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Posted by ricky26 in Games on February 15th Authentic Josh Donaldson Jersey , 2017

Sport is undoubtedly Australia’s favorite pastime and is it that you know another thing next to sports loved by Aussies? Well, relishing sumptuous food is also one attraction among Australians and combining the two now add few more beverages and you’ve got yourself a cracker of a night. If you find one spot where you can play and enjoy all your favorite games with your friends, then this will be a great treat for you tonight. You might love watching your favorite games sitting comfortably at home. But watching the exciting sports leagues with hardcore fans and with awesome chilled beverages will let you take your level of enjoyment towards peak.

However, there is no comparison watching your favorite sports live, but up to some extent you will be satisfied if you watch the game on the big and high definition screen in a sports pub. There is an advantage over watching live game, that if you miss one shot you can see its replay, while watching live you cannot. There are many sports bars in Brisbane which offers you high definition screen with unlimited beverages and food as well. Plus you will meet likeminded fans that are filled with energy and they create the lively atmosphere over there.

So, if you are sports lover and seeking the best pub to watch for any sports such as basketball, WWE wrestle mania, cricket, tennis, or football. Then you need to find a suitable destination where you can enjoy all sports. If you are tired of searching for pubs that provides such facilities, then Game On Live is the best platform for you. This is an online portal where you can get all the pubs’ information. The pubs are listed on the site having very experienced staff with friendly nature. They offer you their exclusive deals along with their best in market beverages and food items and with cool ambiance as well. Additionally, they also provide catalogues of sports bars.

Game On Live lets you know about the timings of the live telecast of your favorite matches which saves your time, and they also send you notifications and let you update with their best deals. These are the reasons why you should select Game On to search your nearby pubs for watching sports.

About Game On Live:

Game On Live is an online pub finder which offers you a list of pubs so that you can watch you favorite sport with other hardcore fans. They even update you for the coming match timings. So, next time, when your friend asks where to watch Premier League, then don’t forget to search it on Game On. For more information, please visit

HELSINKI, March 16 (Xinhua) -- A controversial immigration incident has ignited discussion both in Finland and China: A Chinese grandfather visiting his daughter in Finland on a tourist visa babysat for his Finnish son-in-law for money only to end up being deported by the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).

The 62-year-old pensioner was stripped of his passport, escorted out of the country, and forbidden to enter the Schengen Area for two years. A photo published by Finnish daily, Helsingin Sanomat, on March 5 showed him carrying a grandchild in his arms at the airport and his daughter weeping.

Migri gave the reasons for the rejection as "trying to circumvent regulations with a made-up job" and "failing to provide qualifications or previous experience in child care," local media reported.

Finnish Interior Minister Paivi Rasanen voiced her concerns and what she believed was the necessity to examine the immigration regulation.

"In this case, even the administrative court agreed with the immigration service. It raises the question of should we revise the regulations," she was quoted by Helsinki Times as saying on March 7.

She also claimed it was absurd for Migri to ask for child minding qualifications from a grandparent.

"Good for you minister! You are honest," wrote a Chinese netizen posting under the name Lan Se Fang Zhen. The comment was one of 13,000 posts following a Xinhua story republished by Sina News. Similar comments could be seen on other websites and mobile services.

Despite the thousands of sympathetic postings, quite a lot of Chinese readers expressed their support for Migri.

"Employed by son-in-law? Evidently they are cheating," said a Phoenix mobile news reader identified as LTT. Some even underlined that Finland is "the most honest and self-disciplined country."

A Chinese businessman, identifying himself as Gao, experienced a similar situation more than 10 years ago. Gao married a Finnish woman and raised three children in Finland.

"We wanted to employ my father to take care of my children, but our application was turned down. My father was deported and not allowed to enter Finland within two years," recalled Gao.

More and more Chinese people living in Finland resort to such methods, but most of them have failed, as the authority is aware that it could place a burden on the Finnish society, now beleaguered by an aging population and the huge welfare system, Gao said.

Another Chinese immigrant, giving her name as Chen, said she was successful in getting her mother a residence permit for three years on a working basis.

"Maybe they know I am too busy to take care of my son, or maybe they think I am doing a job which serves Finland a lot," speculated Chen, who is a trilingual interpreter, as the reasons the temporary permit was granted.

Employing her mother is not easy. Chen has to spend 2,200 euros (about 2,335 U.S. dollars) on her mother's monthly salary, among which some 500 euros go to the welfare system and 360 euros go to the tax office. Moreover, Chen has to buy a separate apartment for her mother.

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