golden Jersey , May 27 (Xinhua) -- The UN Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Somalia, Bahame Nyanduga, has called on the world to support the Horn of Africa nation to avert humanitarian crisis and its current state-building process.

Nyanduga called for unremitting support for Somalia's state-building process and improvement of the human rights situation in the country, saying Somalia is experiencing one of its worst humanitarian crises following three years of drought.

"This drought has come at a time Somalia has not recovered from the effects of the 2011 drought," he said in a statement issued at the end of his fourth mission to Somalia on Friday night.

"I call upon the international community to respond to the appeal for 4.4 billion U.S. dollars to assist Somalia to deal with its biggest humanitarian crisis in history," he added.

"The severe has affected more than half of Somalia's population, creating an acute food and water shortage, child malnutrition and mortality, and loss of livestock," said the human rights expert.

Nyanduga urged the international community to continue technical and financial support to Somalia towards the reform of the police, judiciary and other rule of law institutions, and ensure the establishment of the new justice model, which is the cornerstone of democratic governance.

"The justice sector should be provided with commensurate resources to those currently being directed towards the security sector," the human rights expert emphasized.

During his 11-day visit, the rights expert also inquired about the role of traditional elders in the Somalia justice system, where Traditional Dispute Resolution remains strong because of the institutional weakness of formal judicial institutions.

He recommended the Somalia government, the Federal Member States, and Somaliland "to undertake a comprehensive review of the traditional dispute resolution frameworks in order to ensure that traditional elders protect the rights of women, in particular from rape and other sexual and gender-based violence cases."

Nyanduga expressed concern regarding cases of detention without trial, police brutality, intimidation of journalists, and other violations of the right to freedom of expression and media rights across Somalia.

"I call on the authorities to continue their engagement with media owners and professionals in order to review existing media laws or adopt laws that respect freedom of expression and media rights," he said.

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KATHMANDU, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Despite facing diplomatic stand-off and economic embargo from Gulf nations, Qatar took the largest number of Nepali migrant workers in the last fiscal year 2016-17 that ended in mid-July, Nepali government has said in a report.

According to Nepal's Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), Qatar received 125,892 Nepali migrant workers in the last fiscal year, leaving Saudi Arabia, which was the largest destination in the previous fiscal year, in the third position.

Qatari market received 31 percent of total Nepali migrant workers who migrated seeking foreign jobs in the last fiscal. The Himalayan country sent as many as 398,978 workers abroad last fiscal.

Malaysia emerged as second largest destination by taking in 98,437 Nepali workers while Saudi Arabia received 76,884 Nepalis. In the previous fiscal year 2015-16, Saudi Arabia topped the chart by receiving 138,529 Nepali job seekers.

According to recruiting agencies that supply workers to Qatar, new demands for workers have gone down significantly following the crisis but higher demand of workers in the previous months contributed to Qatar emerging as the largest destination for Nepali workers, they said.

On June 5, Middle East countries, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, imposed economic blockade on Qatar after cutting off diplomatic ties with it. They have charged Qatar with helping the "terrorist organizations."

"The number of Nepali migrant workers leaving for Qatar would be much higher provided this crisis had not emerged," Laxman Biswa, chairman of Osho Recruiting Agency, one of the leading recruiting agencies to send workers to Qatar, told Xinhua on Tuesday. "After the crisis began, new demand has gone down by 75 percent."

"As we have not received any report about Nepalis facing job crisis as result of diplomatic stand-off, we have not stopped issuing permit for Qatar," Mohan Adhikari, information officer at the DoFE, said on Tuesday.

According to the DoFE, the recruiting agencies are sending workers to Qatar based on old demands before the crisis began. As new demand is low, the number of Nepalis going to Qatar has also gone down. "We used to issue 400-500 permits for Qatar a day before the crisis. Now, we issue around 200-300 permits a day," said Adhikari.

Provided the crisis ends, Nepali recruiting agencies believe that there will be high demands of foreign workers in Qatar as it prepares for 2022 World Cup football. They however caution that the Qatari job market has been competitive because of influx of foreign workers from other countries, including Bangladesh and South East Asian countries too.

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     Qatar would be much h
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    MOGADISHU Markus Golden Jersey , May 27 (Xinhua) -- The UN Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Somalia, Bahame Nyandu...
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