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before e-commerce giant Alibaba did so puma creeper velvet negras , and the portal was launched in March 2001. The temple's English website was launched on May 1, 2010.

In 2008, the temple started using online market Taobao, where its Shaolin Medical Book is sold at 9,999 yuan ($1,600) each.

In 2013, Shaolin began to offer an online Guiyi puma creeper velvet burdeos , a Buddhist ceremony. Buddhists can get their certificates in one and a half months without going to Shaolin, said Zou Xiang, manager of the website of Shaolin Temple.

Zou said more than 400 Buddhists have successfully taken part in Guiyi with the help of the online service.

In August 2010, the temple opened its account on social networking and micro-blogging service Sina Weibo. The account has about 68,000 followers. A similar account was opened in 2012 on the Tencent platform and has about 86,000 followers.

A team of about 10 people in shifts work 24 hours a day to update the accounts, Zou said.

"We update at least 30 pieces of information on Weibo puma creeper velvet grises , WeChat and the website every day," Zou said.

After messaging service WeChat became popular in 2013, Shaolin also opened an account for it on April 22, 2014. The WeChat account has more than 3,400 followers.

"More than 1,000 of these followers are from foreign countries," Zou said puma creepers velvet comprar , adding that the temple is planning to launch bilingual content to better involve these foreign followers.

Shaolin abbot Shi Yongxin said it is not the monks but lay Buddhists who are working with the temple's official website and WeChat and Weibo accounts.

There is Wi-Fi in all office areas of the temple and almost all its young monks use smartphones and computers. Shi Yongxin also said cataloguing of the books in the temple's library has gone digital and monks at the temple have access to the electronic books of the Capital Library of China and National Library of China.

Shi Yanjia, a monk at the temple, said he usually spends one hour surfing the Internet in the evening.

"In the evening, we (the monks) search for materials on the Internet. We also watch some movies or TV series," said the 32-year-old.

Dengfeng opens arms to kung fu students from US

By Qi Xin and Zhao Xinying

Dengfeng, a small and quiet city in Henan province that is home to the Shaolin Temple, has been busy with the arrival of high school students from the United States who want to learn kung fu.

As part of the Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for US High School Students puma velvet creepers españa , which has been held annually since 2007 by Hanban, or the Confucius Institute Headquarters, the kung fu-learning section lasted from July 20 to 23 and was attended by 107 US high school students.

Alex Frol, an 18-year-old from Oregon, was one of them. The recent high school graduate was born without her right leg and has been walking with the help of an artificial limb.

But her disability does not stop her from enjoying the pleasure of practicing kung fu.

"I like kung fu, because it's real fun, and I enjoy meeting the challenge to see whether I can overcome it or not. If I can overcome it puma heart patent rojas , I will become much better," she said.

"I also like my kung fu teacher. He tells me I am very good, and I appreciate him. I only practice kung fu for a couple of days," she said, adding that in the US it can only be learned in larger cities.

Pamela Herron, a teacher at the University of Texas at El Paso, said she was excited about visiting the Shaolin Temple and learning Shaolin kung fu.

"Everyone knows the Shaolin Temple and Shaolin kung fu from the movies puma heart patent verdes ," said Herron, who visits China often and whose husband is Chinese. "It is very beautiful here, and I like the countryside and the mountains," she said.

But the camp is not solely about learning kung fu.

"We try to integrate the teaching of kung fu with Chinese-language instruction and the introduction of Chinese culture, believing that students who are interested in kung fu can acquire Chinese language skills and culture at the same time," said Guo Aixian, deputy director of Songshan Shaolin Wushu Vocational Institute.

The institute is a school in Dengfeng responsible for teaching Shaolin kung fu.

Herron said they hoped that during the process the students would be excited about learning Chinese.

"In China puma heart patent rosa , the students can learn Chinese by talking to Chinese people and hearing the language. When they go back home, they will motivate other students," she said.

"We also order them to hand in an essay of at least 300 words in Chinese to describe their feelings. It is a good way to improve their Chinese," she added.

Frol said she has picked up a few words by hearing people talking.

"It is so cool," she said. "I am not good at it at all, but I will try. I want to say ni hao (hello) and zaoshang hao (good morning) to people here," she said.

Scott Richter puma heart patent negras , a 17-year-old from Oregon, said Chinese is his second language and he has been studying it for almost five years.

"I can't speak it very well," he said in Chinese. "But I'm trying to practice more by having lunch with my Chinese friends. Communication helps me make progress."

ZHURIHE, Inner Mongolia, July 30 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping ascended to the reviewing stand at Zhurihe military training base in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Sunday for the Army Day parade.

Xi is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC).

Fan Changlong, CMC vice chairman, announced beginning of the inspection.

The parade is held in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

NICOSIA puma heart patent blancas , Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Cyprus's outgoing governmentapproved its last budget before the end of its term and an electionin February to choose a new president, Finance Mi.

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