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What if I said that I have 锟絤agic锟?words that you can use to get your ex to return your phone calls? Yes! It锟絪 hard to believe. Not many people know that there are words that will nearly cast a spell and make your ex feel almost compelled to return your call. Now I am going to share one of the 锟絫ricks锟?with you. Hopefully Jason Witten Hat , I will see a drop in the statistic for broken marriages or broken relationships (if there锟絪 such statistic). In the following paragraph, I锟絣l give you the technique to get your ex to return your phone call, text message or email.

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Before I revealed the technique, I must caution you this technique may not work if it is use alone. You need an 'overall' plan or strategy. Without this strategy, you may damage your relationship more than if shehe never returned your call.

Before we get into the actual words, let's look at what not to say. The words that almost certain will not work. And worse still, it will put you in an awful 'psychological' position. They usually fall into 2 categories.

The Pleading; the message sounds like this, "John, please, please calls me. This is the 3rd time I have called. I have to talk to you."

The Emergency; "Jane, this is an emergency. Please call me as soon as you get this."

Now, I think you can see what is wrong with both of the approaches above. So, there锟絪 no necessity for me to go further.

I think you are aware that curiosity and self-interest are the two most powerful forces in a human mind. How can you use those forces to your advantage? If you combine the two, you have a recipe that will work 'magic'. That锟絪 the secret. So let锟絪 us look at what you can say and make it works nearly every time.

In a friendly tone:

"Hi John. It's Jane. I wanted to let you know I appreciate what you did for me. Call me because I want to thank you in person."

Do you see how both curiosity and self interest are used?

John will not be able to resist! "What did I do?"

"What does she appreciate?" he will be thinking. And he feels good because it is a positive message.

Before you call, you need to do the "Set Up" which is figuring out what heshe did that you appreciate. It can be any small thing, but needs to be plausible. But most importantly, please have an underlying strategy like what Mr. Jackson lay out in the Magic of Making Up before you make that call.


If you apply this technique with no underlying strategy and shehe call you back, you can do more damage than good if you do not handle it correctly. What I am saying is what you do before, during and after you get them to return your call is more important than getting them to return your call. Make sense?

So, plan what you going to do before, during and after your ex return your call.

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Wan Ibrahim maintain two blogs, How to Save Your Marriage and Save Your Marriage, dedicated to providing saving marriage and stopping divorce resources. You can get articles, guides and tips to help you save your marriage, mend relationship and stop your divorce.

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    one in gallbladder but
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    What if I said that I have 锟絤agic锟?words that you can use to get your ex to return your phone calls? Yes! It锟絪 hard to believe. Not many people kn...
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